Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pitty Post Day #2: Just a Foster Dog.

Wow... Our thank you post wasn't supposed to come until Thursday, but we simply can not let another second go by with out saying it. The words "Thank You" simply do not do justice for the amount of gratitude we have for everyone who participated in yesterday's Pitty Post Day. We have a few more entries popping up today and another one that Corbin will be posting for a friend tomorrow -the one we were supposed to post yesterday, but we spent all day reading everyone's amazing posts! We'll finish getting around to comment on everyone's posts today. We read them all (twice!). They are all amazing. Thank you so much to everyone. You really made yesterday a special day and hopefully got the word out to some people who might not have read a pitty blog! I'm in awe of all of you... 63 posts and COUNTING! -Love, Corbin & Jenn

Here's our scheduled post for today, "the momma's" Pitty Post Day post!

Corbin and I had quite the writers block last week trying to figure out what we were going to post about for yesterday's Blogville Pitty Post Day. We've talked about how he came to be our dog a couple of times on the blog, and we just did the post a few months ago that inspired the Pitty Post Day. Also, I knew Corbin would be featured on Deccy's blog with his rescue story and Pet Blogs United was featuring "You Call Me a Pit Bull Like it's a Bad Thing." So, something new and from scratch was needed. When I agreed to take in Eva and her brother, I had a feeling she'd be our foster dog, but I never like to write a foster dog post before we meet the dog, so if we were bloggin' about foster dogs, we'd have to wait until last minute to get our post ready. It was a good thing nothing else came to us and we were able to blog about Eva and Brutus/Oakley (seriously, I can not bring myself to call him anything other than Brutus). There aren't many better ways to celebrate the wonderful dog that we have than saving 2 more and finding them the same wonderful life.
Smile, Brutus!
As Saturday went on and Corbin and I were learning the ins and outs of these two beautiful pooches, I found myself overly emotional at the whole situation. It may have been the sadness of Eva's family handing over their dogs to us -which of course had me in tears as they left hysterically crying. Or it could have just been that big lump that grows in my throat every time I think of where Corbin would have ended up if it wasn't for us and the rescue. So, while I spent all week with a writers drought... here I am with two posts. Hence the reason we're cheating and adding a second day on for our Pitty Post.
This is us, Corbin's family.
Everyone knows about Corbin, but not much about me, his mom (and his dad for that matter, but he's not the blogging type!). Adam, Corbin's dad, had never had a pet before. Can you imagine? I grew up with animals... 3 cats, 3 dogs: 1 Brittney, 1 Cocker Spaniel and 1 Pug all at various times, and I was always around horses. Oh, and a few hermit crabs. When Adam and I bought a house and planned on moving in together, I knew I wouldn't last long without a pet. After about 2 months, I was researching rescues, both local and a few breed specific rescues a few hours away. I wanted a Border Collie... beautiful, energetic, smart and usually water loving, approx 40lbs. I was looking at rescues and shelters every day, imagining life with every dog I saw. 

Before Corbin, I hadn't had much experience with Pit Bulls. To tell you the truth, I hadn't had any experience. None good, none bad. I heard what everyone hears on the news, and thought the same things that most people who haven't experience the love of a pitty think - well, if it happens this often, it must be true, right? Maybe they should phase out the breed if they're so dangerous. Why put people at risk and allow a known vicious dog breed continue?
Really, mom?  Tell us more about your stupidity....
I did. I thought that at one point in my life. It was a short lived moment, because, after all... I'm a dog lover - which means I'm a lover of dogs, not breeds. But, those thoughts did live in my stupid, small brain for a short period of time.

Then Corbin entered my life. "Just a foster dog." Those were the best words that I've ever spoken. Those words changed my entire life, for the better. If I didn't believe that Corbin was "just a foster dog," he might not have entered my life. Then where would I be? Even further into believing these lies and myths about Pit Bulls? If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be the owner of a Pit Bull, writer of a blog -from the perspective of my dog, a foster mom for homeless pets (ok, this one I might have believed), an ambassador for a breed that I'd become nearly obsessed with helping... well, I'd say that was crazy talk.
Ok lady, I'm here to save your life.
Yet, here I am. Writing a blog in the words of Corbin, my Pit Bull. Attempting to change people's minds about this breed that I have come to whole heartedly love. Saving this breed of dog as often as I can, from a fate I can't accept. 

