Friday, June 22, 2012

Foster Friday: Eva

Are you furries in 'dere?  Corbee done said 'dere are furry furiends in hurr...  I guess I jus take him's word.
Howdy, y'all!  I'm Eva, da Corbee's fosta sissy.  He said I can do da bloggie'n for Fosta Friday 'cause I'm da only fosta now...  He said it ain't been fair when 'dere was two of us hurr, but now that da Brutey has a new homie, I'm on da bloggie!  Yahooooo!
Me, Eva!
Thangs have been a lil confusin' for me dees past few weeks.  Ya see... I lived in da North Carolineea's wit my families fur some years.  'Dere were da mom's, and da pop's and da two kiddiers.  But somefin done happened and I jumped inta a truck with my brudder and up here we came, to the NY Apple.  But, I hasn't seen none of dem apples. 
Note to self: Must find dem apples.
Den I met da fosta lady momma person, den I got in HER cars, den I met Brown Dog (Da Corbee's) and Blue Dog (Da Brutey's).  They was all cool and we played and had some funnies.  Den anutter brown doggie cames over (Da Emmee's), and HE was also super fun.  But, den he left a few days later.  Den it was just me and Corbee's and Brutey's.  DEN!  A few days after Emmee left, BRUTEY left! 
What. Da. Heck.

So, da Corbee sitted me down for a chitter chat.  Him's told me dat dis was my fosta home and dat I not stay hurr furevers.  Dat he was my furiend to help me figure out who my new family should be since my old fam-ers had to say buh bye.  I was a lil sad 'cause I do like it hurr, but him's said I'd like my NEW furever home even more den I like it hurr.
Hmmm... now what does I want.
Now dat I'm equipt with da knowledges fur my new family, I'm on da look out.  Hurr's what I do be lookin' for:
1. Couch
2. Snuggler
3. Comfy dog bed
4. Couch
5. Kids, okay
6. Snuggles
7. Kitties, okay
8. Couch
9. Someone to admire my purdy furs, cuz I be beautiful.
10. Someone for snuggles

Corbee said my list be near purrfect.   He says I also want a yard -dat would be nice, but I not big time Olympic runner, I do my stuff and back in da housie I go.  I don't need no yard.

Corbee said I should ask fur a boat too.  A what?  No, Corbee.  I don't need no boats.  I don't even know what dat is.

Corbee said I also need to ask fur toys and bones and treats and breakfast and dinna.  Well, duh.  Ain't dis implied?
Ok, Corbee... shush up, dis my time on da bloggie.  SHUSH.
Corbee: "I'm just trying to HELP Eva. Geez."
Well, actually... I think I'm all done with my bloggie postie.  I'm gonna go get da snuggles from da fosta lady momma person!
She has super comfy lappy.


  1. You are a very pretty girl Eva.. very soulful eyes. I am sure someone out there will love to give you a home. Wait a lil bit ya... have fun with big bro Corbin.

  2. Hi Eva, you're so pretty! I'm Sheltie Eva too!


  3. Oh, Miss Eva is just so pretty. I'm sure she will find her true love family soon.

  4. Eva, you are just a beautiful girl. You will find that furever home in no time, we just know it!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  5. You definitely do have pretty furs, Miss Eva! I'm so glad I got to meet you instead of just hearing Corbin talk about you. I know you'll find the perfect furever home very soon. You have a grreat list, and you'll find someone who checks every box and then some!

  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS we really are in here. You did a super job with your list.. butt you really gotta have a yard. That is NOT too much fur you to ask fur... OK?
    Corbee is a super BRIGHT guy... lissen to him and you will find a super home. I just KNOW it!!!

  7. We hope you get all that, Eva, because you deserve all that and a whole lot more!


  8. Hey Eva, You are beauteous!!! You did a great post and we know you will find a loving and forever home soon. How could someone or someones not want to take you home with them. Corbin - good job of helping her. M liked the idea of Foster Fridays. We have 2 fosters now- might have to talk to M about this...
    Ernie and the pack

  9. We hopes you find a really wonderful forever home Eva - you deserve it.

  10. You're such a cute woofie, I know you'll get your perfect forever home soon!

  11. Eva you are such a beauty that I'm sure you will find your forever home soon (if you aren't already there ;-).


  12. Is it just me or does little Eva look a bit like a giant Boston Terrier?

  13. What a great post Eva!! When you get your furever home, you have to start your very own bloggie!! I know no one will be able to resist that BEAUTIFUL face!! I'm so glad Corbin is taking such good care of you, and teaching you the ropes.



  14. From one couch potato to another, my paws are crossed that you find your forever couch very soon!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Hellos Eve, dis is Puddles! Surely you has heard Corbin talk of me.
    I thinks you has a great start on your list but I would add Cheetos. And I is glad to sees you has couch at da top of your list....dat is very important!
    Girl, I soooo hopes you gets your furever home real quick.


  16. You are a very pretty girl, Eva. We hope you find your forever family soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Eva, those are wonderful requests and I just know there is a furever family just waiting for you to come and live with them. I hope they find you soon, you will be a most pawsome pet for them. You are so pretty and yes Corbin I also think the boat might be pushing it a little.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Eva, you're gonna' find a wonderful forever home with a human who will LOVE snuggling with you on the couch! Not all dogs like snuggling (hard to believe, isn't it?), so your forever home is gonna' be very lucky indeed!

    your pal,

  19. Your list is perfect, your so beautiful, we pray your forever family finds you soon.

    The silvers and more

  20. Sounds like a great list and we're sure there's a family out there that has all that stuff and just needs to find you to use it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. I'm sure you'll get a furever home soon, Eva. Who could resist your beautiful face?

  22. You got that list down, many couches are for sure a good thing! I am in the big apple too, but there aren't any apples around - what gives?!

  23. I think a beautiful gal such as yourself will find a home soon. Sure, you will miss your foster home, but won't it be nice to get all the snuggles and not have to share your couch? Good luck.


  24. We have no doubt you will find a home soon, Eva!

    We have given you a blog award, Corbin! Stop by and pick it up here

  25. You are a cutie Eva. I'm sure you will find a loving home soon.


  26. Bol...I laughed likes a hyena at your comment...and yes, it does count.
    Actually, dat would be a most excellent entry!


  27. What a beautiful girl, Corbin you are so lucky with the ladies!

  28. You is mitey nice Eva and I am sure you gonna haz a furever home very soon indeed.