Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Invasion!!

Well, when I returned from helping Pip and Alien defeat the evil Gnomes and Turkeys (If you missed it, check it out here!), I realized there was an evil Turkey that followed me home!  I was so smitten from my time with Puddles, I must not have noticed!  Thankfully, mom had her camera on her an captured me defeating the evil turkey! No match for.... THE CORBIN!

I made sure that was the last battle that turkey ever fought!

All is safe now!
PS. The first video wouldn't upload... so you missed the torchering part where I plucked his feathers out 1 by 1.  Also, please excuse the mess... mom and dad are getting all the holiday stuff out!

Friday, November 26, 2010

And the winner is........

I have a winner for my $25 Sloppy Kisses Giveway!!!  I went to random.org and the winner is......

Comment #31!  Jen @ My Brown Newfies!

Congrats!!! I just know Leroy and Sherman will LOVE everything in the store! AND some of the shirts come in sizes big enough for them!  Congrats to my two awesome brown newfie furiends!  And thanks to everyone who entered!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Adoption Story & Presents for my Pawents!

On June 4, 2009, a litter of pit bull mix puppies were born. I was one of them. When I was 6 weeks old, I was bought and went home with my new owner. Two weeks later, my big brother, a 80lb mixed breed dog, attacked me and broke my hind leg. I had to have surgery to fix it. On November 11, 2009, after I healed, my owner surrendered me to the local Humane Society because I was too hyper. I was a puppy... how else was I supposed to be?

I was banned to the "pit bull jail" at the Humane Society. I had limited human contact and was never put up for adoption. My photo was never posted on their website and I was not given a second chance. They kept me there, in a tiny pen, for a month before deciding on my euthanization. By this time, I had developed a knee issue from standing up and jumping on my hind legs to get some attention. I was still just a pup, so my body was still growing. Finally, my time had come. I was on the euthanization list for the following day. My hopes were falling and the reality was setting in. This was it. I wasn't going to get a second chance. I wasn't going to have a family. My young life was going to come to an end on a cold concrete slab.

Then, out of nowhere, my angels appeared. Heather and Jen (not my mom, a different Jen) came to see me from Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. One of the Humane Society people put a leash on me and handed me over to Heather. I WAS FREE! I ran out of there so fast my front legs hardly hit the floor.
This was my adoption ad:
I'm Corbin and am a 6 month old Am Staff mix. I just got into a foster home so I am getting settled.
I am an active toddler and I do have some orthopedic issues at the ripe old age of 8 months old!
Homeward Bound will take care of getting me to a specialist and will help with any medical care I may have.
I am looking for a loving home and I am good with other dogs.
That night, I went to stay with Heather and her dog Emmett. Emmett was also a rescue, but he came from Alabama. He and his human dad were in a car accident and his dad didn't survive, but Emmett made it out with a few breaks and bruises. He was sent up to NY so Homeward Bound could take care of him. Emmett and I got along great! We were both so thankful that we had new lives. We liked to play a lot but we were both on crate rest, so it was hard for us to remain calm. I stayed with Heather for 10 days and went to 2 adoption clinics with her. On December 19, 2009, I went to my second adoption clinic. We were just getting ready to pack it up and head home when Heather over heard one of the volunteers talking to someone about possibly fostering. Heather mentioned that Emmett was going to need surgery and she couldn't have me with Emmett while he was healing. I was wigglin' and waggin' and cute as can be, so she agreed to take me for Heather. I got in the car with Heather and headed to my new foster home.
Emmett & Me enjoying a snack...
Yes, I'm lying OVER Emmett.
As soon as we pulled into the driveway of the house, I knew this was it. This was my home. I was so excited that I had found my home, I ran all around the house, jumping on and off couches and beds and everything there was to jump on. I wasn't used to hardwood floors, so I had to learn how to use my 4paw drive! My new foster mom became very nervous about her decision, but as soon as Heather left to get the rest of my stuff, I snuggled right up with my new mom and took a nap. Mom and Dad didn't know it then... but I was home.
"Meet Corbin!"
This was the first picture mom took of me. She posted it on her
Facebook with the caption above. Everyone told her that she
would keep me, but she insisted I was just a foster.
Ha. Right. Just a foster.
I stayed up for adoption for 2 months. There was a lot of interest in me because of my good looks, but once people heard I was part pit bull and that I had some leg issues, they didn't want me. Mom didn't mind that I came home with her after every clinic, and after a while she was talking people out of adopting me because she didn't want me to leave her. As much as she tried to convince herself otherwise... she knew I was her dog. I loved my mom and dad so much and I knew deep down in my heart that this was my home. She just couldn't tell me I was wrong. So, on February 27, 2010, mom signed the paperwork and I sat at my last adoption clinic. Of course, that day while I was with mom signing my stuff, someone came up to me and said I was exactly what they were looking for. With a huge smile on her face, my momma simply said "He's been adopted." And here I live, spoiled rotten happily ever after.

I was so excited when Frankie mentioned posting a list of things that we want to get our parents for Christmas! I thought really hard about what I think my parents would want most!

Here's what I came up with:

A new boat with a special room just for me so there's enough room for me to sleep too! Also, a house up on the lake so we wouldn't even have to worry about sleeping on the boat! And mom and dad could relax while I played in the lake!

A Cali king bed for mom and dad. This way they'd never be able to use the excuse "there's not enough room" when I try to sleep in bed with them.
This bed is clearly not big enough for all 3 of us.
One of you might have to sleep on the couch.
Season tickets, 1st level, 50 yard line for the NY Giants. I'd also make sure I could go along too.

A new house with lots of land so momma could Have room for Kahlua to live with us! I'm sure if I saw her every day I'd stop attacking the big dogs with hoofs. I know mom would really love that.

I'd get dad a new sportscar. I really love the firebird but we'd look styling in an updated version!
Yep... this would do.
And, last but not least, I'd get them some bully sticks!  I know how much I love them, and everytime the Momma gets some, she gives them to me!  So, I would most definitely get them some bully sticks... they have no idea what they're missing out on!
Thanks to everyone who followed along with me and my long winded story!  The last time I talked about my adoption (You can check it out here), I only had 82 followers!  Now I have 168! That's MORE than DOUBLE!  So, on this Thanksgiving day... I'd like to say Thank You to all my wonderful furiends.  I never knew there was such a place like blogville and I am very thankful for each and every one of you and to be a part of this great community!

Have a wonderful day full of TURKEYS!!! (and football!)

Wordless Wednesday #13

Restin' up for the holiday festivities!

Some furiends of mine are having an auction for my furiend Blueberry.  Blueberry and her family are dear bloggin' furiends of mine, so please check it out!
Browsing starts NOVEMBER 27
Bids Open December 4th
Auction ENGS Dec. 12th.

I'll be postin' tomorrow with my adoption story & my list for the momma and daddy-o!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday? Really???

Have fun at work, Momma... I'm going to continue sleeping.
I'm in a 2011 Calendar!!!!  If you click here you can order one!  I'm Mr. May.  All of the profits from the calendar go straight to the rescue I came from, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue!  If you're looking for a good calendar with a stellar hot Mr. May... go check it out!  It's only $11.50 plus s/h! 

Gotta work on my adoption story and my pawents Christmas lists today!  Wahooooo!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grey Poupon????

Well, I was over visiting my friend Mayzie, and saw that her ENTIRE post was about some French wanna-be DUDE DOG!  Let me tell you ladies... this DUDE DOG has NOTHING on the Corbin.  I will show you why.

Look at that stride...
My sculpted body... lookin' good from all angles.
STELLAR retrieving skills.
My serious good looks
Look at those forearms!
Serious athletic abilities
My poliet and respectfulness towards the ladies
I have a serious side.
I'm always ready to give a thoughtful smooch
I can enjoy a cold one with the best of them
(Did someone say they had a funnel???)
I can snooze with the best of 'em
And dress better than the rest of 'em!
And I can always try to make ya laugh!
So ladies... I ask you now... what do you think of that Pepe Le PEW?!
Because... I'll tell ya what I think....
He's no match for me.

On a side note... check out yesterdays blog and enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Sloppy Kisses!!!

Also, I'm super excited to be participating in the Holiday Card Exchange, the Thanksgiving Day celebrations of my adoption story (hosted by MinnaK!) and my super awesome list of Christmas gifts I want to get my pawents (hosted by Frankie!), and Sally's Gift Exchange!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway!

I have been SO excited for this giveaway!  Ya'll remember my favorite store, Sloppy Kisses, right?  Well, I thought, what's better than a giveaway to my favorite store??? After not a whole lot of thinking, I decided NOTHING was better than that!  So, that's how I came to my conclusion...

Up for grabs is a $25 gift certificate to Sloppy Kisses!  This can be redeemed at either of their store locations (Clifton Park, NY and Saratoga Springs, NY) if you live near me, or it can be redeemed online at www.sloppykissesofsaratoga.com!

