Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I've been super busy lately, and before I get super busy again, I want to send a big Thank You out to some furiends.  I received the Versatile Blogger award... not once, but TWICE!  So THANKS to Finn over at Finn's Dog Blog and Lauren over at Life With Desmond!  If you don't know them, stop over and say hi!  They both have great blogs and I'm super honored they thought to give this award to ME!

So, as per the award tradition... I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me, or 7 things about the parents.... So, how about I tell you 4 things about me, and 3 things about the parents?  Sound good?  Better be, because you don't really have a choice -hehe. 

1.  I have a lot of nick names.  I'm most often referred to as Monkey, unless I'm at my grandparents house... then my grandpaw Dave calls me Door Knob... he says Corbin is the name of a German door knob company... I respond just to keep him happy.  And my grandpaw Jack calls me Scooby bc he says I look and act like Scooby Doo... I also respond.  The things I have to do to keep these people happy.

2.  Mom grew up with dogs and cats... she had a Brittany Spaniel -Brandy, Two kittie sisters -Jasmine and Cuddles, a Cocker Spaniel -Aunt Maggie who we lost last year, a Pug -Uncle Professor Harley.  Now Greta lives there with Harley.  Dad on the other hand, had never had a single pet.  Not even a fishie.  Boy, was he fun to train!

3.  I was knocking on deaths door when I was rescued... it was my day to go into that cold dark death room at the shelter.  I didn't want to leave my kennel when they came to get me, because I knew.  But then, by some wonderful miracle, I saw two people, Heather and Jen (another Jen, not my momma), and saw life in their eyes... I knew then that I was going to live.  I booked it out of there so fast I was running on only my hind feet.  I lived with Heather for 10 days before meeting my mom and dad.  To this day, I go CRAZY when I see Heather and Jen.  I know there are tons of other dogs in this world that they could have saved, but at that moment in time, they picked me and I will be forever grateful for that.

4.  Mom lost a bet when she adopted me.  Grandma Lynda told her that she would never be able to let a foster dog go.  Mom was so sure that I was just a foster dog, she bet Grandma Lynda $25.  Hehe, Grandma Lynda  used that $25 to buy me a life jacket last summer!  Silly, momma.  I know deep down she knew I was a keeper, no matter how badly she didn't want to be a foster failure!

5.  I have been a foster brother to 13 dogs.  Belle, Abby, Leelu, Cranberry, Bethany, Fancy, Greta (Rockette/Weenie), Canberra, Oreo, Patches, Otis, Gracie and Mia.  I can't wait to meet #14!

6.  Dad was a bit unsure about getting a dog, at first... so when mom unexpectedly came home with me... I thought it would be him that I'd have to really convince into letting me stay forever.  Turns out, we bonded real quick and it was mom that needed the last nudge to make the adoption.  She tried to fool herself... but I knew I had sealed the deal when she turned potential adopters away from me, BOL!  How could she say no to my handsome face and goofy antics???  Exactly.

7.  One more thing about me... my mom thought she knew a lot about dog training until I came around.  You see, I wasn't always this handsome, well mannered dog.  Ok, well I WAS always this handsome.  But I was very protective over my new family... I'd say a lot of HBO words to people who wanted to come into my house, and as much as mom tried to stop me, I was pretty scary.  So mom and dad hired a behaviorist trainer named Dan.  Dan and I trained mom and dad into being better pet parents.  Although, I still give mom a few tests here and there, she's pretty good.  And we were able to get my Canine Good Citizens certificate in February!  Good job, mom.

Now I get to pass this award on to 7 other bloggie friends... usually I skip this part, but since I had so much fun with this one, I'm going to fulfill every part and try not to give it to those who have already received it.

1.  Noodles.  Do you know her?  You should... she's an adorable puggie gal and she cracks me up every day.

2. Two Pitties in the City.  Another blog you should definitely know! We have learned so much from their blog... I even have my very own "treat bar" thanks to them!  They have great adventures with their pooches in Chicago and have great tips about making the most out of a small living space with two big dogs!

