Monday, August 2, 2010

A little about me

Well, I don't remember much about my first 6 months of life... mostly because I have a wonderful life now and I'm always living in the present! I love everyone and don't hold anything that happened in my past against the people in my present. Here's what I do remember:

I was taken away from my mom and my littermates much earlier than I wanted to leave. When my new 'family' brought me home, I was attacked by my new brother. He broke my leg. I was punished for being a cute, spunky, hyper puppy and my brother didn't like me very much. So I was brought to the Humane Society. I was kept in a back room with some other dogs and was rarely allowed out of my cage. I love people, so this wasn't a very nice set up for me. I jumped a lot and barked and begged for attention. After the doctors examined me, they decided it was best to end my life because of a small issue with my growing knee cap. This just made me try harder to get everyone to like me. Finally two really nice ladies, Heather and Jen from Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, showed up, put a leash on me and walked me out of there. I was super happy to have some attention, it took a lot of time and effort for me to learn that walking on a leash didn't mean pulling my walker and walking on only my hind legs! Heather took me to a special doctor who said my legs were fine and nothing a little crate-rest wouldn't fix. Crate rest???? But I have a new friend and I've just gotten to meet my brother from another motha, Emmett!!! We want to PLAY! But, doctors orders. So I lived with Heather and Emmett for 10 days. Heather brought me to the pet store on Saturday morning to be with my other rescue mates from Homeward Bound and I got to meet a whole lot of really nice volunteers. It took a little while for me to adjust to the amount of people, but I quickly learned that everyone in this world is here for me! And they love me. Heather kept telling me I was really cute and that someone would want to take me home real soon.

During my second week at the Homeward Bound clinic, Heather and I were just about ready to go home when I caught glimpse of a new person! Her name was Jenn and she was just beginning to volunteer. Heather said I needed a new foster home because Emmett was also on crate rest, and also a puppy. Emmett was going to need surgery and wasn't able to play for a while. So in the car I went and I was headed to my new foster home. Well, my new foster mom and dad didn't know it, but I sure did - as soon as I walked in, I parked myself on their couch and I wasn't moving. Ever. They have hardwood floors, so I had to skill myself in 4-paw drive, but after just a few bumps and bruises, I had that hallway down pat. It didn't take long for foster mom & dad to fall in love with me. I'm super sweet and it was so nice to have someone to cuddle on the couch with.

Santa came the next weekend and I had a whole bunch of new toys and a new bed. I was in my glory. Foster mom and dad spoiled me. And although we went to clinic every Saturday, foster mom knew no prospective adopters would give me a good enough home... after a while, foster mom and dad became plain old mom and dad. I was their pride a joy. A lot of times during my life I heard the phrase "you don't adopt a dog, they adopt you," well, yea. I adopted my mom and dad. I was much bigger than they wanted in their ideal dog, but what came with my oversized body was my oversized heart. I love them more than anything, even my cow hoofs (which I love a whole lot!).

So I’ve been living with Mom and Dad for over 7 months now. I pretty much go everywhere with them (except when they're at work) and really enjoy my new extended family of grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. Everyone loves me and I fully believe the entire world is here for me. I have a lot of stories to tell, as my new life takes me on many great adventures. As time goes on, I will share them with you… both old and new. So, stay tuned.

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  1. A former Humane Society paw pal :) Yay! I'm so glad you found some cool forever parents too :)

    Gonna keep my eye on you,