Friday, March 30, 2012

Answers? Now, that depends on the question.

You won't BELIEVE the day I had yesterday.  First, it started out with some serious extra snuggles from the momma.  I was totally cool with that.  Then the momma got my leash and I was all excited for a car ride... but once I got into the car, I started thinking...
Where the heck are we going?
 Then we arrived...
AH!  What the heck are we doing here?!?!

But, the momma said we weren't here for an emergency... but this is where my Special Dr. is also.  Phew.  Last time I was here it was super scary and the lady took me away from my momma and took pictures of my insides!

So, the momma checked us in, and ladies kept saying "Oh, he's so handsome" Yes, ladies... that I am.  And they kept coming over and giving me good scratches and telling me I was so handsome and soft.  Yep.  That's what a Corbin is, handsome and soft.  So, then the momma and I went into a little room.
Hey, where'd the Corbin fan club go? Why can't they come in here?

Then I met the nice Vet Tech lady.  She asked the momma lots of questions... but then she left too.  And THEN.  All with in 3 seconds, someone said my name outside my room, knocked on the door and OPENED IT!  Well, of course I thought it was someone intruding.  So I barked and growled and showed my meanest Corbin face!  Well, turns out it was just Dr. Bishop, my special back ouchies doctor.  He was cool and got on the floor and let me lick his face and nibble on his ears.

But THEN... Mr. Nice Dr. Bishop Guy turned into Mr. Let Me Take The Corbin's Leash and Take Him Away From The Momma.  
You're just going to let him take me?  No fighting?
 So, the Dr. Dude took me and made me all sleepy.  He told me he was going to take some pictures of my internals.  Ok, guy... I liked you and all, but now we're getting a little personal and I don't quite know how I feel about that.  Then he said that the momma gave him the permissions and I didn't have a say.  Traitor.

Anyway... I took a nice long nap while the did my photo shoot.  Then I freaked out and tried to break free when I woke up, so they gave me some more booze sleepy medications until the momma and daddy-o showed up to bring me home.

So, you've been reading all of this and thinking "well, gee Corbin, cut to the chase!!! What's wrong with your back ouchies?!"

We still don't know.

Yep, the momma and daddy-o gave them peoples 3200 green papers and still no clue where my back ouchies are coming from.  Dr. Bishop also shaved a square of hair off my butt and took a sample to send out to test for meningitis, those results should be back today.  But, he says my spine looks A-OK, perfect even!  So, the momma is happy that at least it's nothing super super serious that would require the surgeries.  But, still worried bc what ever hurts, still hurts. 
Missing butt hairs

So, we're going to see what the results come back for the meningitis - but Dr. Bishop says it's quite a shot in the dark, but something he sees often with young dogs with back pain.  If it does come back negative, we're going to try doing some chiropractic work now that we know it's nothing skeletal... or possibly acupuncture.  Not really sure what I'm in for with those two things, but daddy-o said something about sticking needles in me?!  wtf... although, my buddy Bart had it done, and he says it helped his pain.  So worth a shot, I guess!

Anyway... here's the recap if you didn't want to read through all that stuff...
-Momma's mean
-Dr. Bishop Dude is nice and gives me booze to make me sleepy and tells me I'm handsome
-MRI came back showing off my perfect spine
-Tested for meningitis, results today or Monday
-Leggies look okay, nothing super serious that would cause my ouchies (might not have mentioned that...)
-Acupuncture or Chiropractic work possibly to help my ouchies depending on meningitis results.
-Momma's bank account is just as ouchie as the Corbin!

So, I guess if you're asking how perfect the Corbin's spine is... you got your answer! But, if you're still asking why the Corbin's ouchie... Nope, no answer yet.
 Glad to be snoozin' at home instead of at the VETs.


  1. I'm sorry you still don't know what's causing the ouchies :(

  2. Ouchie is right! Just think of all the toys and treat momma could have bought with all those green papers. The things our humans do for us!!

    Regardless, it looks like your doing ok, hope they find out something!!

  3. Well, I'm glad they really couldn't see anything bad, but hope they make the ouchies go away. AND I hope they give you your hair back! At least they could have given you a cool hair cut!!

    I'll bet the chiro or acupuncture works! It's probably a rogue nerve somewhere!

  4. Oh DUDE!!! That totally sucks. So now all the tummy stuffs is ruled out and all the spinal stuffs is ruled out, so they're looking for nasty bugs??? Poor Corbin!! Let me just tell you, dude, if you go for the acupuncture, while they're "inserting" not "sticking in" the needles, one of the nice vet tech ladies stands in front of you and give you yummy treats RIGHT when the needle goes in. You don't even notice!! We gotta get this sorted out before it's time for you to go BOATING!!! Keepin' paws crossed.