I understand, certain dogs aren't for everyone... Labs aren't for everyone, Chihuahua's aren't for everyone, Pit Bulls aren't for everyone. So, the point of this blog isn't to get everyone in the world to adopt a pitty... but it's to help them understand that they shouldn't rule them out in the hunt for their next best friend. We have pulled pitties directly from shelters and brought them into our home. They have been nothing but thankful, respectful, obedient, hungry and eager to learn and please. These dogs that have been tossed away, neglected, given up for whatever reason... they find it in their heart to forgive, forget and love. If only humans could be as knowledgeable about life as pitties. If only humans could put on a happy face after the darkest of times and forget it all. The world would be a much better place with a pitty mindset.
Now you're just getting sappy, mom.
I am thankful every day for my goofy brown dog. Thankful that he brings so much joy to our lives. Thankful that he's opened my mind to something wonderful. Thankful that he has changed the minds of so many like my previous self. Thankful that he has brought me to a world filled with dog loving people who understand. You can't help but love him when you meet him, laugh at his wiggley body, awe in his (mostly) awesome behavior, and giggle at his hilarious expressions. I'm sure we would have loved any dog that came into our lives, but I'm so happy fate brought us Corbin. Life without him wouldn't be nearly as worthwhile... We love you, Corbee. Thank you for making our lives something wonderful.
It's okay momma.  I love you, too.


  1. We've blogged about this before, butt when our dad first told Mom he wanted to get a rottie she said, "I don't want one of those - they're mean and they're UGLY!!" (Bitch!!) The minute she saw that first rottie, Max, she was in love. I'm the 6th rottie mom and dad have had. Good thing our moms could open their minds. Then WE can open their hearts!!


  2. Hey Corbin - I think you're a super cool doggy and all, but WOW! did you ever hit the jackpot when you picked your mom!

    Great post and loved the captions for the pics.

  3. So well deserved!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You do a fantastic job promoting Pitties and Corbin is one of the nicest blokes I've met! I think Mum is a little bit in love with him! Congratulations on Pitty Post Day being such a success. You really deserve it. Deccy x

  5. Wonderful, wonderful post. And we also congratulate you on being a "Foster Failure" for beautiful Corbin!

    We missed yesterday's post due to technical problems and Mom being busy with a big cleaning project, but we got our post up today.

    Hap-Pee Tuesday!

  6. This is like a love letter...beautiful!

  7. What a grreat post, CorbinsMomma! I'm so glad you brought Corbin into your home and he brought you into blogging, because that way we all win!

    PeeS: Momma said those words "just a foster dog" about my sissy Cinderella, and they didn't work too well either. BOL!

  8. OH CORBIN... it was an HONOR and a PLEASURE to be a Pittie BULL fur a day. Thank you for the chance to walk in YOUR PAWPRINTS fur the day.

    I hope and pray that just ONE mind was changed and 87 would be even better!!

  9. Wow, what a heart warming post. We didn't get our post up last night, as Mom didn't get home from work/gum until 9:30pm. We will tonight though! Just want you to know that knowing pitties like you and a few other of our pals has been mind changing. Every opportunity that comes up we try to promote pitties even though we are not pitties. After all, I do sorta look like a mini, smush face pittie..sort of. Good job Corbin and Mama!

  10. Hi Corbin
    My Mommy #2 is blubbering like a cat over here! What a nice post your Mommy wrote about you. And funny thing is - it is exactly the way things happened for my Mommy #2 and me. Even though PUGS do not have a bad rap (totally undeserved) like Pittys, they are commonly referred to as UGLY, SICKLY, SNORTING (okay, that is true), FAT little dogs. My Mommy #2 wanted an Australian Shepherd as her second dog. Along came me and now Mommy says I am the BEST dog (I think she meant PUG which is not technically a DOG) she ever had. So she said she totally related to all your Mommy wrote and blubber, blubber, blubber.
    You are the best, Corbin and so are your 'rents.
    Love Noodles

  11. Corbin yesterday on someone's blog Mom said that you had such a good sweet personality and a love for all things that you should be named Ambassador of Friendship to Blogville...now we are saying it to you we thing you are the best Ambassador for all 4 leggers. Everyone needs to be judged for their heart not their out appearance. When my Dad saw your picture he asked mom who the handsome, copper colored dog was leaving comments. Mom told him Oh, Corbin. MOL

    Precious precious story. Mom believes every being walking the earth is here for a reason...yours is Good Will
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. Thank you again for sharing about Corbin and for being part of our blog and opening our eyes to the world of a pitbull. I don't know if pitties are in our future, (we are hooked on Sibes :) but I do believe pits deserve the best life possible, like any dog. And we can honestly say it was you who helped to change our minds about such an awesome breed.

    To mom, dad and Corbin...we love you!

