Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frosty times call for Frosty Paws! A Give-A-Way!

Well, we got more snow here last night!  As much as I love snow zoomies... I sure am craving a nice, warm summery day!  And, do you know what I love best about summer???  Icey creams!
This snow doesn't taste like icey creams!
So, the momma said that SSS (Sophie Sofa Snuggles) and I could pretend that it was summer time!  We cranked the heat and the momma took out some Frosty Paws!!!  Here's some photo evidence of our Frosty Paw treats!
Really?  I can really have a Frosty Paws?
SSS very nicely asked if she could have some Frosty Paws too.
I thought about it for a bit, but decided to share.
Ok, momma... give us the Frosty Paws!!!
The momma said that, since we've never had these before,
we had to share one to make sure it didn't upset our tummies.
Good thing I like to share!
Holy sweet potatoes.... this stuff is good!
I'm not sure why we did this... BUT,
the Frosty Paws were still yummy from this position!
We were begging for more when our cup was gone!
Look at my super long tongue!
What's here in this box?
After we finished our delicious treat... the momma told me that we have 10 (TEN!) packages to give away to some of my readers!  Can you believe it!  10 of you will win!
Frosty kind of looks like Sophie!  You can win your very own
Sophie look-a-like!
Here's what you can win:
2 coupons for 1 free box of Frosty Paws each
1 Frosty the dog stuffed toy (not for doggie playing)
Optional: Corbin slobber on Frosty Toy
Here's what you have to do to win:
Leave a comment here on my blog letting me know what your favorite season is and why.
All entries must be received by Monday, March 4, 2013 at midnight. 
Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 5th!
Lots of good lucks to you!
Few things:
1.)  We were given 2 free boxes of Frosty Paws and a Frosty Stuffed dog for our honest review.  All views are that of Corbin and the momma, and Sophie too!
  2.)  Not all doggies like sharing their foods.  It can be especially risky to share foods with a foster dog of an unknown background.  It can also be risky to share super special foods that doggies  may get protective over, such as bones and special treats.  By observing me and Sophie for a few weeks, the momma felt confident that there wouldn't be an issue with us sharing our Frosty Paws, however, she still tested it before the camera came out and did not leave us unsupervised with our tasty treat.


  1. You guys are so darn cute sharing - we already entered and won some frosty paws from someone else (pssss we sure had fun destuffing the stuffy). I bets you will get plenty of entries.

  2. Angie Steyee & Gus, Bella & PingFebruary 27, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    We like the fall. The days are nice and the nights are crisp. wags & licks, Gus, Bella & Ping

  3. OMP!!!! Molly and I loves loves loves Frosty Paws! My favorite season is Spring. That is when the grass begins to thicken and smell wonderful. Plus the warm weather makes everything bloom and even though I have some pollen allergies, I love the way everything looks and smells. The best part about Spring is all the sunshine so we get to go out a lot AND it is not so hot so this little puggy doesn't overheat. Molly is still too new to the seasons. Ask her NEXT year.
    Love Noodles

  4. We already won too - but these pictures are so cute! Love the sharing and love the warning that not all dogs like to share. Corbin and Sophie are so sweet together! Don't you just want to keep her...? ;)

  5. Hi Corbin and SSS! I haven't lived through all the seasons yet, but so far I am loving winter! There are no bugs to bite you and I can dig all day in the snow piles.

    That picture of you two with your heads intertwined made my mom go squee!


  6. We love summer because of the swimming, camp fires, hikes, swimming & oh did I mention swimming??? My trinity loves to swim so much that she's the first one in the pool & last one to get out. We even have to put a cover over it to stop her from going home wet! I love ice cream but it doesn't have to be summer for me to enjoy it :)

  7. I already won some Frosty Paws from Benny and Lily, so please don't enter me so some of the other dogs can try out the numminess. BUT my favorite season by FAR is autumn. It finally starts getting nice and cool after the agony of summer heat in Texas, but it's not COLD yet. The air is nice and crisp, it smells wonderful, and Momma loves it so we're out walking and playing in the yard ALL the time. Plus it's time for Halloween, when all the kids come visit me in my yard and Momma gives them candy, and then Thanksgiving, when we hang out with Grandma and Grandpa and I get slipped lots of extra treats. Fall is the BEST!

