Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My neglectful weekend...

So... I didn't get much attention this weekend.  Wanna see why?

Well, as most of you know, my mom is the intake coordinator at the rescue I came from, Homward Bound.  She works with people down south in TN, KY, GA & FL to get dogs out of high kill shelters and up here so they have a second chance at finding forever homes.  So, in order to get some new dogs in before their clinic on Saturday morning, the transport came in at 5am.  Yep... 5am.  So my mom was up and out of the house before I even woke up from my beauty sleep.  She asked if I wanted to go outside before she left or if I wanted to wait until dad woke up.... I just looked at her and gave her a "are you out of your mind" grumble and went back to sleep.  She's crazy.  So, here's the #1 reason why mom ditched me on Saturday...

This is Sherman and Ulysses.  My dad named them after people from the Civil War.
They're mom is a small beagle/collie mix that will be coming to the rescue in a few weeks.
She looks similar to Ulysses.
They think their dad is either a Great Pyrnesse or a St. Bernard... or something else that's large and fluffy.
This is Julia... her and Joyce are the sisters to Ulysses and Sherman.
They're about 8 weeks old... and really fluffy!
They like to snuggle together.
Can you find all 4 puppies?!
And, this is Boe.  He's a 7 month old Cattle Dog.

This is Brother

And this is Sister.
They're doxie mixes.

This is Edge... he was lised as a pitbull, but mom said when you see him in person, there's nothing pit about him!
So many dogs get labled as a pit when they're really not.  He looks it a bit in this picture, not even close in person!
This is Leon.  He was the one that mom was super excited to meet!  He's even more handsome in person and a totall lover!!!!  He gave mom lots of kisses and kept coming over to her for some good scratches!
This is Micky, he's around 8 months old and he's a Mountain Curr mix.  Super sweet and calm doggie!  He's good with kids and great with other dogs.  Just an all around wonderful guy!  He's also smaller than he looks in this picture, BOL!
All of the dogs above were scheduled to be euthanized... even the puppies.

So, although mom ignored me the whole day to play with these guys, I completely forgive her because I know it was very much appreciated by these pooches!  Plus, I got to hang with Oreo, except during the time when she was at the adoption clinic.  There was a guy who totally love her, but his kids fell in love with Leon, so Leon found his forever home on Saturday!  So did Sherman and Joyce and some of the other dogs that have been with Homeward Bound before this transport. 

You just lay right there, Oreo... and I'll sit on you so I can get a
better look of the neighborhood...
Ok... I guess you can look too.
And, because mom ignored us all weekend... Sunday night her and dad took us for some doggie cones!  Of course, there aren't any pictures of us eating our ice cream because mom said it was too hard to hold both of our ice cream cones AND the camera... but here's what we looked like when we heard we were going for ice cream!
I see the car mom... let's get in it and GO!
And, an update on Miss. Oreo... Well, she went to another foster home for the week that mom and dad were away.  And at the clinic that mom missed because she was away, a family adopted Oreo.  Now, Mr. Charlie (Oreo's temporary foster dad) spent 2 hours with these dumdums and mom even spoke to them on the phone for 10 minutes to explain Oreo and how to treat her anxiety issues.  Well, the people heard it all and kept saying they had a dog for 13 years so they know how to deal with doggie stuff.  So, they adopted her.

And guess why she's still living with me..........  She barked at their neighbors and they couldn't walk her on a leash, so they returned her.  Well, mom walks me AND Oreo at the same time... all you have to do is make sure she knows YOU'RE walking HER and it's not the other way around.  Mom explained to these people that the issues they're returning her for were easily fixable and even offered to pay for the behaviorist to go over and work with them.  They wanted no part of fixing the problem and just wanted to get rid of her.  Poor Oreo... so I was happy to have her back and I was super happy that she didn't have to deal with those stupid people anymore.  The only dog they deserve to have is a stuffed one.

Here you go, Oreo adopter failures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only dog you should ever have.
Ya big dummies.


  1. Mama ooo'd and ahh'd over Sister and Brother. You know how she loves those Doxie mixes!
    Sorry she wasn't around to help Saturday :( She said to ask again when you need it.
    Glad you got some hang time with Oreo but we really need some hang time soon!!

  2. Escuse me, Corbin, I can't help myself... SQUEEEEE! Thanks. I needed that. You, sir, are looking quite handsome in your header picture! Thanks for sharin' about your mom's work!

    Rottie Kisses

  3. Your mum does some great work - no wonder you are so proud to share her sometimes.

    Love and licks, Winnie.

  4. Dat is so NOT a pit...hehehe!
    Interesting how da areas your mom serves don't include SC...maybe it's cuz animals ain't thought of too highly heres. I dunno, just guessing.
    I can't stand hoomans dat think they knows everything bout dogs cuz they has owned one befores. A doggie with issues takes alot of work and dedication. Those peeps prolly don't even deserve a stuffed dog. I get so angry with da way peoples think sometimes.
    I must get of my soapbix now.


  5. OH Corbin, your mom does such wonderful work. Look at all those dogs and puppies she helped to save. You have good reason to be proud of her and thanks for forgiving her when she has such an important job.
    Oreo, you lucked out that your back with Corbin... that was not a forever home you would want. Our Karma went through two homes before we adopted her and she was glad to have moved on so she could find us.