    -Bart (and Ruby, too.)

  5. Boy we are sorry that you didn't get any definate answers to Corbins back pain. We did some chiropractor and accupunture on Cleo when she was with us. It did wonders on her and it was amazing the difference in her after her treatments. She didn't even move and slept through the whole process. It took like 3 minutes. The adjustments were pretty amazing to watch how they did that. We continue to send drool for Corbin. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  6. WTF? Still no answers...good gravies! I thought fur sures they would find da cause of your ouchies in an MRI. Oh wells, maybe you can gets some reliefs from da needles or da bone manipulator...or or...meditationals...or...or therapies. Ah, heck I dont knows. I'm just pullin' stuffs outta my butt. Hey did you know you has some butt hairs missin'. Sorry, I wasnt lookin' at your butt or nuttin.


  7. Poor Corbin! I really wish they'd figure it out already and get you better!

    You're kinda reminding me of my sweet kitteh. He used to go to the vet all.the.time and I spent lots of green papers on him over the years. He was one expensive kitteh but worth every penny!

    Please feel free to join me any time for Half Full Friday. No invitation needed. You can participate as often or as little as you want.

  8. I was hoping they were going to give you some answers. But it is good there is nothing wrong with your spine. And it sounds like a good doc to test for meningitis. We are thinking of you . Feel better!

  9. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, this is just all wrong...nice ride ruined by a dogtor trip! Still no answers...horrible. Well, at least the worst possible is no longer a possible. Sorry about that butt fur Dude, but you're still devastatingly handsome. Fur (or lack of) sure. BOL. Hang in there...more healing vibes headed your way...extra strength this time!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Drat I was sure hoping they would figure something out for you Corbin. I have heard that the acupucture works. Love ya pal!

  11. Poor Mr Corbin - it is so frustrating not to have an answer. We know how it feels handing over all the 1000's of green things people seems to like so allergy treatments is costing Mom and Dad mega buckets of those too. We sure hope you get some answers soon

  12. I bet the bills hurt! Good to hear there isn't something super serious going on with the legs or back. Hope you hear answers with everything soon!

  13. That is SO strange....I hope the answer will be found soon....

  14. Blimey Corbin, what a day. We're happy they found nothing wrong with your spine and stuffs but its still frustrating not knowing why you are in pain. Sheesh for that kind of money we thought you should have at least got a certificate saying you were full of studliness!! Stella thought your nudie butt was totally cool. Paws crossed for you mate. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  15. Bummer that this is still such a mystery, Corbin! My friend, Sunshade gets acupuncture all the time and she says it's very relaxing. I hope this works for you.

    Love ya lots,

  16. Oh sheesh, that is just such a shame. Mom is going to assume they checked for tickborne illnesses too. Hopefully if it IS meningitis-related, there is a treatment. This is way too long for our pal to be hurting. Hope you can get some relief soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  17. You would think fur all the green papers they charge and all the V-E-T obedience classes they has to take, they could learn to shave a nekkid butt a little better. I mean, really, like a heart shape or sumpin would has been nice.

  18. I bet they are all still talking about woo and your handsomeness!

    Paws khrossed fur some answer(s)!

    Like some of the other khommenters, we are aware of other pals getting akhWOOpunkhture - with lots of relief!


  19. Corbin! $3200 for some good dope. Wow! You sure know how to live. I hate these mystery aches and pains. You know what though? Sometimes if you do stuff like the accupunture and massage and physical therapies they do start to get better on their own.

    I never had the needle work. I am worried that it might freak you out a little bit, but I hear really good things about it. Is there a hot tub near you like the place where I go for my physical therapies?

    Keep us posted. This is very scary.


  20. Poor guy....I'm sorry you can't figure out what's going on with your ouchies. :(

  21. That has got to be so aggravating to go through all that and still not know what's causing the pain! Arg! Paws crossed they figure it out very SOON! Thanks for the update pal.

    Waggin at ya,

  22. Oh, yes, mama's bank account is as ouchie as you, Corbin. But you're super-duper worth it! I hope they figure this out so you can get out a RUN!

  23. Oh Corbin I hope the drs figure something out soon

    Stop on by for a visit

  24. Ah them vets is always puttin bald patches on me my pal. Attachin a monitor here, puttin in an IV there. I look a bit silly wiv bald patches everywhere. Not gonna be doin any fashun shows this year that be for sure...but at least all the attenshun do elp wot be wrong wv you

  25. i can't believe what you guys are going through with corbin. must be so frustrating! i hope you do get some real answers soon.

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