  8. I'm quite smitten with your new foster SSS! And I think you like her pretty much to Corbin! My crew would love to win some Frosty Paws and our favorite season is for sure Autumn. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Such cute sharing photos! You guys are too sweet.

    We do have a favorite season here in our house and that is fall. Boomer loves to sleep in the backyard and catch some warm sun while the ground is cool. And, Dottie loves to stalk the squirrels in the back yard while they are getting fat for winter. And, this dog mom loves it because it's perfect for long walks with the pups!

  10. Must be good. Sophie got off the sofa!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. I can't decide if I love spring or summer more. I love spring because I love to watch the trees turn green and the flowers start to bloom in spring. But that brings the allergies, which I'm not so fond of.

    I love summer because of the hot sun. I get cold in the winter and seem to stay that way all season long. Plus I can bring out all my cute summer shoes in the summer.

    I don't worry so much about Shiver and Chico fighting over a treat as much as I worry that Shiver will steal everything. He thinks all the toys, treats, mama lovin's, and food all belong to him. Actually, he just thinks the entire world revolves around him and it makes him very upset any time he realizes that just maybe it doesn't.

    My boys have never tried these, although I've seen them in the store. Keeping my fingers crossed we win! If we're lucky enough to win the stuffed dog, my boys would LOVE some SSS and Corbin slobbers on it, just to make it that much more special!

  12. We can't get Frosty Paws around here. You are really LUCKY. Since Chico and Shiver have NEVER had them you can put their names in... in Place of OURS. Double their chances of winning so to bark.

  13. Major cuteness going on in this post! Freedom, Casper & Nikki are HUGE fans of Frosty Paws. In fact, they each got a cup last night. We usually have a Frosty Paws treat once a week. We would love to win, so here is our response.

    My favorite season is autumn. I love the cooling temperatures and the changing leaves. I love that 3 of my favorite holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all close at hand. I think it's a nostalgic time of year memories, family memories. I even like to get a whiff of burning leaves.

  14. You two are just the cutest ever sharing, your right. We would never share like that here. We like winter because out in Arizona the winter here is like a beautiful summer day any where else.

    The silvers and more

  15. We love the pictures of the two of you sharing the same cup!
    We love autumn because the colors are so beautiful and the temps are perfect!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. My favorite season is Spring! It gets warmer, the days get longer and everything comes to life again.


  17. We all love Frosty Paws. And of course, you KNOW the our favorite season is a snow-filled winter. BUT we have already won Frosty and Frosty Paws three times, so please don't put our names in - let some other pups enjoy the deliciousness.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Oh, you two are just tooo cute!! Very sweet, and I'm not talkin' abouts the treat!
    Okays, let's see, my favorite season is Spring. I loves the temps and that all of Ma's plants are startin' to bloom and come back to life! So cool.

  19. Oh Corbin, the criss cross photo made me giggle out loud! We LOVE Frosty Paws around here!!! We love spring and fall the best...not too hot and not too cold... and yes, our friends call us "Goldilocks!"

  20. Corbin and Sophie look so super cute together! (hint, hint, hint...) Great pictures of them.

  21. Corbin,

    You and Sophie are so cute! We LUVS Spring cuz it is gettin' warmer and da days get longer so we can spend more time outside!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  22. Not entering because they're no available anywhere near us... but those are dog-gone cute photos!

  23. Hmm its hard to say bc Minnie is pretty enthusiastic about any seasonal weather + surroundings as long as there are tennis balls to play with. I would say Summer is our most favorite bc that means time at the beach. Minnie enthusuastically runs into the ocean in search of her ball and then darts out as the waves play tag with her. She becomes so free and fearless on the beach, a curious george poking her nose into sandcrabs, diving into huge waves on a lead, and rolling around in the itchy sand dunes. -XO Lots of love to Corbin!

  24. Mommy and me love the summer! Long days to do more outside after she lets me sleep all day and swimming at the lake with Casey Mae. We also like our group walks with friends at the crossings(park) then after we get ice cream! Mommy hates the cold weather.

  25. I love the winter cuddle up on the couch with blankets and my pup loves blankets also! Amanda