3.  Peggy at Peggy's Pet Place.  Peggy just wrote her very own book that will be available in the US next month!  I know Peggy in the furlife and I'm one of the featured doggies in her book trailer!  Peggy's blog has a lot of great information about everything going on canine.  She is also co-hosting the K9 Kamp mom and I are attending! (ps, we promise to do better next week!)

4. Love and a Six-Foot Leash.  Now, this is a blog I'm super glad to have come across.  Sometimes the world of foster-brotherhood gets rough... and even foster-momhood gets hard for mom sometimes.  This blog is about Chick (who is a handsome dude just like myself), his parents and their newest foster dog.  I love following along with their stories and it's a great to have foster support for mom during those rough days.

5. Tales and Tails.  We've been following Bunny & fam for just about a year now!  They really inspired mom to get her walking shoes out and take me on more walking/hiking adventures.  I love reading about all the fun stuff they get to do... and who can't adore the beautiful Bunny with her amazing wardrobe?  Even a dude dog like me can be jealous of the 87 hundred collars she has.

6.  Our Waldo Bungie.  Another blog that we've recently come across.  I really enjoy their foster stories... they just had their beautiful foster girl, Ginger, returned.  Unfortunately, I know all too well what that heartbreak feels like.  I can't wait to read more about them.  Oh, and mom also likes their DIY make overs :o)

7.  Two Grad Students and a Pittie.  An awesome blog that we came across about two grad students (duh) and their pittie gal, Havi!  They have a great feature every week about notes their dog walker leaves.  I love reading those!  Great, fun blog.

Ok, my job here is done, kids.  If you don't know those blogs, please go over and say hello!  And thanks again to Finn and Lauren! 
I'll take a nap while you check out my furiends.

And PS. I would have included all my bloggie furiends if I could ;-)


  1. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, congrats on the awards! I liked reading more about you and I think you were meant to be in this pack. It's perfect!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Hi Corbin
    I am humbled and honored to be chosen by you for an award. Thanks.
    Love Noodles

  3. Congratulations dude!
    Loved learning new things about you and your family. I also like that sleeping position you got going there. Do you have better dreams with you head hanging low like that?

  4. Great blog post and so good to hear so many interesting things about you, pal. I'm on my way to meet the others now. Have a good day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Superb Post Corbin!!! I can NOT believe that your dad NEVER had a furred or finned Furend when he was a pup. WELL... he is sure makin up fur Lost time NOW. I'm just sayin.

  6. congrats!! and I love your facts!

  7. Pawsome facts. You do look tuckered out there at the end. Congrats on such a nice award.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Your adoption story is so sweet Corbin. I'm lucky to have met you fur real. Thanks for passing along the award to me!!

  9. Congrats on the award Corbin! We enjoyed reading about you and your pawrents. You look plain tuckered out with all the work you put into "pawing" this one.

  10. I MUST go check out Two Pitties again as this "Treat Bar" idea sounds absolutely PAWTASTIC to me!

  11. Congrats two times over on that wonderful award!!! We learned a lot about you and we are very impressed. We also think Scooby is a great nickname for you - you do look a lot like that Scooby Doo guy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Congratulations on your award Corbin!
    Wow! a foster brother to 13 dogs! That is wonderful!

  13. Congratulations on your award, Corbin!
    We would have never guessed that you were not always well-mannered!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Congrats on your award and thanks for giving one to us! Corbin, can you tell me what I'm supposed to do with the award? I've never gotten one before!!

  15. Thank you for the award and kind woofs! We've had that award before, but it's so nice to know that other dogs like what we do with the blog. I learned some new things from you today!


  16. Congratulations on your award and learning more about our bloggy friends
    Benny & Lily

  17. It was great to learn all those things about you, Monkey (or is it Door Knob?)! Silly humans. Congrats Corbin!

    Thank goodness for Heather and Jen!

  18. Congrats on the awards dude! We loved hearing more about yall!!!

    *we have a new site so please make sure to update your reader :)

  19. Corbin, you're right. We handsome foster dudes have to stick together. Thanks for the award. As a foster brother yourself, I know you work super hard, and deserve the recognition!

  20. two awards??? wow, corbin, you're a superstar!

    i'm off to go add some of those blogs you listed to my reader, right now! thanks!!