Friday, August 6, 2010

Doggie Daycare

So, a few months ago my mom talked to me about doggie daycare.  Sounded kind of silly to me and I didn't really love the fact that I was going to be away from home all day.  Mom said I didn't have a choice and I was going to try it.  Wow was I wrong about everything I thought!  Doggie Daycare was AWESOME!  There were TONS of other dogs and they all loved to play, just like me!  So I fell in love with daycare.  Mom usually takes me every Wednesday.  So this week Wednesday came and Wednesday went and no daycare.  I figured I lost track of the days, but by the time I woke up this morning, I knew it was way past daycare day.  Then today, mom gets up early with dad, takes me out, feeds me breakfast  and gets ready for work.  I'm working on my protest to convince mom that she MUST take me to daycare...

How can she say no?

Well, I begged and begged and begged and she just continued to get ready like she would any normal day.  Then... FINALLY... She picks up my collar!  Now, this means she's letting me outside again - which doesn't usually happen - OR she's taking me to daycare!  Then comes the leash!  I'M GOING TO DAYCARE!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited I was making all sorts of funny noises and was jumping everywhere because I just didn't know how to contain myself!  I was all set and ready to go and sitting at the door waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  Mom thought it was funny, but I most certainly did not.  It's not MY fault that she forgot her phone in the bedroom.  So finally she's ready to go, and in the car we go.

Are we there yet?

I get so excited in the car on the way there.  I just don't know what to do with myself, so I hop and jump and sometimes mom thinks the car is going to take off because my tail goes around and circles like a helicopter!  Then we got stopped at the dredded traffic light... This light is just horrible.  It lasts forever and I can see daycare!  It's SO close!!!!  That's when I start getting super excited.

Can I just get out and run there mom?  I see it!  I see it!!!

Finally we get there and I get to see my furgirlfriend.  She LOVES me and as soon as I step foot through the door she says "Oh, CORBIN!"  I get that greeting a lot... everyone loves me.  Except, sometimes when mom and dad say "Oh Corbin!" it usually means I ate the couch or something else I shouldn't have been eating. 

Maybe I'll post again later, if I'm not too tired from daycare.


  1. Corbin you are such a cutie! I bet you have many furgirlfriends at doggy daycare!

  2. Cool Corbin! I'm so glad you get to go to doggy daycare! Can't wait to see pictures of your furfriends :)

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Corbin!!!!!

    So nice to meet you. I can't believe how close we live to each other, practically in the next town close! Do you ever goes for walkies at Colonie Crossings? Thanks for stopping by my bloggie and being a new furiend. I am your new furiend too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae