Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Momma's Trip of Betrayal

Like I said yesterday, I knew something was up when the momma packed her bag.  Then, the dad packed his bag.  Then, the momma packed my bag to go to Heather's.  Now, don't get me wrong, I was super excited to spend some time snuggling with Heather and playing with Emmett! But, wtf?

Then, I saw the picture on Heather's phone of the momma AND the dad at the GIANTS game!  WITH NO CORBIN!
Doncha know, they flew all the way to the Carolina's to see the Giants play...?
Stupid momma, doesn't she know the Giants play a few car ride hours from us?!
Why couldn't the Corbin come?
I quickly got over the Giants game betrayal, the Giants did win and all, and I enjoyed the rest of my time with Heather and Emmett, and even Jules, Heather's Italian Greyhound foster pup.  Ya know, Jules and I are long lost cousins according to my DNA test.

I was super excited when the momma and the dad returned home late Saturday night.  It was a fun vacation for me, but I knew they'd let me snuggle in bed because they'd feel bad about abandoning me. 

That's when I smelt it.  The smell of stale Beer, empty bag of Cheetos and spilt Kool Aid.  Then I saw it... the evidence on the momma's camera.
There must be some mix up....
There has to be some confusion...
The momma would never visit Puddles and leave me home.

But there it was.... there was no hiding it. The momma committed the most horrifying act of betrayal.
That there, is Puddles.  In the flesh and furs.
And the momma is all smooching on her.
The momma even got to witness Puddles and Albert digging.
The Corbin could have learned some important digging information...
And, the momma got to meet the beautiful Whitney too.
Not the Corbin though.  No meet and greets for the Corbin.
Oh my, I can't even bare to share any more with you!
Saddest day in the life of the Corbin.
But, it did get worse...
The dad was in on it too!!!!!!!!
This is all just horrible.  I don't know how I will get past this, but I DO know that the momma better start with lots of extra treats and frozen KONGS and bully sticks.  Yep.  That's where the startin' needs to be.
Can you believe she would do such a thing to the Corbin?
And, allllllll this time you thought she was a nice Corbin Momma.
I would like to thank the Puddles family for taking good care of the momma and dad and making sure they got to the airport okay so they could come home to see me.


  1. This just doesn't seem fair, Corbin! You need to demand a weekend dedicated just to you to make up for it!


  2. Bwhahahahaha...dude I knews you was gonna be all upsets and stuffs. I has to say though, you REALLY does has some fabulous peeps, you is one lucky dog I hopes you knows dat. I mean I knows you knows.
    I was gonna gets in your mom's bag so I could come back hmw withs 'em but hers lefted it outside and totally blew my plans.

    I am so happy I gotted to meets you peeps and so thrilled they tooks da time to come see me.


  3. Ohhh Corbin dats jus terribulls, wee hopes yoo gets lots ovs spoilin now yoo so deserves its dude

    Da K Krew

  4. Corbin,

    Wow, what a great trip fur your mom and dad to take, da fotos are all so great too! Meeting Puddles and her family must have been lots of fun!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  5. Corbin...I highly recommend you milk this betrayal for all you can get. I'm glad you have a good doggysitter though and got to spend time with friends.

  6. Corbie, what a POUT you have! How could anyone leave that face?!

  7. The betrayal. It is so hard, I know. I know it well. Hang in there Corbin.

  8. Dude! As long as they didn't DRINK the kool-aid everything should be okay and this travesty will never happen again... then again, if they did taste the kool-aid... well, they'll probably do it again!

    Awesome pouty face though, we applaud you!

    Sam and Pippen

  9. I hate to tell you this Corbin, but I'm a bit jealous of your parents for getting to meet Puddles in the fur. It sure looks like your mom enjoyed her snuggles with Puddles too.


  10. As soon as you said cheetos and beer, we knew what was up. So unfair, Corbin, but at least you got to sniff the sweet smell of Puddles when Mom and Dad got home.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Corbin! Your mom and dad's betrayal is so great I can't even put it into words. OMD. If Momma ever did that to me, I might actually bite her. They visited Puddles and left you behind?! Wow. I don't know how they can possibly make it up to you, but she'd better start trying RIGHT NOW!

  12. Oh Nose....PUDDLES in da furs! And her isn't in her INMATE suit! How cool is dat.

    Corbin, you looks so sad. And disappointed. It's OK. Just go chew on their shoes and maybe even pee in one or two of 'em.

  13. HOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL I am crying with you. What a HORROR THIS is. The TOTAL betrayal the PAIN the TORTURE of it all. BUTT WAIT... QUICK... RUN to the Clothes Basket... there have to be some of PUDDLES' Scents left on "their" Clothes. Grab em and HIDE em and you will have PUDDLES to SNIFF UP... any time you want!!! YES Buddy there is a TINY bright spot in all of this. YOU will be able to Milk your peeps fur TREATS and SNIFF up da Puddles all at the same time.
    AND I am SURE that your mom Planted a Puddles Flavored Kiss on YOU when she FINALLY returned home.
    THAT must have been DELICIOUS.
    Remember... NEVER allow those clothes to be WASHED !!!
    Essence De PUDDLES. all of Blogville's HEmen will be sooooo green with Jellyness. I'm just sayin.

  14. Gasp! The traitors! I agree - they have some serious making up to do for you. I bet they won't let you down though - they love ya Corbin! :)

  15. The "Waaaah!" picture says it all, Corbin, and I'm sorry you were left out on all the fun with Puddles, Albert, and Whitney! Next time, they'd better take you with them, okay? And your parents better buy you extra treats as an apology gift!

  16. You should accept no less than 3 boxes of milkbones for this betrayal, Corbin. 3 FREAKING BOXES!

  17. Oh Corbin, that was so shameful what your folks did to you. . . but then again. . . I am sure Puddles had fun. . . and, after all, you HAVE TRAINED your humans well and should be proud of their magnanimous gesture.
    Love Noodles

  18. BOL! Oh Corbins.....such bitter betrayal. Oh, maybe that's just the beer! Wells, I would DEMAND all the Milkbones in the house!!! Yup, that's what I would do.
    But really, who could blame WAS Puddles!



  19. This is just wrong! Your momma owes you bigtime, Corbin!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. Corbin, I think you need to take your mom's visa and visit Etsy and
    Retail therapy works for boys and girls alike.

    Just sayin'

    Happy Yappy Wednesday to you and yours!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  21. Corbin, just remember that the NY Giants won! Think happy thoughts like that- and that they will destroy the Dallas Cowgirls the next time they play!

  22. Your momma is in BIG TROUBLE now! Make sure you get LOTS of frozen kongs and bully sticks before you forgive such a betrayal!

  23. O. M. D!!! We are barkless....well, nearly barkless. NOT to see the Giants BUT NOT in on the visit to Puddles! Scandalous!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We've been wondering where Emmett is...

  24. My tail would be kinked just as bad as yours is, Corbin! I sure hope that there is a lot of sucking up going on at your house. I can't believe your peeps got to meet Puddles! My humans better never try something like that!


  25. LOL the WAAAH photo is amazing! You are very expressive, Corbin!

  26. Oh kno our door is open for you iffens you ever ave to run away from home to teach them a lesson....grrr...Puddles is mitely cute tho....oh, wrong thing to say?

  27. Oh man, Corbin's face is perfect is every pic.

    On a side note, I totally get traveling for football. It's pretty much always cheaper than a game in NJ!!