Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Play Date! Contest update! & CGC Test TONIGHT!

So, on Saturday I went over to my buddy Levi's house to meet up with my furiends!  Maggie Mae was there, Emmett was there and of course, Levi Mac!  Mom also brought along Rockette (Weenie/Gretta), who I mentioned to you in yesterdays post!  Anywho, without further ADOOOOOO... Here are the picture of our rockin' good time!
Are we there yet?!
Where the heck are you taking me now, lady?
This is all of us and our Moms!
Maggie: Emmett... I think that's my furiend Puddles wearing a costume
so we don't think it's actually her... but I think it is.
Maggie: Hey, Lady... is you really Puddles?  Would you like
a beer?  Maybe some cheeto's?
Maggie: One last chance for beer and cheeto's!
Maggie: Corbin... I don't think that's Puddles at all... she didn't
fall for my beer and cheeto's trap.
Corbin: What do you think, Maggie?  Think we can clear this
gate and make a break for it?  Puddles can drive in France,
so she can probably drive here, right?  She can pick us up...
Then Ms. Peggy showed up and we decided not to make
our break
This is all of us with Ms. Peggy.  She was so super nice!
She came over to take some pictures of us to help promote
her new book: Dieting with my Dog!  We all had a lot of fun
being in Hollywood for the day!
This is Emmett and me with Peggy!
You can check her blog out at Peggy's Pet Place!
We all sit very nicely for treats from Maggie's mom!
Maggie can't believe her mom is giving all her treats away!
hehehehehehe, us boys don't take our eyes off the prize!
Maggie is asking Emmett to play
He, of course, says yes!
Hehe, it took mom a while to figure out if this was me or Emmett.
It's Emmett!  That's my nose over on the bottom left hand side!
We all have so much fun!
Levi ends up on the ground a lot, BOL!
Gee, Ma... I'm pooped!
Bye Maggie & Emmett! I gotta go home with my weeniedog!
See ya later, Levi! Thanks for letting me come over to play!
Weenie and I snuggled for the rest of the night :-)
Contest update!

I have gone SO many cool places with my furiends!  Here are the entries I have so far!
Rudy took me to doggie land!
Kelly took me to see Nipper!
Khyra took me on one of her moms rescue transports!
Tucker took me to Vegas!
Wyatt invited me over to his house for dinner!
Frankie invited me over to explore his hill!
Noodles took me to Disneyworld in Hong Kong!
Shawnee took me hiking! 9.5 miles!!!
Mango took me on a double date in Boston!
Puddles took me Paris!
Charlie took me to Hawaii!
Shasta invited me over to save her from a scary mouse!

Please let me know in a comment if I forgot anyone!  Trying so hard to keep track, but I keep having to pack, unpack and repack my suitcase for all these awesome adventures!!! 
Deadline for entries is tomorrow!

And! You better be thinkin' of me tonight...
I'm going for my Canine Good Citizens TEST!!!
Test begins at 5:30, so stay tuned tomorrow to find out if
I'm a good citizen or a bad bad boy! hehehe
Later Dudes!


  1. Wow, it sure looks like you had fun with everyone! You all wait so nice for your treats, it makes me jealous! I wonder if that was Puddles in disguise...

  2. We shall be eager to hear if you are officially a good citizen. I saw your playdate photos on Miss Maggie's blog yesterday. I am so jealous of your wonderful pals.


  3. Oh no dat definately wasn't da Puddles...hers was to calm to be me and hers had no beers. Very geniousy of Maggoe Mae to thinks bouts tricking Rockette though.
    What a wonderful time ya'll hads togethers. I saw your piktures at Peggy's place and I squeeeeled!

    GOOD LUCK tonite on your test! I has no doubt you'll pass it withs flyin' colors.


  4. Great pictures, I had so much fun with you! Good luck on your test, from what I saw I know you'll do great!

  5. Man Corbin, you all lokks like you had TONS of fun!!! I needs me a play-pack like that, all I has is a possessed Bean, a hiding Moose, and a drooling Hound.

    We know you will super pass your test. You are the smartest Corbin ever!

    Your friendly neighborhood Who, Sugar

  6. Furry good luck with the test, either way - we thinks you are a great doggy!
    Glad you got so many entries, it sure is a fun contest - and I love reading all the places you got to go :)
    And, OMD - that playdate looks like so much fun!!

