Friday, May 31, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia, still seeking the adoptions

Can you believes that I still haven't found the adoptions yet?
Crazy talk, I tell ya.  I still haven't ruled out staying here for the duration of forever, though.  But, we'll see what options come along.  I decided I would dig a little deeper and tell you a bit more about myself this week.  Perhaps, if you know the ins and outs of an Amelia Honey Bee, maybe you'll come along with the adoptions!
I have the fantastics when it comes to sharing toys.
There's a Kong in there!
I have the superbs when it comes to stretching and would likely make
a great Yoga partner.
(I wouldn't know about this forSure, since the foster lady is way to lazy to do the Yogas)
I have the abilities to create snuggle opportunities at any time.
Foster lady taking pictures?  SNUGGLE TIME!

I have the greatnesses when it comes to sitting for my breakfast and dinner bowls.
This isn't a picture of me sitting for my food, but it is a picture of me being hungry.
Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I'm hungry in every picture.
I think I have the hungers in this picture, too.
Bwahhhh!  Hehe, I have lots of sillies, and would love to share my
sillies with you!
I'm great at snuggling and a super great healer when you have the sickies.
Amelia snuggles will snuggle away any illness!
I like the couch, and my favorite spot is the spot your in.
But, I'll settle for the next best spot, which is the one right next to the one you're in.
Or, I'll sit on top of you and we can both enjoy the best spot!
I like to sunbathe. 
And, when I get too hot in the sun, I nap in the shade.
I'll take belly rubs whenever they're up for grabs.
Or, if you don't offer them up, I'll give you my laser eyes:
"Give me belly rubs... Give me belly rubs... Give me belly rubs..."
I love to give smoochies, to humans and dogs alike!
Smoochies are my favorite, next to belly rubs.
Oh, and breakfast and dinner... they're my favorites.
So, all and all... those are the thinks I like.  Don't you think walking up to my beautiful honey eyes every morning would be the perfect start to your day?  And, falling asleep to my expert snuggles every night would make for the perfect snoozies? 
Pretty please, Forever Home, come and find me so we can start snuggling!
Was there something you wanted to know that I didn't answer?  Leave a comment or email me at OhCuteCorbin(AT)Gmail(DOT)com! Make sure you write "Amelia" in the subject so Corbin knows not to read it! hehe.  I'll answer your questions next week!
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  1. Hey Corbin,

    Our mom fell in LUVS wif Amelia when her met her in da furs! We has all of our paws crossed dat sweet Amelia finds her furever home soon!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  2. Good Luck Little Bee - we hope you find your forever home SOON!

  3. When is SHE going to realize SHE has already adopted you and it is going to break her heart if you leave???? We can but hope.....yes someone has to adopt you Amelia so why can't it be HER ? I know - we is bad but you look so happy there with Da Corbin :)

  4. I think your foster family is going to have a lot of trouble giving you up for the adoptions when you have so much to offer, Amelia Honey Bee! :)

    Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

  5. You are the sweetest all around gal ever. Good luck, Miss Bee.


    P.S. I have the hungers all the time too.

  6. OMD, Amelia, you are just the PAWFECT dog!! I don't know why you don't have furever homes lined up around the block for you. Maybe that's what it would take to convince CorbinMomma that you're already home. Momma kept thinking she was going to let Cinderella be adopted until she went to a pet fair and someone was there who'd traveled for TWO HOURS just to meet her. Momma said, "NO, that's MY dog, you can't have her!"

  7. How is she with cats, and kids? Also we have two male Pit mixes.. Is she good with males. Judging by her picture, one of our dogs is bigger, the other smaller.

    1. Hi Nathan! Amelia's foster mom here. She has been around cats and is fine with them. It was a very dog savvy cat, and Amelia did pay attention to her, but not chasing, lunging or anything aggressive. She would just stare at her sometimes and sniff her. She's fantastic with kids, she may jump up, but she's usually very cautious with kids and flops over on her back for belly rubs. She's great with other dogs, Corbin (her foster brother) is a 75lb male Pit Bull. She has been with females, but does much better with males, of any size. She can be very bossy with other females. If you'd like to chat more about her, you can email me at ohcutecorbin(at)gmail(dot)com or fill out an applicaiton at!

  8. How is she with cats, and kids? Also we have two male Pit mixes.. Is she good with males. Judging by her picture, one of our dogs is bigger, the other smaller.

  9. I am so puzzled why someone had NOT snatched Amelia up yet! She is the PERFECT companion and BEAUTIFUL to boot!
    Love Noodles

  10. Amelia, I think you would be the perfect sister for the Corbin... do you think he agrees? If he does the two of you could work on the foster mom to convince her you're already home!

  11. Oh Amelia Honey Bee, I knows we should not dwell on the past but gurlfurriend, you tells me who did the home butchering job on your loverly ears and I go gibs them a home butchered ear job wif my teefs, 'k? Mom say she drive me there. Grrrrr. Now, lissen up. Nefur, efur rule out "the duration of furever" coz I knows about these things. Well, the Corbin, he do, too, BOL.

  12. You just stole my heart, Amelia. If I could adopt you, I would swoop in right now and start snuggling. I hope that your furever home comes along soon, but in the meantime, I think that you're in an awesome place with Corbin and his family!

  13. Oh Miss Amelia you will make someone a perfect companion someday, but until then you just soak in all the goodness you have around you at Corbin's place.

    Millie & Walter

  14. Amelia...It is crazy that you haven't been adopted yet, but I bet that means you have a super special home in your future. You are perfection.

  15. Ello for you Ameelyah....I haz had my staff post dis blog on twitter in case there do be any folk out there wot be able to do adopshuns for you...i wishin you luck as ever my pal

  16. You sound like the most perfect pup, Amelia! Our paws are crossed that you find your forever home soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Oh Cowbin,
    I love those pictoowes
    Amelia looks like the most pawfect, bootiful, snuggly giwl and I am cwossing my paws vewy hawd that she finds the fuwwevew home she so desewves. I know that she woold add so much happiness to any family who was lucky enuff to have hew join them
    Smoochie kisses

  18. Oh we would take you if we had room!

    Stop on by for a visit