Friday, July 26, 2013

WANTED: Belly Scratcher

Amelia here, again!  With a very important post!
This time it's Foster Friday, even though the title of this post doesn't say that.  It says something much more important and something that exactly describes what I'm looking for in my forever family. 
Are you ready to check your qualifications?
In this post, I will explain exactly what is required.  No worries, previous experience isn't required, although it is preferred.  However, I will train the right person willing to learn.
Belly scratching position.
This above photo is my way of showing you I'm ready for belly scratches.  I'm pretty much always ready for belly scratches, but when I flop over on my back, it means I'm really ready and would like belly scratches at that exact moment!
What do you mean, you're not writing this down?
Now, the next few steps can get complicated, so you should probably take notes.  There are different types of Belly Attention.  Belly scratching, belly massaging and belly rubbing.  Although the position is labeled as a Belly Scratcher and not Belly Attention Giver, all 3 areas of belly attention is under the job description and are requirements for my happiness.
This is not how it's done, foster lady....
In the above picture, foster lady is holding the camera AND scratching my belly.  This is a big no-no.  When belly scratching, you MUST concentrate on ONLY belly scratches!  Since the camera was being used for learning purposes of future adopters, and the foster lady is already a skilled belly scratcher, I decided the slight distraction in belly scratching would be okay for the moment.
Ahhh, yes.  Right there... scratch scratch scratch!
The best belly scratches come when foster lady grows her nails out a bit so they're longer and can get nice deep scratches. Belly scratches should be in short, quick movements.  It also helps to have both hands working the belly scratches to make sure maximum belly area gets covered. When belly scratches are done well, I just might fall asleep! 
Use that whole hand, foster lady!
Then there's belly rubbin's.  Now, some might say belly rubbin's are easier to preform than belly scratches.  I do think belly rubbin's is easier to teach because there's less motor skills involved, but I do think it's equally important to belly scratches.  Belly rubbin's are done using your whole hand.  If you're using one hand, your hand should never leave my belly.  The nail part of your fingers isn't effective in the rubbin' part, so you just let those nails rest and use the soft part of your hand.  Once your hand is firmly against my belly... you rub up and down my belly.
Ahhhhhh...... relaxation!
Along with belly scratches and belly rubbin's, I do enjoy belly massages, as being shown in the above picture.  Instead of using her nails, foster lady uses the soft parts of her fingers and gently massages my soft, velvety skin in little circle motions.  Foster lady also makes her hand bigger and smaller by contracting and stretching her fingers, making a very relaxing kneading motion.  Now, this is a technique that comes with much time and practice, but I'm willing to be your Guinea dog while you practice to perfection.
Sometimes, instead of falling asleep during belly scratching, rubbin's or massages, I go into a deep daze where I just stare into the nothingness ahead... The foster lady thinks I just forget to close my eyes or blink, but what I see in front of me is just too good!  You see, when I get into my deep belly daze, I'm watching my perfect life with my perfect forever family where they scratch my belly, take me for walks and snuggle me on the couch!  Who would want to blink when that's what you get to see?!
Wag that tail, Corbin!  Rub my belly with your nubbin'!!!
Sometimes the foster parents are too busy or too dense to see that I need belly scratches - another reason why I need to find my forever belly rubber!  So, I take advantage of the Corbin's nubbin' tail!  He wags his tail and my belly is RIGHT there to reap all the benefits of his belly rubbin' nubbin'!  PERFECT!  Although, a brother with a belly rubbin' nubbin' is not a requirement for my forever belly rubbin' family. 
I'm ready to flop!  Get ready to give my belly attentions!
Now, I understand that some people aren't belly scratching, belly rubbin' or belly massaging people, and that's A-OK!  I'm just not the dog for you non belly loving people.  But, I do give everyone I meet an equal opportunity to give my belly the best attentions you have.  I have yet to find the most perfect Belly Scratcher, but I just know they're out there!
Do you think my perfect belly scratcher is out there?
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her? 
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!
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  1. Sweet Amelia .....there is nothing better then a good belly rub and you have developed it to a fine art. We think you have peeps trained in no time

  2. Amelia I love nothing more than a nice belly scratching, we would get along just fine! Did the corbin rub your belly for you too? My Bionic Buddy Ernie uses his nose to rub my belly! Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Okays, we gots a question... what about Belly Raspberries? Our mom is always blowing raspberries on our bellys and they tickles ruin the whole mood of the belly rubbin'!

    We are going to print this tutorial out and put it on the fridge so our mom might be able to learn somethin!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Amelia, you are LOVELY!

  5. What an informative post! My sissy Cinderella loves to get her belly rubbed at EVERY opportunity. She said she's going to print this out and have it ready whenever somebody doesn't respond properly to the flop. :)

  6. Oh Amelia... I hope that your forever belly scratcher AND rubber comes along soon. In the meantime, it looks to me as if your foster belly scratcher is doing an awesome job! You are such a sweetie...

  7. Tee-hee - just like Harlow!

    We know your perfect Belly-Rubbing-Foster-Family is out there!


  8. I know the perfect Belly Scratching Person/Family is out there!

  9. We would love to give you scratches!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Howdy Amelia, we made mum take notes butt she is already pretty darn good at the belly rubs. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. You sure do have the cleanest and pinkest belly, Amelia!
    The perfect belly scratchin' family is out there looking for you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Amelia, you are a cutie pie. We think you will find your perfect "belly-scratcher" person very soon.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  13. Amelia, I sure hope you find the best belly scratch-er ever!!!

  14. Shiver is very much into the whole bellyscratchin' thing too!

  15. Awesome job of explaining belly scratching! There is no doubt your new dimly , when they find you, will totally understand what is needed to keep you happy.
    Ernie,Chica,Lucas,and Rosie

  16. What a bee-yoo-tee-full girl! I am POSITIVE the perfect belly scratcher is out there. My boss volunteers with me and she has VERY long fake nails--the dogs line up for her belly and back scratches. Maybe your future mama will have those type of nails--it would bring belly scratches to a new level of heavenliness!

  17. you have such a cute pink belly!

    Stop on by for a visit