Monday, December 30, 2013

1459 Days of Corbin

A post by the momma:

Photo by: Tracey Buyce Photography 2013

December 19th marked 4 years that Corbin has been in our lives.  I left work early to grab a few last minute things for Christmas and to make sure I had time to bake some cookies to share with the staff for Corbin's vet appointment later that evening.  On my way home from shopping, the sun was shining bright and the temperature rose to 42 degrees.  I was on a pretty tight schedule to make sure I had everything done before we had to leave, but when I walked through our door, I said screw it... I strapped Corbin's foot up in his snow boot, threw their collars on and outside we went to play in the foot of snow we had from a few days earlier.  We had shoveled a path for the dogs because we had to keep Corbin calmish and his foot dry.  The dogs were good about staying on the path, but once I jumped into the snow banks and called Corbin's name, he came soaring with joy and bounded through the deep snow.

4 years and 11 days ago, I left our house and headed to an adoption event for a rescue I had found online.  I had put in an application earlier in the week and received a phone call from a volunteer.  As I was speaking to her, I mentioned that the dog I listed on my application, a fluffy border collie mix puppy named Bass, wasn't necessarily one that I wanted to adopt.  I told her we were more interested in fostering than adopting right away.  She told me to stop by their clinic for some information and they would have more dogs coming mid January.  As I left the house that Saturday morning, I promised Adam that I wasn't coming home with a dog.  I arrived at the clinic shortly before it ended and chatted with a woman named Carol.  She explained things about this fostering gig and just as I was about to leave, another woman came up to me with this crazy brown dog.  She explained he needed a new foster home because he would be boarded for Christmas and for about 2 weeks after Christmas because her other foster dog would be recovering from hip surgery.  How could I let this insanely adorable bundle of insanity go to boarding?  So, I agreed to take him home.
I made two phone calls once I got in my car.  The first one to Adam to make sure he was still home to meet our new foster dog. 
Jenn: "Hi Hunny.... are you still home?  I'd like for you to meet Corbin."
Adam: "What's a Corbin?"
Jenn:  "Well... our new foster dog."
Adam: "A DOG?  You said you weren't coming home with a dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT He's just a foster dog!" 
Adam: "HE??  You said you didn't want a male dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT! He's just a foster dog!" 
Adam: "How old is he?" 
Jenn: "Uh, 6 months" 
Adam: "YOU said YOU didn't want a YOUNG dog!" 
Jenn: "BUT!!!! He's JUST a foster dog!" 
Adam: "What kind of dog is it?" 
Jenn: "Well, he's a Pit Bull." 
Adam: "A PIT BULL?!  YOU SAID you didn't want a PIT BULL!" 
Adam: "click"
The second phone call was to my mother.  "Oh, Jenn... you'll never be able to give this dog up."  To which I replied... "Oh sure I will.  It's just like pet sitting.  I'm just taking care of him until his forever people come to find him."  Then she bet me $25 that I would end up keeping him.  The $25 that I lost to that bet later went to purchasing his first birthday present, a life jacket on his first birthday from my parents.

Meet Corbin.  2009
Heather pulled in the driveway behind me and out jumped Corbin.  He dragged her up my stairs and went bonkers in my house.  Flying down the hallway, ricocheting from loveseat to couch to window sill... around the Christmas tree, back up the hallway, ricocheting off the spare bed just to start the NASCAR circle all over again.  Adam shook his head and left to run some errands.  I panicked.  What was I thinking?!  Not only did this dog have some ACL issues, requesting crate rest and restricted activity... but he was INSANE!  And, he was a Pit Bull... and aren't those dogs mean?  Sometimes I think Heather sensed that I was unsure about the whole thing, so she left very quickly to grab some of his things from her house.  Once her car was out of site, this crazy dog jumped up on the couch and curled himself into a ball and fell asleep.  I let out a deep sign of relief... this was a good sign, he wasn't psycho ALL the time.

It didn't take Corbin long to settle into our routine.  This fostering thing was a pretty easy gig!  We even brought him over to Adam's dad's house for some football, where everyone had a similar reaction... "A pit bull?  Aren't they mean?"  We tried to get everyone we knew to adopt him, because we knew what a great dog he was and we couldn't bare him going to a home with someone we didn't know.  Everyone was afraid to adopt a Pit Bull, and frankly... we kind of were too.  But, during the 2 months that we had Corbin in our home, we learned the most valuable lesson of all... A Pit Bull is just a Dog.  On February 27th, 2010, I signed the adoption contract and Corbin came home from an adoption event for the last time.  He was what he knew he was all along... Our dog.

Photo by:  Jbenz Photography 2011
Football Sunday's at Adam's dad's house happens every football season.  Just about all the same people that were there when we first had Corbin are still there now.  If Corbin is not at a football Sunday, no one is very happy.  He's a staple guest on Sundays.  Along with changing our minds about the Pit Bull "Breed,"  he's changed their minds, too.  He is, after all, just a dog.  A spunky, happy, begging, silly, slobbering, tooting dog and everyone loves him almost as much as we do. 

