Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jerky Bark Review!

We love trying out new things, which is why we're so excited to be a part of the reviewing team!  We recently did our review on Orijen Freeze-Dried treats, which were fabulous!  So, when we were contacted again to do another review, we were over the moon!  This time, we decided to review Natural Balance Jerky Bark!  My every day kibble is Natural Balance's Sweet Potato and Fish formula, so we're a lover of the Natural Balance products!

This box here says it's for the Corbin
As always, our order arrived very quickly and I couldn't wait to dig into the box and get reviewing!

Put the camera down and help me, woman.
When I opened the box, I found Lamb and Brown Rice Natural Balance Jerky Bark!  Again, listened to my Chicken and Beef food allergies and sent me a treat that I can enjoy without worrying about itchy skins or upset bellies!
Limited Ingredient Treats!
Stop with the pictures!  Give me the NOMS!
I can feel myself getting thinner, need noms now.
When I finally got the momma to put the camera down and open my new bag of yums, I started drooling at the smell!
We're sitting, stop wasting time!
Holy sweet potatoes!
These treats come in long strips, but they're breakable, so the momma can break them into small bites for training.  She really likes that.  However, I would like the whole long strip!
Uh, momma... this is not the size I prefer.
Open mouth, insert noms.
Those are tasty, more noms, please.

Amelia's turn!

She wants more too!
I started going every trick that I could think of to get us more noms!
Amelia only knows "sit" and kind of "lay down," but she just worked her honey brown puppy dog eyes.  It worked, because we were able to get some more treats!  They sure were delicious!  The momma likes the limited ingredients that Natural Balance offers.  She also liked that these treats could be use for a variety of things and broken into smaller pieces.  She also used them as yummy Kong stuffers for a more stressful time -like when one of us pooches left the other behind.  Those are the times she likes to leave us with yummier noms and not just veggies and healthy stuffs!
So, all and all, these Natural Balance Jerky Bark treats get 4 paws up and the Corbin jowl lickin' stamp of approval!


  1. Owwwww Corbin that last photo is just soooo funny, you look like you really enjoyed those yummy scrummy treats! You are one handsome doggie! Amelia is one gorgeous girl too but she dosent look as impressed with the treat as you do Corbin, your face is so expressive! I love it!
    That jerky bark looks grrrrreat!
    Exceelnet review my furiend!
    Love, licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow! Your tongue really reaches a long way around your mouth! Those treats look delish!

    Millie & Walter

  3. Love the "Stamp of Approval." These sound like the perfect treat. Freedom, Casper & Nikki are huge fans of anything jerky.

  4. Dude - you really know how to work those treats and we LOVE that lip smacking seal of approval !

  5. We love that last picture best, Corbin! It says it all! We gotta try this jerky! yummmmmmm

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. I am a big fan of those action nom photos. I think I can see all the way down to your big old Corbin belly. MORE!


  7. Those things are yummy. How can you not like sweet potatoes!
    Benny & Lily

  8. WOW, those sound like grreat treats!

  9. I love that you just picked the whole bag up, that's something my boys would try to do too! My boys are really running low on food. I should check out.

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  11. You guys are good sitters and layer downers you should have really gotten the whole bag ;)