Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pressies from Rudy!

Ok, I'm starting my catch up from Christmas time!  First on the list is the cool pressies I received in the mail from Rudy!  I won his contest and got lots of cool prizes!
This box smells... YUMMY!
Yep.  Sure does have my name on it!  Lets get it opened!
Let me get my nose in here and see what we've got...!
GOT A TOY!!!!!!!!
What else is in here....???
WOAH!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!!!! Look at THIS!!!!!
Ok, I'm only putting that down because I saw these out of the
corner of my eye!
Hmmm, I think there's more!
Homemade TREATS!!!! You're not getting these back, mom...
Nope.  These are all mine!
Oh, look!  Rudy wrote me a card!
Hang on Mom... I'm reading.
Bethany, don't you dare take my leopard toy!
If you're going to take my stuff... I'm sending you away...
He can't really put me in the mail, can he?
Thank you SO much to Rudy and Rudy's Raiser!!
I LOVE all my prizes and the treats are DELISH!!!
I did let Bethany play with SOME of my prizes...
Considering "foster sister" was one of the lines in my winning
Christmas peom/song!
Oops, I took the ear off...
This leapord toy was my FAVORITE!  It took me SO long
to desqueeker!!! There were like 87 hunderd squeekers!
But, no worries, my house is safe... I finally got every squeeker!
This one is kind of blurry... but Bethany had a lot of fun
playing with all my new toys!
I worked on the leopard for a while...
She also enjoyed the tissue paper!
I checked it out quick...
And then quickly went back to my leopard!!!
Thanks Again Rudy!!!!  I really enjoyed all my toys!!! And the treats have been AWESOME!  Sorry it took me so long to blog about it!  Silly mom and her stupid camera cord...

Also!  I wanted to include a picture of George, who reminded me so much of Mayzie in person, I thought they could be siblings!  But not so much in the pictures... So I hope she gets the gist of it! hehe.  Here's George!  He's up for adoption, but with a different rescue than Homeward Bound!

Here's a link to his Petfinder page!
Must have been the ears... sorry my stupid mom didn't get a
better photo!  But in person, the first thing I thought of was Mayzie!
Later dudes!!!


  1. Congrats on your win!!!
    Have fun with the toys and enjoy your yummy treats!!!

  2. Great prizes! Very nice of you to share some with Bethany ;)

    Barked my head off when you tried to mail her BOL!

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Love da fotos of you opening your pressies! you momma just had an issue with her camera dorkie momma got so excited..her opened our pressie box without us! can you imagine???

    Anyway.....if you decide to mail off Bethanny, you can send her to my momma in Texas. Her thinks Bethanny is just sooooo pretty!!!

  4. Congratulations on your pressies! It is always fun to get something unexpectedly!


  5. Don't worry Bethany... he won't really send you through the mail. He is just yankin your walkin string.

    I LOVE how you ripped that leopard toy into shape. It is surely hard work, butt you did a fantastic job. Gotta get those squeekers taken care of.
    You surely did get a fun filled pressie package. I liked being able to see the whole thingy from the Opening to the .... OPENING. hehehe

  6. Hellos, I thought I'd come and introduce myself...My name is Puddles and it's nivce to meet you. Where's da heck haves you been? Hehehehe!
    Yous] so funny going through your stuffs! I likes da leopard too.
    Wouldn't it be expensive to mail Bethany...hehehe.


  7. Awwwww...George is ADORABLE! So of course I see a resemblance. BOL! I luvs his ears and he's got a white chest and white socks like me and mom says he's got my same block head. (I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.) And it looks like in one of his Petfinder pictures that he's got an underbite and I have an underbite, too! Oh, I hope he gets a Most Wonderful furever home very soon.

    Now...abouts those pressies! WOW! They are super duper great. You're really good at getting all the stuff outta the box, too. Poor Bethany looked very sad about being mailed off. I'm very glad you decided against it. And I am MOST relieved that your house is safe from those squeakers. Good job!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. That's so funny! Congratulations on your win! My dog, Rowie, LOVES new toys. She has one with about 20 squeakers in it, she has popped almost all of them!

  9. Congratulations on the presents!! That's a lot of great stuff!!! George is very cute and we hope he gets a good furever home! Have fun with your new toys! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. gosh Corbin, you are a lucky guy, getting so many lovely gifts in the mail! our pups got some presents too, but nowhere CLOSE to the variety and number of squeakers that you received. we think that's how the worth of dog presents should be measured . . . in squeakers.

    follow our foster:

  11. You sure made out really well by the looks of all those awesome gifts. Don't you just love getting mail filled with prizes. Have fun and we hope George finds his forever home
    Benny & Lily

  12. Hi Corbin

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Great to meet you.

    Love the pictures of you exploring your prize pressies. WOW! What a lot of great stuff.

    It was kind of you to share with Bethany - in the end.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  13. George does look like Mayzie -- just without the brindle stripes! And, well, he's a dude!

    It sure looks like you got an awesome haul of stuff! I'm glad you let Bethany help you out. It looks like a big job!


  14. Wow Corbin my friend! Those are some pawsome toys and treats! Congratulations!!!
    So very nice of you to share them with your Sis (uh... I meant foster Sis)

    Neeko :o)

  15. Those are some awesome prizes Corbin!
    Congratuations on your winnings!

  16. Corbin dude! More gifts?! I am sure you shared really nice with Bethany...I saw first hand your sharing, BOL!!

  17. Wait, your name is Tofu Shirataki? That's the name on the box!!

    What incredible prezzies, and you are so nice to share with your sister!!!

  18. What great toys! Congratulations!

    woof - Tucker

  19. Corbin, you got some great stuff from Rudy! Rudy Rocks!
    I like your header picture looking out the window at the gloomy day.

  20. W O W !!!!! You sure did get a lot of cool prezzies. :)

  21. What a great stash in the box!

    Sorry to see there were some defekhts involved!


  22. Corbin, shipping costs are aweful. Trust us. Bethany seems like a sweet girl, and if you are nice to her it will attract the ladies. Great leopard pressie! Always nice to see stuffing on the floor.

    Kitty and Coco

  23. What nice pressies Rudy sent you, Corbin, and that was very nice of you to share with Bethany!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. Yeah squeakers!!! That leopard toy like awesome!!

  25. We love that leopard and congratulations for desqueaking it so quickly.

    Nice of you to share with Bethany.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  26. Those are some most pawsome prizes, Corbin! You sure got a lot of stuffs.

    You're very sweet to share with Bethany.

  27. What great presents you got... and it looks like you had so much fun opening them! What a lucky dog you are! And smart too, for being able to read the card all by yourself! :)

  28. pressies, pressies, and more pressies, nothing like pressies!

    Your pal, Pip

  29. You got awesome pressies from Rudy. I'm so glad that you shared with your sweet sister, and didn't put her in the mail. If you ever decide to ship her off, send her to me!

    It's great meeting you two!

  30. Oh you must be very clever to be winnin all dem prizes Corbin. We sure am jellus. Woof

  31. Wow, that box just looked awesomes! I love it when da UPS guy shows up at our house. Usually it's for me, but sometimes even when it's nots, I get to open da box! Your homeade treats sound yummy!


  32. Thanks for posting - those pictures are furry good!
    I really enjoyed seeing you open the box, glad you like the goodies.
    It is very sweet of you to share with Bethany!
    Furry thanks,