  6. I'm with Puddles on this one. My Mommy had dogs her whole life but NONE of them have the same issues as I do. So she educates herself and tries to figure out what I might be thinking. She also tells kids that run up and ask to pet me that (1) they have to respect me so let me smell them and (2) that I am cute and cuddly but A LOT OF WORK!!!!
    I think Oreo is gorgeous and she looks happy with YOU, Corbin.
    Love Noodles who is so glad you are back and missed you a lot and loves to hear of your adventures.

  7. Corbin I can tell that you are Totally PROUD of what your mom does fur unfortunate pups!!!

    Now tell your dad that BOTH Phil Sheridan and Wm. Tecumseh Sherman were both born not far from where I live. My mom and dad have both been in their birth homes... many times.
    Soooo I love the Name Sherman fur the dawg.
    Just don't let him play with FIRE. hehehe

  8. Oh, there be nuttin worser than adopters wot think they knows it all. Efurry dog do be different.

  9. Those are some pathetic excuses. Sheesh! Some people just don't deserve owning any pets at all. All those doggies are very good looking. We hope they all find homes soon.

  10. I am glad some of the dogs got adopted. Sorry to here that Oreo did not find her forever home, but I am glad she did not get stuck with those people who were going to adopt her. But at least she gets to hang out with you a little longer.

  11. Sounds like Oreo is better out of that! We're so happy those pups got homes so soon. We know the others will find families, too.

    At least you were neglected for a good reason.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. WOW!! What a weekend! Such a great organization to save all those puppies and dogs from being killed. I don't know how you can't resist them all!!

    So glad Oreo is back home with you. She is right where she needs to be, until she finds her real furever home!!

  13. I think your mom gets a pass for all the doggies she is helping! By the way, looks like you have Oreo pretty well trained!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. I'm glad Oreo is hanging with you until she finds the right home. You are a great buddy. Too bad about mom leaving you and all, but it was an important reason so I hope you forgive her.


  15. OMD!!!!!!

    What freakin' khuties!!!!!

    Please give your mom a khyss from ME fur helping save them - my mom knows all too well that sad story of almost PTS fur such khuties -

    As fur Oreo's 'adopters' - what unhumans ;-(

    Until her REAL ones khome along, keep teaching her AND learning from her!


  16. I think it's better Oreo found out now rather than having to live unhappily. I know her best home is still out there.

  17. hi corbin! so many of our followers told us to follow you...so we cant wait to read all your adventures!

    as for oreo-those obvs werent her perfect parents, theyre still out there!

  18. What wonderful work she does and you were so good to understand! Such cute pups she has there and I'm glad ice cream was on your menu!

  19. SQUEE! LOOK at all those precious, precious faces! Oh, I am so glad they all got out of that shelter place and have a brand new leash on life now.

    And gosh...those Oreo adoptor failures...wow, are they the dumbest! It sounds like she's pretty lucky that they gave her back since they didn't deserve her in the first place. I just feel awful lucky I found my family when I did cuz I think sometimes other peoples mighta returned me, too, cuz of all of my - ahem - issues. Tell Oreo not to worry. Her pawfect family is out there somewheres.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. Hey there Corbin - Our mom agreez with Puddles 'bout Edge an'no Pit there - she wonderz if maybe German Shepherd mix (depending on size) An;mom sed if Ulysses wuz a girl an'we had more room but mom can c a lot of the Beagle/Collie mix in Ulysses. Az fer Miss Oreo - any thought 'bout her b-comin'a permanent fixture at your house? You tu r a couple of nice lookin'doggiez. Mom sez that thoze peepz ownin'one doggy in 13 yearz duz not make an x-pert. Mom grew up around doggiez an'she even had a cuple of her own butt when she got uz Beaglebratz az puppiez, she lerned a lot frum us an 'bout us. We all love what your mom duz - our mom wishez she cood du that butt she can't drive.

    Yepperz, u an'Miss Oreo shur du make a nice lookin'pair - just a thought.

  21. no wonder mom was busy. Look at all the cuteness! Oreo does look like a purrty good pillow
    Snuggles and snorts,
    Benny & Lily

  22. Your mom is doing a great job, Corbin! I'm sure you're proud of her even though you didn't mention it.
    Those puppies are so so cute and adorable!!!

  23. Your mom has been busy doing very important stuff, Corbin! I agree - those stupid people who wanted no part of Oreo should never have a dog. Bad, bad people.

    I'm glad that you got ice cream cones at the end of the weekend!

  24. A permit really should be required to own a dog. Some people really should NOT be allowed to have one. I know that has already been said, but still, I see it all the time and it kills me! I also see so many families who get "rid" of a pet because they are old and maybe have a behavior that they never bothered to alter. GRRRRRR! I feel bad for Oreo. She is such a cutie and deserves a home with lots of patience and love.

    Kitty and Coco

  25. Forgot to say that fair is fair, so do let Oreo use you as her butt pillow next time :) Gotta be there for a furiend you know.

  26. Corbin your mum is amazing. Thank goodness there are people in the world that care about stray doggies. Hope they all find wonderful homes. Take care buddy, no worries, love Carol.

  27. Corbin, you're mom and mine have a lot in common. My mom does the Relinquishments for her Weimaraner rescue and that is in the KY area as well. Those puppies are ADORABLE. Sure they will not be with the rescue long at all.