Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo for Thursday

Oreo and I are still keeping a look out on the neighborhood.  She's still looking for her forever home.  She tried an overnight on Saturday with a family, but their little dog didn't like her too much.  Mom has also realized that Oreo has a lot of leash anxiety and car anxiety.  She thinks the only time she was ever on a leash was to go into the car, and she gets very nervous on car rides.  Have any of you ever experienced a dog with high anxiety issues?  We're going to have a behaviorist come out and work with us to see if we can help her be more comfortable.  She's very strong, so it's hard for mom to work with her. 

Anyway, I enjoy having her around!  She plays with me a lot more now.  We tug and run crazy in the yard!  She's such a good girl, I'm surprised she doesn't have a forever home yet!

Sorry I've been MIA yet agian... still no computer.  And I lost the Mutt Madness contest to that little white dog.  Oh well, I never win anything, so I'm going to stop entering -haha!  Thanks for all the votes though!  I made it to the top 4 out of 150 dogs!  I'm proud of that :o)


  1. Hey winning isn't everything....sometimes it is just fun to try!

  2. We had a foster once that was terrified of getting into the car. What worked for him was taking him on numerous short drives daily. We would lure him in to the car with a big oooey gooey treat. Even that did not work the first few times though & it took 2 people to get the foster into the car. Eventually he got over his fear & we hear that he loves going for car rides now. Best of luck to Oreo.

  3. Being in the top 4 is fantastic! And it's hard to win against the cute little white dogs...

    We heard once that a doggie didn't like car rides because it only went to bad places, like the vet. Maybe that's Oreo's problem... for the other little doggie, it was suggested just to go a couple blocks in the car and do something fun. Then progressively go farther and farther!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Sorry you didn't win Corbin, we voted for you in every stage, we thought you would definitly beat out the white fluffy dog. Hope the behavioursist can help Oreo and she finds a forever home soon. Sam and Pippen might have the right idea. I love car rides because it always means we are going somewhere fun.

  5. Dumb ole white fluffy dog! Oops sorry. You're always a winner in my book, Corbin.

    I hope the behavior person can help Oreo!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Pfftt....little white dog! Unless it's Buttons then you totally should have won!

    Sometimes just getting the pupper into the car, and treating while not running makes them think it's a good thing, then slowly incorporating some drives with the treats.

  7. Corbin I KNOW you ARE a WINNER. So why are you sad???
    About that Car thingy... I hate it ... TOTALLY HATE IT. My mom has done every single one of the thingys that were suggested above... PLUS she even got calming spray stuffs. I hate to say this about myself... butt I just CAN'T get over this thingy... or the fear of Thunder or STRONG noisy Wind. As soon as I notice ANY of these thingys about to happen... I RUN to the downstairs bedroom and get under the bed. I guess I am just a big pile of chicken poop.

  8. Yoo is a winner yoo know , all your furiends know yoo is so yoo just needs to know it now yoo must come check mi blog tomorro Corbin mi furiend


  9. Hey Corbin! The final four ain't bad, dude. We saw that your mom went to hear Cesar Milan. He did a segment on car anxiety. Your mom might be able to find his dvd's at the library. Mom will try to remember which segment it was (seems like it was a big dog...) and let your mom know. In the meantime, you are Oreo's best therapy!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  10. We don't have experience with fear issues, but it sounds like a lot of people here have some great tips. We think it's very cool that you made final four.

  11. We will keep our paws crossed Oreo will find a forever home
    Benny & Lily

  12. Bummer that you lost, Corbin! You were cuter than that white dog - that's for sure!
    Mitch has leash issues too and he starts obedience class in a couple of weeks. Mom has been distracting him with treats for now and it's working!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Corbins!!!!

    Mom and me is so sorry dat you didn't win dat contest but we is very proud of you fur gettin' as far as you did. You is a winner to us!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Hopefully the behaviorist will give you lots of good tips and tricks to try to help with the anxiety.

    So sorry that you didn't win. Don't give up...we always say you can't win if you don't enter, right? I agree, making it that far along is an awesome accomplishment. GO CORBIN!

  15. We think you are definitely the handsomest dude. Sorry you didn't win. If that contest hadn't stopped us from voting more.....

    Hope Oreo learns to love car rides, 'cause they are the greatest!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Shiver gets anxious around new people and/or new situations. I have to keep petting him and talking to him in a soft voice to reassure him. He walks fine on a leash but he doesn't really care for walks.

    I hope Oreo finds a forever home soon.

    Sorry you didn't win that contest. You really are a handsome fellow.

  17. Oh Corbin, we are sorry you lost this contest, but you know you are a real winner. Just think about the wonderful home you have filled with all that love. We hope things go well for Oreo.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. We voted for you Corbin! Darn those little white dogs.
    Sounds like Oreo will be a wonderful dog for a new family. You've gotten lots of good ideas for overcoming her anxiety in the comments above.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  19. You won just for trying Corbin! And getting in the top 4 is pretty darn good I'm thinkin :D

    Sad to say I have car issues that have actually gotten worse lately. I only go to fun places so that's not it but I have a real problem with loud noises like thunder. Mom recently found that if she keeps the windows rolled up in the car (dampens the noise substantially) that I don't freak. Maybe this would help Oreo :)


  20. You guys are so cute looking out the window!

  21. Corbin, It's okays dat you didn't win cuz all dat fame would just be a nuisance and thern you'd furgets us in da limelight.
    Now, my sissy has purty bad anxiety issues. Her is skeered of sooooo many things. To be honest, it just took time and patience (2 friggin years). However, mum thinks it could just be part of her personality and she may nevers totally gets overs some things. It may just be a part of Oreo.
    Ya'll is vert lucky to be ables to get a behaviorist. We didn't haves dat opportunity. We just ask our vet stuffs and he don't knows everything but dat is one thing is very keen on.

    PS Good luck to Oreo!

  22. Hey gorgeous guy Ronnii says please do take your badge from her bloggy, she made it for you so you can do whatever you wish with it honey.
    You are a winner to so many of us young man so don't be despondant

    Momma Tea
    xxx x xxx

  23. hihi corbin!

    well, you totally should have won that photo contest, but you still got in the top 4, and that's really super duper cool!! :)
    i hope the behaviorist will be able to help miss oreo not be filled with the nervosity. my big sis asa was scared of so many thingies when she came to live with my mama and daddy 7 years ago. she was crazy go nuts scared of cars. my mama and daddy first worked with treats and praise at getting her closer and closer to a parked car, and then slowly worked up to getting her to sit in a car with the door open and then to going on car rides. now she LOVES car rides!! the important thingie is to make sure that you work at miss oreo's speed. be patient like and don't push her beyond what she can handle.

    the booker man

  24. Sorry to read that you lost the competition. It must have been a very tuff one!

  25. I'm sorry you didn't win the competitions, Corbin. But you're a winner with all of us!

    And have I ever known a doggie with high-anxiety issues? Nope. Oh, well, unless I count myself. You would not BELIEVE all the high-anxiety issues I had when I first came to live here. But me and mom have worked real hard together over the last two years and now I only have a few high-anxiety issues now. If your mom wants to talk to my mom, she can email her at mayziegal AT gmail DOT com. But mainly, it's just like Booker said. Take everything real slow with lots and lots of praise and delicious yummy treats!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  26. Awww, Corbin, you make an adorable pair! And, hey, you're a TOTAL winner with all of us in Blogville, buddy!

    The Road Dogs