    Al - Rudy's Brother

  7. Corbin,
    I KNOW you will pass your citizenship test. You are a good dog with just a hint of bad.
    Love Noodles

  8. I KNOW you will Pass Your Test Tonight... with flying colors!!! RELAX... STRETCH before you start.

  9. Good luck tonight, Mr. Corbin! and looks like you all had a fantabulous time together! and congrats on your time in Hollywood! you look great in your photoshoot ;)

  10. I love your group and how you're all nearly the same size. Good luck on your test!

  11. I'm tired from looking at all your photos!! That was a lot of fun activity!!! Good luck! I know you'll do great, because you are AWESOME!!!

  12. Such wonderful fun times you all get to have together!!! We just LOVE the butt shot waiting for treats - now THAT would make an awesome ad for some treat company:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Oh, I just never, ever get tired of looking at your playdate pictures, Corbin. I'm sorry that Weeniegirl wasn't Puddles. But if she didn't fall for the Cheetos thing, I'm thinking it's pawsible she...GASP!...MIGHT NOT HAVE EVER HAD CHEETOS! I think you gotta fix that problem right away, don't you?

    Good luck on your CGC test, Corbin. I know you're gonna rock the house!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I'm sorry I didn't get to take you anywheres. My mom's been busy. Doing WHAT, I don't know. I guess just spending all her time picking up stuffie guts.

  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun! And I can't believe you got to meet Ms. Peggy in real life. That's sooooo cool!

  15. Wow what a super cool afternoon. I wish I had doggie friends around here to play with!

    Paws crossed for you to pass your test!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Good luck on your test tonight, Corbin!! We know you'll do great!

    Elyse and Riley

  17. Best of luck to you, my friend! You will do great! You really look like you enjoyed all of your company....fun!

  18. Your friends are so cool! Good luck on your test we'll be thinking of you! Gooo Corbin!

  19. Good lucks on your test!

    woof - Tucker

  20. Good luck on your test dude! We are jealous janes over here that you get to play bitey-face wif your pals. That pic of Maggie looking back is so funny.

    Kitty and Coco

  21. I wish we were close to our friends... It's obvious you had a great time!! Good luck on the test tonight. I'm sure you will pass with flying colors.

  22. Corbins!!!

    You will ace your test tonight fur sure! You sure got some great pictures of our play date! Hope to see you again soon! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  23. Hey Corbin - Shasta here. You iz my hero an'I am shure u will du just fine on your CGC test - u iz my Knight in shinin'armour after all. What a great play date u had - that lookz like so much fun. I wood love tu haf a play date like that.

  24. Ooooooo all this talk of Cheetos is making my wonder how I can dupe my mom into letting me have them for dinner. How dee-lish would that be?!

    We're gonna post our day with Corbin tonight. We is almost finished but my slack of a mom couldn't keep her eyes open any more last night. But Oh! The fun we had!! hehe

    Big slurps - HoneyBuzz

  25. Mom says we aren't gonna make the deadline but at least Charlie made sure I could see you guys in Hawaii, what a treat! I even learned to surf!
    That was so awesome dudes!

  26. What a great time you all had. We love the pictures of you all sitting for treats!
    Good luck on your test, Corbin!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. What a fun time you had! And even better, you got treats too.

  28. We've got our paws crossed that the test goes well!

    You have the best social activities! I'm green with jellyness because nobody ever comes here!


  29. What a fun fun fun post!

    I've got my paws khrossed fur woo!


  30. Dude! Don't end the contest without me! Mom and I have been working on our trip and we will post it tomorrow! She is a little computer dumb and it may end up being not as creative as we are trying...but we WILL take a trip, BOL

  31. Corbin, I just posted Lola's entry for you contest. And good luck on your test.


  32. Love those pictures of the four of you in a row!

    Your pal, Pip

  33. You guys are always having rockin good times over there!!
    Benny & Lily

  34. Ok dude- we took a fabulous vacation and it's all posted :)

  35. We can't tell who is having the best time! It was a great play date. That Levi is a character, he seemed to be upside down a lot of the time.

    Good luck on the Test.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  36. Hi Corbins! I sent you a peemail but just wanted to tell you I gots my Shrine to Corbin all posted on my bloggy! Boy, did we have a wild and crazy time :)

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  37. You're such a busy traveller lately, hope you enjoy all the flights! May be you can start writing your travelogue too!

  38. That looks like SO much fun. You sure do know how to pawty!