Who knew a dog could change your life so much?  Corbin has brought so many new experiences, so many new adventures, so many new lessons and so many new people into my life.  I simply can't imagine where our lives would be without him.  He means so much to me and Adam and has brought us closer, completed us as a family.  I know we would have loved any dog that we decided to bring into our home, but I can't imagine any other dog would have brought us to where we are now.  He's the symbol of strength for me.  He's cleaned the tears off of my face and found smiles through the sobs.  Stroking his soft velvety fur has sent me into many trances and calmed my highest anxieties.  Hugging that broad chest has brought me so much comfort.  Kissing that handsome snout and telling him how much I love him just never seems like it's enough to repay him for all he's brought to my life.  Looking into his brown eyes, I know he doesn't seek repayment.  I know he's so content with his life, so happy we let him stay with us.  He's grateful to Heather and Jen for going to the shelter that day and taking him home, saving his life.  And, he has been an amazing foster brother to all the canine kids we've brought into the house, paying forward the fortunate life he was given.  I simply can't imagine life without him.

Photo by: Jbenz Photography 2012
With the recent uncertainty for Corbin's length of life, I'm soaking in every moment of joy. Corbin makes sure I wake up as soon as my alarm clock rings every morning, he goes out and eats his breakfast and I crash back on the couch.  Amelia goes back to bed in the bedroom and Corbin comes and curls up on top of me and we fall back to sleep.  Then, he has no problem with me hitting the snooze button as much as I want to.  I've been heading into work a bit later than usual, but those extra minutes of snuggle time with Corbin make me so happy.  As much as I would love for him to live forever, I know it's not possible... but I also know every day of his life has been a wonderful one.  No matter how short his time is with us, he's made an impact that will last a life time.

Photo by: Tracey Buyce Photography 2013
 So, we celebrate our 4th year with our Corbee Doo.  4 years packed with love and laughter and I couldn't ask for anything more. 


  1. Such a wonderful story and a tribute to The Corbin. He's your best pal forever.

    Mango Momma

  2. Dogs have the most unique way of stealing your heart when they arrive...filling it with love and breaking it when they leave...and even though it it hurts so much.....we do it again and again because it's a special kind of connection we have with them

  3. A fantastic story with a happy ending! (Psst, Corbin, do you know your Mom calls you 'Corbee Doo'?) And you will love Corbin forever - there's no doubt about it!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Family

  4. Corbee Doo...hehehehe. Ahem, hard to imagine dat one little foster dog could change your life in so many ways...and change da lives of so many around him. Dat one little foster also helped paved da way fur udder fosters.
    Everyday, I is thankful fur da Corbin's furindship and I always always rememeber when you and da dad camed to sees me in da furs.
    Corbin has been such a blessing in our lives.


  5. What a wonderful story! I'm so glad that you and Corbin saved each other. You're both very lucky!!

  6. What a great story and love affair you all have. Corbin sure is a special boy.

  7. We are smiling through tears here, Corbin. Your momma's post is so wonderful!
    We love ya, buddy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. WONDERFUL POST. We don't count Days or Weeks of Years with our peeps... we count SECONDS and Corbin you make Every Second of your time REALLY COUNT. THAT is how we do it in Blogville. Way to Go big guy. Make them HAPPY one second at a time.

  9. Oh that was such a great story :DDD , welcome to our blog

  10. This post made me so happy that I got goose bumps and started crying! I love that he is not what you went for but ended up being everything that you needed. Ahhhhhhhh, Corbilicious - you are LOVED!!! Happy day to you, from us!

  11. Oh mercy me, I do believe I gotz a tear in my eye! What a lovely post for The Mr. Corbin Dude.

    Hey Corbin, do you remember when you and me wentz ice skating? I just watched the video and I gotz the giggles!!

    Happy Days Corbin!!

  12. I wanted to wish you guys a happy 2014 and here's to MANY more Corbin-filled years to come.

  13. I just had to catch up on the last few posts to find out what was wrong with Corbin's foot. Poor guy, it's just one thing after another for him.

    I know he and Amelia found the pawfect home with you and your boyfriend. I hope you get to have him for many more years!

  14. Happy Fourth Gotcha Day to Corbin (and to you). We think you made a very wise choice. We wish you many more happy times with Corbin.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. What a wonderful story. You saved Corbin and he has brought you such joy.

  16. Happy 4th Gotcha Day!

    Stop on by for a visit

  17. What a story! I never even heard about this kind of love! You both love each other. Corbin is such a good pal. Don't leave him ever.. Moreover you should make him glad always.
    I can suggest you a thing. Take him to some pet care professionals out there in your area. There are professionals who provide dog walking services and more than that, he will get much relaxed and exercised.
    Take care you both !

  18. Oh….yore mum has lost it Corbin my pal…she is blubbering all over da internets….*giggles*…of course she is! You is da best pal a momma cud ave and she is da best momma a dog cud wish fur. Glad we meets yoo on da blogs….appy new year my pals and ere is to many more

  19. So . bittersweet but still loving. I laughed out loud at the conversation with Adam.
    Corbin is so loved and that is the best thing of all.

  20. Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Cute Corbin! Love the post. :)

  21. That's a really wonderful story of how you got home Corbin! Happy Beeeeeeelated Gotcha Day to yous!!
    Happy New Year 2014 to you Corbin, Amelia, Mommy & Daddy too!

  22. Live life like we do:
    AS IT

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Corbin - woo SO skhored! Of khourse, I did too when I khonned this one into taking me home!

  23. A beautiful reflection on your life with one special boy. That's you, Corbin!

  24. I'd never heard this story before, it's so sweet. Corbin was meant to be with you and be a part of your family. Happy Gotcha Day!