Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where have I been?

I know I kind of skipped out of Blogville for a while without so much as a note telling you what I was up to!  I've had a busy few weeks and I can't wait to tell you all about it!  I went to see Dr. Mike and can't wait to update you on my overall health!  But, you'll have to wait for another day for that update.  This post is just going to show you why I've been so super busy!

You see, Heather went on vacation to a far away land called Hawaii Pineapple Land.  And, another one of the momma's rescue friends, Alida, went on vacation to a far away place South to visit Carolina or something.  So, that added up to 5 (FIVE) doggies!  The momma said that might be too much for our house, plus Alida's pooch, Charlie, is a fence jumper and could probably clear my chicken wire fence.  So, the momma stayed at Miss Alida's house with Charlie, Amelia and Heather's foster dog, Diggy Wiggles. 

That's my Amelia (left), Charlie (top) and Diggy (right).
And this is me and Emmett, in case your forgot.
We got to hang out with the dad all week!
Then, Friday night, the dad went up to my lake, without me.  So, the momma came home and grabbed me and Emmett and brought us over to Miss. Alida's house with Amelia, Charlie and Diggy!  AND! This little dude named Wagger, who is also available for adoption, needed a place to crash overnight, so the momma said "Ah, what the heck.  What's one more?"  So, Wagger joined us too.
Now, believe it or not, this picture has every single one of us in it!  It's the best the momma could do.
Amelia's leg (top left), Diggy (bottom left), Me (bottom brown dog -I have my name on my collar!), Charlie (middle), Emmett (top brown dog with his head cut off), and that's Wagger (top right).
The momma needs a wider lens camera! BOL!
So, that was fun.  Saturday, Miss Alida came home, so back home I went, with Emmett, Amelia and Diggy!  And, it's been the 4 of us all week!
Something else pretty cool happened last week.  On Monday night, the momma came home and one of my former foster kids came over for a play date.  While we were all playing, Emmett started squeeking something, so the momma was all like "why the heck would there be a squeeky toy outside?" and Emmett and I were all like "OMG SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!!!!"
Well, squeeky toy it was not... it was a real, live, squeeky baby BUNNY!
So, the momma got leashes on all of us doggies, and former foster sister's new momma (I'm being secretative because she's coming for a visit soon and I want to surprise you!) picked up the baby bunnies and put them back in their home.  Then the momma found a piece of fence and put that over their home so the momma bunny could get to them, but it would be harder for me and Emmett to get to them.  The momma did lots of bunny research and called wild life places and everything.  So, because she's super over crazy, she put some strings on the next so she could make sure the momma was coming to visit her babies - they only come at dawn and/or dusk.  The momma bunny came Monday night/Tuesday morning, and the momma was happy. She put the stings back because, like I said, she's super over crazy.  BUT, it's a good thing the momma is super over crazy, because there was a bunny in front of our house that got hit by a car :-(  Turns out, it was in fact momma bunny.
We found a rescuer to take in our baby bunnies and boxed them up and shipped them off to be cared for.  It's illegal in NY to care for wild life without proper licensing, plus, we don't really know what we're doing and they would be in better hands and have a better chance at survival.  So, off they went last Wednesday!  We heard yesterday that they're all still alive, doing well and getting big!
So, that's been my busy, crazy 2 weeks!  I'm going to need a nice, long nap when everyone goes home!


  1. Wow - what a busy time for you all but at least you got hang out with best buds and bunnies!!! Mom use to W.i.R.e.S (Wildlife Rescue Service) back home is Australia and was always raising bunnies and other animals - not that bunnies were considered wildlife but she loved the little furballs anyway. They are just so adorable.

  2. that does sound like a crazy two weeks!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. We're exhausted just reading about all your fun. Glad you were able to find someplace for the baby bunnies to go.

    Millie & Walter

  4. Sounds like you had lots to keep you going full speed for those two weeks. Hope you get some rest now.

    Have a great day.... loved the baby bunny pics... and of course we loved the pictures of all the dogs goo.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  5. OH CORBIN it is good to hear from you buddy...

    BUNNIES.... you know that I (FRANKIE FURTER) have MAD LOVE fur Bunnies... THAT is wonderful that they were rescued. BRAVO fur your mom!!

  6. You HAVE been busy. Great to see Emmett again. We wonder about him from time to time. Hope you guys got in some great bitey face and zoomies.

    Those bunnies are very cute. We thing We would have just been banished to the house. We wouldn't have been able to leave them alone. Good thing the momma found the poor mother, so the babies could have a chance.

    XXXoOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  7. Holy Dogs, you had a lot going on over there. I am glad you had so many pals to play with for a while. The bunnies are super cute and I am glad they are doing ok and safe. Mommy had bunny pets growing up so she loves them.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Howdy Corbin, sheesh, you sure did have a busy two weeks. Your bunnies are sooo cute and we're glad your mum helped them. Paws crossed your foster friends find forever homes soon. See ya Studly. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. I'd say you've been pretty busy! I sure hope those bunnies are doing well, they are so cute!

  10. That is busy! Your momma has a sweet heart for taking such good care of the bunnies.

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  12. What adventures you have been in Corbin! Glad to see you had fun with all of your friends an even got to find baby bunnies. So nice to see them well and growing, your momma sure did the right thing. :)


  13. There you are pal, we have been missing you, but you sure were busy!

  14. awwwwwwwwww - the baby bunnies are just adorable!
    You haven't been bored - that's for sure, Corbin!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. There you are! We had a feeling you had a better time than mama. Those bunnies are adorable. We are glad that you found a rescue home. Your friends are adorable by the way
    Benny & Lily

  16. That was so nice of you to take care of the baby bunnies! I'm so sad their momma got hit by a car. :( I always tell the bunnies around us not to run into the road!

  17. That was a pretty big dog party. I bet you had a great time. I'm glad you helped your little bunnies find a place to stay while they grow and get stronger. Maybe one day they will have their babies back at your place.

  18. You be a super-hero bunny-babysitter my pal....well done.....