  13. Great post. I missed the party yesterday. But it is has been great going through my reader reading all the posts. If this helps one more pitbull, you have done a good job.

  14. I really enjoyed the post today, and we always enjoy Corbin!

  15. Look at those good looking pittys
    Benny & Lily

  16. Corbin, we think you picked one of the best mom & dad ever. This is so beautiful.

    The silvers and more

  17. That was by far the sweetest post i have ever read! It made me cry tears of joy to hear about how much your mom loves you. I know you know she does! Dogs are funny like that, they know our emotions better than we do sometimes!

  18. Just finished reading yesterday's and today's posts by and about Corbin and your rescues, and had to write. When my service dog (Australian Shepherd-Collie mix) died in Dec. 2011, I knew I couldn't go long w/o a dog. Two weeks later, we adopted Paige, a Pit Bull-Border Collie rescue. She immediately dispelled every negative stereotype I'd ever heard regarding the breed. She is one of the most loving, intelligent dogs I've ever had, and is quickly learning both obedience and the service behaviors. To read more about her and our participation in K9Kamp, go to my blog: http://petwiseonline.blogspot.com/ And the next time you do a Pit Blog Day, please count us in!

  19. You did it again, Jenn. Wrote another moving, heart-felt, truth-filled post. I am just so thankful that there are people like you in the world who are willing to open their minds and their hearts and let life take them where they never expected to go. Your blog is a joy to read and you are truly wonderful to know.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs!
    Amber (and Mayzie, the pit bull-type dog who changed her momma's mind, too)

  20. What a wonderful post! Corbin sounds like a very special dog, and he's very lucky to have found you.

    We really admire what you're doing -- fostering and helping educate people about pitties. And we are so proud to be a part of Pitty Post Day. We are thrilled to see so many other great posts! We really enjoyed writing our post (a lot of our friends helped out by contributing photos and their stories) and we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this!


  21. Wow, Corbin, that is totally pawsome that you has such good pawticipashun. Warms my heart! ♥♥♥♥♥

  22. We are so glad you saved your post for today. It is truly the icing on a most delicious cake:) You made Mom get all leaky and stuff. We love Corbin too - thank you for bringing him into your lives and thus into ours too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  23. Ok, dude, first of all, I just cannot believe that your dad totally never had a pet at all. That is just so sad. So good on him that his first canine companion was your handsome self, right? Because you are da bomb and now your dad is all dog loving fool, right?

    Momma read every one of your mom's words and she got a little teary and gave me a big hug. Whatever.


  24. I love that post. Sometimes the accidental dog can be the most special. Up until this point it had been that way with me and cats. Now we are thrilled to be Pit bull parents.

  25. Way to go Corbin! Pawesome post.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  26. What a beautiful post, Mommy read it twice and got all crying eyed. Mommy loves me just as much and we are lucky pups Corbin. I hope your back ouchies feel better and I am glad you had a special day cause you deserve it.

    Loveys Sasha

  27. What a great post... Just beautiful.

    pawhugs, Max

  28. Such a sweet tribute to Corbin's work as an ambassadog! He even changed your mind! :)

  29. Famous last words....only a foster dog; seems like we might have heard that around here before :) Great post!

  30. Aww, your mum is a SAP my pal, a SOPPY SAP! But we love her just like you do for all da amazin werk she do and for runnin the bestest of blogs. Is make us proud to join in wiv you and her....i sneak in a quick smooch for mum

  31. Ahhhh snot rag puuuuuulease! Jen, you are smart and wise beyond words. You were smart enough to be able to open your heart and mind to a Pittie...and he taught you more than words can say.
    There were some important things I caught there you mentioned...bein' a lover of dogs...not breeds. That is a testament of da kind of person you is.
    Thank you from da bottom of my heart fur saving Corbin. I am thankful and honored to knows someone like you.

    Corbin, thank you fur savin' your mom and dad as well.


  32. I'm new here. Sissy & Gretchen posted about Corbin's B-day and I had to visit. Our Holly is part Pit. We're not sure how much...but you can see it in her. She's such a lover girl. And she's learning to be obedient (she's still a puppy). She's the best on walks. She hardly ever tugs (just the other day a duck was wandering right in front of us and she took off...can't say I blame her though). She knows how to heel and she just looks at the crazy dogs that bark at her. She knows how to politely say hello to dogs we meet. And yet...so many people give us disapproving looks because of her ears. Thank you for putting on this Pitty Party!

  33. I'm extremely late, but I really wanted to say how much I love this post and think you're awesome for Pitty Post Day, in general. :-)