Friday, August 27, 2010


DUDE!  Guys!  Ladies!  GUESS WHAT!  Emmett finally convinced Heather to allow him to have his own blog!  So, without futher adoooooo, HERE HE IS!  Emmett.

You HAVE to go over there and say hello to him.  It's my brotha from anotha motha!  I promise you you'll love him just as much as I do!  Ok, well, not sure anyone can love him as much as I do, but I'm sure you can come close! 

Reasons why Emmett is super cool:
1)  He looks a lot like me, so he's REALLY handsome!
2)  He LOVES to play!
3)  He had a dad in Albama, but something happened and he died while driving and his car went into a tree... Emmett was in the car with him and had to have lots of surgeries to fix his legs, but that's how he ended up in NY with Heather!
4)  We BOTH lived with Heather for 10 days!  It was a little crazy because we were both puppies and we were both restricted with our play time because we both had leg issues.
6)  Did I mention how similar we looked?  HANDSOME!
7)  He loves everyone he meets and will give anyone kisses!  I'm a little more stand offish and more interested in everything else that's going on around me than any specific person, so we make a good match.
9)  Sometimes I go over to his house for sleepovers... SO fun!
10) We both came from the same rescue, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY
11) I get crazy, uncontrolable wiggle butt when I see him and Heather (trust me, you would too!)
12) I peed on his mom once.
13) He's got some SERIOUS good looks
14) How can you say no to him?  He's a mushie face for the ladies!
15) I think I've made my point... but one more reason?  He's my BEST furiend!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you take a moment out of your busy day to go say hello!
We LOVE to play
I had to show him how I keep a watch on the neighborhood when the door is open.
And, of COURSE, we are some good lookin' STUDS!
Ladies... watch out!
Later dudes!


  1. He's super cute, Just like you! We will go say hi now.


  2. Any brother from another mother of Corbins is of mine!

    I will go over with the quickness to introduce myself!


    PeeS....butt do you think he is as goodlooking as you??? heeehehheee

  3. Woot Woot!! Another cutie just like you :)

  4. Oh Corbin, thanks so much for introducing us to Emmett. I went over and joined his blog right away! I cant wait to see all his adventures. Thanks for being such a good furfriend and letting us all know about a cutie like Emmett. You guys really do look alike. So handsome! I really hopes that you can come and check out my adventures too! Its <==in case you get lost..BOL! Hope to see you soon!

    Chi Kisses,

  5. Mr Corbin - you are so cool to have him as a friend - your one lucky pup! haylie still thinks your the bomb though so dont worry :)

    We ran over to Emmetts blog and are his friend now! Thanks for the heads up buddy!!

    Fred and Haylie

  6. Corbins!!!

    You has a very handsome brotha from anotha motha! Of course I will rush right over and introduce myself to hims....Wow!! Now I will haves THREE blogging buddies that lives close to me!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Dude you are too much :)

    I visited Emmett and he looks like a lot of fun :)

    I'm followin his tail so I don't miss out ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Hellos Corbin, Ya disappointed me yesterdays...yep, sure did. I be's sitting 'round waitin' on ya to comes by my bloggie...sigh!
    Okays, anyways...did you happen to know dat you is handsome? Didn't know if you was aware of dat or not.
    I'm offs to, I mean visit you furiend.


  9. We'll go visit Emmett. Watch it guys you might get classed as dangerous dogs.....dangerous to the ladies, that is.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. Corbin you both are some really good looking studs. It sure is nice meeting you...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. BOL - brother from a different mother - that's funny stuff! I will head over there now and say hi. What a story he has!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. He's almost as handsome as you! It sounds like you're some kind of dynamic duo!


  13. Hey Corbin! Thanks for the props on my collar! Mommy keeps buying me a new one but I don't know why- this one's perfect!
    I go to the Colonie store and the nice lady gave me a cookie! Though I didn't get anything the last 2 times I was there.
    I checked out Emmett and will follow him too! Hopefully we three studs can meet soon. I love to play too :)

  14. oh how exciting corbin!
    we are on our way over!

    melissa and emmitt

  15. Will be right over to say hi !!! Mom is impress u hardly shed.. How she wish I was at least half like you..


  16. Woof! Woof! Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Come on over Corbin Callie will play...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. *klunk* (That was my mutant puppy sister swooning.) You two are MOST HANDSOME!!! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie - we'll be back for more!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Alien Pod Puppy

  19. We will go say hi to your handsome dopelganger right now!!

  20. CORBINS!!!!!

    Mom said we could meets you and Emmett at da Crossings Wednesday night!! I am sooooo excited 'bouts dis but we is not sure which parking lots you is talking 'bouts..:( You can email me at MaggieMaeSaysATgmailDOTcom ...'kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  21. Oh Corbin.... we love you and gave you an award on our blog!