Friday, August 23, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia goes to the lake!

Hi!  It's me!  Amelia!
On Wednesday, the foster parents played something called hookie.  The came home early from work and packed up some things and the Corbin went bonkers!  I didn't know what was going on, but if Corbin was super excited, well, then I guess I could be excited too!  We jumped in the car and headed for a car ride.  When we arrived at our destination, the foster lady put these silly jackets on us -Can you believe I had to match the Corbin?!
Okay, we match.  What now?
When we started walking, I saw this HUGE pool!  I love pools.  We have one at our adoption events.  It just comes up to my toes, but I lay in it and roll around it it and it feels so nice.  So, seeing this HUGE pool was so awesome and I was very excited!  Corbin says it's not a big pool, it's a lake.  And, that it's way cooler than a silly pool.  So, I guess it's a lake, but we'll see about it being cooler than my pool!
Why are we floating on the big pool lake?
Instead of dipping our toes in the lake, we floated on top of it.  Corbin said it was his boat, so I guess that's what it was.  Anyway, we went really, really fast and finally came to a floating stop.  Foster dad jumped in the lake and Corbin followed.  So, I gave it my best effort and off the boat I went!
I can't just stand here?
Well, wouldn't you know... I couldn't touch!!!!  There was nothing under the water but MORE water!  So, I followed the Corbin and foster dad and we swam and swam and swam until we could touch.
Thanks for the heads up, meanie!
Once we got to lesser water, it was just so awesome!!!  I was able to run in the water and sniff the water and sniff the land outside of the water and I just ran and ran and sniffed and sniffed and oh my, it was just grand.
Here a sniff, there a sniff, everywhere a sniff sniff!
While I was busy exploring every inch of the shoreline, Corbin and foster dad played ball.  Back and forth, back and forth.
"Okay, Dad... now, throw it again"
And, foster dad would throw it and he'd go pouncing around like a goon!
I, on the other hand... I was on a mission.  A mission to know each and ever
dog that ever stepped paw in this here lake!
Goon jumping...
'Mielsya exploring... (foster lady calls me Mielsya: Meeeeels-ya)
Goon jumping...
'Mielsya exploring.
It was a lot of fun!  Then foster lady decided we needed to go back to the boat for a bit of a rest... so a swimmin' we went again!  Once we were back to the boat, I could really take in all the sites!  And, I got to take my silly jacket off.
There was lots of stuffs to watch!
Ducks and people and water!
It was a lot of fun!
Corbin enjoyed himself, too!
Can we go back in the water, please?
We got suited back up.
And, waited until the time was right to...
We did a little more swimming.
Then back to the boat for a snooze.
It was a really fun day!  I love the boat!!!
Amelia is still available for adoption through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of NY! Want to learn more about her?
Visit her Petfinder page HERE!

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  1. It appears you have TWO lake dogs! :)

  2. Well what a totally pawsome day the Amelia and Corbie guys are so brave actually getting in that water - we won't even put our toes in a puddle

  3. Oh boy! What a fantastic day. Your ginormous swimming pool looks like so much fun. You must be pooped
    Benny & Lily

  4. We are sooooooo glad that you had a super time at the BIG WATER place,Amelia. NOW if we can just CONVINCE the PEEPS that you ARE IN YOUR FUREVER HOME.. ALREADY.

  5. Well it's a good thing that you have such a stylish foster brother if you have to match! It looks like you had a great time -- and that swimming and mielsya exploring is a lot of hard work! P.S. I love that photo of your and Corbin looking out into the lake!

  6. What a fun time you all had. We have never seen a lake, but that swimming stuff looks like fun.

    Millie & Walter

  7. What a fabulous day that two of you had! We just love that action shot of you jumping off the boat, Corbin!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. What a pawsome day you had!!! I am crossing my paws that you will find a loving furever home very soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Are you still sure she isn't staying??

  10. Amelia is very adventurous! Looks like fun was had by all.

  11. What an awesome day, Amelia!!!! You are a very lucky girl and so is the rest of your foster family, to get to have you in their life for a while!

  12. What a fun day, I'm so glad you got to see what the lake is all about!

  13. Oh my goodness, what an amazing day, Corbin and Amelia look great swimming in the lake and playing, what a wonderful photo the two of them together looking out to the lake, all of the photos are excellent and show every moment of fun you are all having! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  14. OMD, that do look like to much funs! I needs a nap now from seeing all your fun stuffs. Wowser.

  15. How funsies! Good to see y'all have such a wonderful time.

    I'm still convinced that no one has adopted Miss Amelia because her destiny is with you and the Corbin!

  16. WOW! I'm a little late, but what a FUN time you both had! I love that shot of Corbin jumping right off the back of the boat. Wheee! And Amelia, I think that was super mean of Corbin not to warn you that you couldn't stand up when you jumped off the boat. But funny! :)

  17. Good werk my look like pawsome day.....sorry I dint be reedin yore blog much but da typist has been crayzee bizee at werk...or so he clame...

  18. HI Corbin & Amelia
    Wow looks like you had a pawesome time swimming at the lake. We think you look very cool in your life jackets. There is nothing better then a good swim on a hot day from Milo & Jet