They have SO many awesome products!  Here are photos of the things I currently have from their store!
My awesome NYY hat!
My Macho NY Giants jersey!
And my stylin' Bitches <3 Me shirt!
Along with lots of yummy treats and goodies!  My buddy Levi also has lots of stuff from here, so visit his blog for some more of their products!  They have a range of stuff from toys to treats, beds to jackets, jerseys to hats... you name it, they've got it!  Please check them out!  They have sizes for the smallest of Chihuahua's to the biggest of Great Danes and Mango's!  (Oops, I mean, Mastive's!)  So please visit their website and/or their Facebook page to check them out!

To enter:
+1 entry: Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect
+1 entry: Follow me on Facebook

Leave me a comment for each entry (one saying you follow me and/or one saying you "like" me on FB).  You do not have to be giving something away in the Holiday Hop to enter!  Go visit the other blogs and enter in their giveaways too!

I will be choosing a winner by using random.org. The giveaway will run from Thursday, November 18, 2010 until Thursday November 25, 2010. The winner will be posted on Friday, November 26, 2010 and they will have 48 hours to respond to me with their name and address. Open to US residences only.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #12: Puddles Addition

A beer for Puddles... and a flower to show you
how glad I am that you have returned!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Puppy Craziness!

Although this is MY blog and should be completely about ME... I guess I can talk a little bit about Homeward Bound Dog Rescue... because, well, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here!  So my Momma has taken over dog imports into the rescue.  Most of their adoptable dogs come from their sister rescue in Georgia called Leftover Pets.  Momma organizes all the foster homes and stuff for these dogs that come up.  They try to make their transition as smooth as possible.  So, Ma was off on Friday because that's when all the dogs and puppies arrived.  It was a busy day, but Mom took some pictures of the pups and the new Homeward Bound location at the Latham Circle Mall!

This is Cash and Check - Cute, huh?  My next foster sister might
be their mom, Money!  I'll share her picture with you later.
Sleepy puppies!  They had a long drive from Georgia to New York!
From left to right: Amex, Dollar (B&W), Mastercard, Visa and Discover at the bottom
The Momma wanted to take Dollar home and keep him forever.
AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She brought TWO home!!!!  And I got to play with them :o)
It was my job to make sure they stayed in the kitchen, so I
practiced my border collie herding skills - Hey, you never know.
Mom wanted a border collie and got me... so I might be part BC too!
Hey Kid... what are you?
You smell like my shampoo...
This one was adopted by my Uncle Bobby's Aunt and Uncle!
So I'll get to see her grow up, her new name is Lucy!
Hey kid.... You can fit in my mouth.
Just where do you think YOU'RE going????  You stay on this towel.
Sit.  Stay.  Good Puppy.
Hey, that's my Aunt Andrea's lap you're on...
I can't keep track of two at a time... omg.
Mom, you take care of them.  I need a break.
Ok, kids.  This is the water dish.  And NO PEEING IN THE HOUSE!
Then they left.  They both got adopted the next day, but it sure was fun to spend a little time with them! 

And this is the new location of Homeward Bound!  Of course,
Mom didn't get a picture when it was finished, but while
they were busy setting up!  I'll post an updated one soon.
And, you all remember Ms. Tessa, right?  Well, it might be a good thing that being my foster sister didn't work out... Mom is in love with Tessa and wants to keep her - LOL utoh... She goes over to Heather and Emmett's (WITHOUT ME!) and spends time with her a lot.  Here's an updated picture of her.....
She looks like a mini version of Cranberry!
Just with a little more brindle on her face...
And this is her relaxin' with Emmett... Shes learning how to
play as well!  We're all so proud of her and happy for her!
She's come a long way since she arrived!

And... I would just like to say, that my life is not complete
with out Puddles
I'm Pro Kool-Aid, Pro Beer & Pro Cheetos.
I hope she comes back soon.
Later Dudes.

Oh, and PS.  On Thusday I will be participating in the Holiday Hop for Pets!  Read more about it here!  It's my first time doing something like this, so I hope I do it right!
This is not your ordinary Blog Hop. Its a themed giveaway hop for Pet Products ONLY! That's right the prizes will all be things for our pets or for use in pet homes! As of right now there are over 50 bloggers participating in this hop and it's not too late to get your name added to the list if you are interested. However you do not have to be participating in the hop to enter.  Promises to be a lot of FUN!!!