Thursday, June 2, 2011

My weekend

So, I know I was a big tease the past two days about my weekend!  But, I'm finally going to tell you about it!  Sunday I got to go up to Lake George with mom and dad!  And guess what?  We stayed until Monday and I slept on the boat!!!  So cool.
Come on Dad... step on it!
This is my boat.... don't worry, it's in the water now!
I'll ride down here... keep an eye on the beer.
Unfortunately, the weather was really crappy and windy... so we took a boat ride over to Grandpa Jack's dock.  Which was totally cool with me because I got to play with Bethany!!!  Remember a few weeks ago I showed you a picture of me and Bethany???
Fo those who don't know and are new to my blog,
Bethany was my foster sister around Christmas time and she was
adopted by my Grandpa Jack and Nancy.
Well, Levi picked up on the other white butt in the left hand corner of this picture... that's Avery!  When Bethany came to NY from TN, she came up with her sister, Avery.  Her sister was adopted, but then got returned in February.  The people who adopted her must have been related to Puddles neighbors... The Stupids.  Anywho, Grandpa Jack and Nancy came in to clinic to see her and eneded up taking her home to "foster".... yep, she didn't leave!  They adopted her too!  So now I have two furiends to play with!
That's Bethany and Avery on Grandpa Jack's boat!
This is ontop of Grandpa Jack's dock.  That shaggy dog on the
right is Rusty, he's Grandpa Jack's friends goldendoodle.
Hey dude... are you cool?
BOL, too much other stuff going on. No time for dad!
Come on, Bethany... lets tug!
Come one girls! Two against one!
Avery is on th left and Bethany on the right
BOL -they're hard to tell apart sometimes!
Sometimes I think she likes to tug just so she has a reason
to be close to me... She loves me a lot!
Then it started getting dark so we had to go back to our dock.  Dad said the water was too cold for me to go swimming yet... it was only 54 degrees!  Mom had to buy me a new life jacket because I outgrew mine from last year, BOL!  Growin' boy, I am!  I wore it while we were on the boat in case there was a need for me to go in the water to save something.  But, there wasn't, so I didn't get wet.  It's really hot here this week (except for today... it's freezing!) so we hope the warm weather warms up the lake!

When we got back to the dock, I got to go to dinner, in a restaurant, with mom and dad!
Gee, mom... are you sure it's okay I'm here?
Um, can I have some of those sweet potato fries????
There were a lot of people eating dinner and walking
around outside the restaurant.  I was SUCH a good dog.
So, I got ice cream afterwards!!!!!
Come on, lady... fork it over!!!!!!
Then it was time for bed... and morning came way too soon.
Can't I just sleep a little longer?
But, a dogs job is never done... I kept watch out
of the hatch for anyone oncomers.
Then I went to Grampa Jack's and took a nap
with Bethany... had to rest up!
Because I had to go to Pip's awesome Super Hero Party
Monday night!!!!  I was......
>>insert super deep voice<<
 Pip raised over $230 for the Joplin Humane Society to help the pups from the devastating tornado.  Congrats, Pip, on your Blogaversary!  I'm very happy and proud to be your bloggin' furiend!

Hope everyone else had a super fun weekend!


  1. Corbin, you are one cool dude! We are happy to hear that Bethany & Avery are in their forever home together.

  2. Wowsers what an awesome weekend. Sorry the weather was bad but looks like you had fun anyway. So much fun. I can't believe people adopt dogs and then take them back. So stupid. Glad that the sisters get to be together now! Woot Woot!


    Minnie Moo

  3. Lucky you to get to ride on a boat! Hope the water warms up so you can go swimming too. Mom says they used to vacation at Lake George, way back in the 1980s. She says our human siblings loved to eat at some ice cream shoppe there.

    It was nice to see Bethany again and to meet her sister Avery. You have very nice grandparents to give them both a furever home.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  5. That really was a pawsome weekend you had - and so many friends to play with - what could be better!

  6. I'm so envious here! Boat ride, play with your old friends, water and beer; life is so wonderful there!!!

  7. Corbin - you have an awesome life! What with all your friends and a boat and grandparents - you just have so much to have fun with!

  8. Your weekend sounds super awesome! I am so glad Avery and Bethany are together, and close enough that you can go play with them. I'd be tired all week if I'd been that busy, too!


  9. That really was quite the weekend Corbin, that boat thing looks very interesting...and fun too!

  10. Hey dats a pretty cool weekend!

  11. What a great weekend, no wonder you needed to rest up!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. OMD OMD... CORBINATOR... you don't have a Pontoon Boat... YOU have a SPEED BOAT!! cooooooooooool drooooool.
    What a grrrreat weekend... and you got to be with BETHANY!!

  13. Wow you got to go to Lake George!! and it looks like you had a great time, so many furiends to play with you are lucky, Pips party was great you looked great as the Corbinator, I have a funny feeling that name might just stick :)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  14. OMDogness Corbinator!
    Now that was quite a weekend you had my friend on top of Pip's Pawsome Pawty :o)
    Meee is sooo happy Miss Bethany got adopted by your Grandpa! and also Avery :o) This is just Pawsome!

    Blogger is being obnoxious lately and would not let Meee comment on your previous posts :o( Hope this comes thru...

    Neeko :o)

  15. YOu know what? I likes your Grandpa cuz he is one total sucker when it comes to animals...I likes dat!
    I am a little disappointed I didn't gets to see you in your speedos swimmin:(

    Stoopids blow my mind returning dogs...yep, they must live near us.


  16. Fantastic weekend! Lake George sounds great! I was so thrilled to here that Avery and Bethany are together now under the same roof...and you can visit both of them now!!!

  17. Wow Corbin you rock! Playmates, restaurants! That's just nutty... Bet it was the best weekend ever
    Benny & Lily

  18. I just knew you were going boating! Looks like so much fun. :)

  19. Corbin, that was a fantastic adventure. We're glad you got to have time out from your guarding duties to play with the others.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. What a fun weekend, Im so glad you shared! The white twins are SO cute, so glad your dad "fostered" them!

  21. OMD! Grampa Jack's dock has gone to the dogs! Looks like you all had a blast! I thinks those Stoopids need to be spayed and nootered coz there be too many of them around and we duss not need any more. But foster flunkies we need more of :)

  22. Wow, you packed a lot into one weekend! And dude, got sweet potato fries!!! They are one of my favorite treats. With all that going on, I am sure honored that you fit my party into your weekend activities! Thanks again, buddy! You are a great pal!

    Your pal, Pip

  23. Wow, you had a super exciting weekend! Mine was nowhere near as fun. My dad had just gotten home from the hospital so we all stayed pretty close to home. I feel like I was there with you through your pictures though so now I feel like I had a fun Memorial Day weekend too! Thanks, Corbin! bol

  24. What a superfun weekend you had, Corbin! You hit the jackpot with friends to play with, sweet potato fries and ice cream!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. Aww!! I wanna run with the woofies, they look like so much fun!

  26. Bark about a super cool weekend! Wow! Two boats, two furiends, two docks, two days! Extreme fun my furiend :D

    Waggin at ya,

  27. Total back to back action funballs! You slept on your ship? Are you like Captain or something? Those blond labradogs sure look like good times.