Monday, April 2, 2012

Dead end

Hi everyone.  My meningitis test came back negative.  So, we're back to square one.  I'm going to go back to my normal vet because the specialist said he's checked everything he can check and the only other thing left to do is a joint fluid test to test for an auto immune disease, so I'm going to go back to Dr. Mike for that.  If that's negative... it looks like we're heading to Cornell University, which is one of the best places for injured or sick animals.  It's about 2.5 hours from my house, but I'd have the best doctors of all types looking at me and trying to figure my ouchies out.

But, I've gotten progressively more ouchie since Friday... seems like every time I move, I hurt :-(  I can't even sleep through the night with out hurting and I wake the momma up about every 45 minutes with my ouchies.  I got to sleep in the bed with her and dad, but that only helped for an hour or two... then I was still ouchie.  So, mom and I have been snoozing on the couch, where I'm a little more comfortable and only wake up every hour and a half, or two hours if I'm lucky.

On another note... remember my buddy Emmett?  He's over visiting while Heather is on vacation.  Emmett and I are like brothers from another mother.  He's my best bud in the whole wide world, with 4 legs.  Usually we play like crazy when he's over, but he understands my ouchies, and we've just been hanging out on the couch.
Sorry the picture is so dark... it was taken with the momma's phone.
I'm in the back... sometimes it's hard to tell me and Emmett apart!
We both have super handsome good looks.

Also, my dear friend Fred had to leave us for the bridge this weekend... if you could, please stop over to his momma Kari's blog at Hound Girl and leave her some love and support.  Fred was a young, special guy, I'm surely going to miss him and I know his momma's heart is broken...  Run free, big buddy.

And, my furiend Ronnii crossed the bridge last week too... very said times in blogville to lose such great pups.  Please stop over to her blog and leave some words of support for Momma Tea and her fursiblings.

Run free, my furiends... run free.


  1. Oh Corbin...we sending puggie juju continually your way until the docs can figure out your ouchies. We hope the answer comes SOON.

    We are also very sad at the passing over the Bridge of our friends this past week.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Corbin, dude, has you considered trying a chiropractor? They cannot fix efurrything but it duss not cost lots of green papers and it can't hurt to try. I LOVE going to my chiropractor. Fur one, he gibs me chickun jerkey. I can be bought. There be no needles, no alien probes, no nuttin. It's just like getting massages and butt skritches. If'n you want I can ask mine if'n he knows sumbuddy good in your area. Mom has his email. He used to be like an officer with the vet chiropractor club or sumpin so he mite know lots of his kind. Lemme know.

  3. WTF, Dude? We knows you are one rare doggie but dude... that's only sposed to be for the handsomes not the ouchies! We gots ALL our paws crossed for you - even the kitteh's (we had to tie his together but you know... whatever it takes we say!)

    Sam and Pippen

  4. I second what Sam and Pippen said but don't tells them I agreed withs them. I is hopin' withs all my might dat yo can gets some answers AND some relief!
    I mean dis is really puttin' a damper on our social life too.

    Run free sweet Fred and Ronii.

    PS: I sent you sumptin via email.

  5. This is upsetting to read, Corbin. I sure don't want you to be in any more pain, buddy!

    Love ya lots

  6. Oh Corbin! We're keepin' our paws crossed for you, but it's getting hard to walk!! Sending rottie kisses.

    -Bart and Ruby

  7. Well, that was not the news we were hoping for. You mom is so nice to sleep with you on the couch. We just want you to feel good again, it is no fun being in pain.

  8. Puggy magic is on it's way for your speedy recovery. I'm so very sorry you've been sick :( My handsome friend needs to get better soon!


    Minnie Moo

  9. Oh Corbin, I sure hope someone figures out something so you can quit hurting soon. Yes, it has been a sad few days in blogville.

  10. I really hope Cornell will be able to fix the problem Corbin. My heart goes out to those who lost their precious pups.

  11. Corbin, I know there has to be someone who can help your ouchies. I hope you find them soon, I feel so sad for you. I am sorry for the pals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Take care my pal, try to rest, help is on the way.

    LOVeys Sasha

  12. I am so sorry they haven't found out what is wrong....I hope it will stop soon and you will be back to having NO pain! I am sad about our friends going to the Rainbow Bridge too....

  13. We hear wonderful things about that Cornell place. Mom once used the Tufts Veterinary School in Massachusetts for Dakota and found them to be very thorough and caring. We hope that you can find that elusive answer to what is going on soon AND a way to fix it.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. What a great brudder Emmet is. Paws Crossed for Cornell. There HAS to be an answer.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. Gosh, Corbin, this really is a puzzle. We hope the docs at Cornell can come up with some answers. And we're sure glad your best buddy Emmett is able to spend some time with you. There's no medicine like a good friend!

  16. Hi Corbin, its been a very sad week in blogville for sure. We will miss them both. We are sorry the Dr couldn't find out what is wrong with your ouchie. What a puzzle. We will keep our paws crossed that soon you will find out the answer. Take care our Studly friend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. Oh Corbin, I'm sorry you still have ouchies. Did they check your nerves?

    We were sad this week at so many pups going to the bridge.

    We are praying they find out whats wrong with you.

  18. Corbin,
    This is very bad news indeed. I hope that the vet school will have lots of hot young doctors with great ideas on what could be wrong. I like our vet school because I know that the doctors and interns all have their heads stuffed full of the latest medicine news for sure. I am anxiously awaiting the results. Tell your mom to bring her camera and her sense of humor. You know what? It is so far away, maybe your mom might even want to book a hotel room in case you have a sleep over there.


  19. I struggled to find a diagnosis for my dog Zero, turns out she had an auto immune disorder. I sure hope you figure out what' the problem as fast as possible...I know how horrible it is to not know the answers..

  20. lots of sad news around blogland these days:(

    I am so sorry they haven't been able to find out why you are so ouchie Corbin! It stinks that there are no answers for your mom and dad. We'll keep our paws crossed that someone can give you the answers soon!

  21. gosh Corbin that is nuts....hope its something semple like a pinched nerve or something...paws crossed
    Benny & Lily

  22. Not knowing the answer is always hard, I hope Dr. Mike can help find out what your ouchie is and cure it. Our paws are crossed for you all the time!

    So sad that so many friends have crossed over the Bridge, hope they are running free and playing happily there now.

  23. Mr. Corbin, I think it's time you started on the ganja treatment. I think cuz we're dogs that we don't has to smoke it. I'm pretty sure you can just find yourself a bush of ganja and eats it. Maybe Puddles will send you some of her's.

    Peace out, HoneyBuzz

  24. Ohh Corbin deer furiend wee is so veri sorrisomes to hear dems havs nots founds outs wots is causin yor awful ouchies, Wee sure nuffs hops dats da Cornell Yoonivesitys can sorts its all outs fur yoo good buddy. Sendin yoo healin forts n vibes bi da truckloads.
    Wee wos most sad to finds outs about Fred hims wos such a great fellow, our Moms dids send his Moms a message on da faceybooks.
    Fanks yoo fur yor kinds words abouts our Ronnii, wee do miss her veri muchly indeeds.
    Uji, Izzy & Ziggy
    x x x

  25. Oh deer. No progress. Sorry to hear that Corbin. Great to see your buddie Emmett agane tho and we pass on our best to the poor familees of the doggies who ave passed OTRB.