Friday, May 24, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia Busy Bee!

I bet you've all gone and forgotten what my pretty face looks like because I haven't been able to blog in like.... forever!
Here I am!
I still haven't found my forever home yet, and foster lady insists that this home is not it.  I tell her that I think otherwise... then I snuggle up real good with her and I can see through her eyes that those wheels are turning!  I even overheard "the talk" with foster dude... but I'm not going to put all my eggs in that basket, because I know how many other pooches are out there just like me that need foster lady to save them, too.
Real close snuggles with foster lady.
I've been up to some really fun things these past few weeks!  I'd have lots more pictures to show you of my adventures, but the foster lady lost her camera charger because she's an unorganized bum she has a lot on her mind.
Likes my tutu?!
Bet you're wondering why I'm all decked out in my tutu, adopt me vest and adopt me collar, huh?  My friend Diggy Wiggles and I did a Bark for Life walk that raised money for cancer research!  I got all spiffied up so people would know that I'm looking for my forever home, and it worked!  Everyone loved me and gave me lots of attention.
Rub my belly, new friends!
I flopped on the ground for just about everyone I met and asked them for nice belly scratches!  I made people go squeeeeeee and giggle and ohhhhh and ahhh!  But, no one followed up and wanted to adopt me, which is okay.  I really just wanted the attentions! 
I even met a big dog!!!
I actually really liked the big dog, this picture was just an awkward moment and I look scared, but I wasn't!  I even flopped on my belly for him and jumped in his lap. 
Then the walk started!
All the people and doggies a head of us!
There were even MORE behind us and more at the head of the line beyond this picture!  It was a great turnout and I got so many compliments on how well I walked with foster lady!
Me walking all nice!
I just had the bestest time and really enjoyed meeting lots of people and lots of other doggies!  We even ran into some Homeward Bound Alumni's that the foster lady recognized!  They felt like celebri-dogs when the foster lady called out their names and was all excited.  Although, I think I was the real celebri-dog at every this event!
This is me and Diggy posing for many adoring fans.
Everyone wanted to take pictures of me and the Diggles.  I ended up in LOTS of pictures that were posted on the event site for Bark for Life!  Foster lady handed out lots of business cards in case anyone wanted to contact her further about me.  Her little cards have the bloggy address on it too, so maybe you're reading this because you met me that day! 
After my super busy, eventful day of being a Diva... I went home and snuggled with the Corbin.  He was kind of bummed that he didn't get to go, but foster lady made sure he had an outing of his own and he went for a walkie around the neighborhood with his back pack.  He loves that thing!
So, if you are visiting the bloggie because you met me and you're on the fence about adopting me... Here are a few things you should know - and, if I'm not adopted this weekend, I'll elaborate next Friday!
Loves kissies and snuggles and hugs and tutus and pretty collars!
I like snuggles, couches, snuggles, underpants, belly scratches, snuggles, sleeping in the big bed, Corbin snuggles (but I'm sure you or another canine friend can replace him), walkies, dinner and breakfast, snuggles, car rides, tutus, fancy collars, snuggles, attention, belly rubs, kissies, and snuggles.
Later friends!
Amelia Honey Bee
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  1. Amelia...You look so lovely in your tutu. Some family is going to be so lucky to get you!

  2. Oh Amelia - you're beautiful. Welcome back to the blog...we missed you!

  3. We haven't seen your gorgeous face in a while and we're so glad you're back, we just know that someone is around the corner to give you all the things you love.

  4. We are surprised you haven't found your forever home yet.

    Millie & Walter

  5. I think I'm starting to sense... you like snuggles? Just a feeling I'm getting. :) I know you'll find your furever family REAL soon!!

  6. We think your forever family is out there....just a bit slack in finding you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We wishin you luck Ameely-yah...there is a ome out there for all doggies so I be sure yours will be comin along soon

  8. Personally, I think you should keep working on the foster mama to adopt you! bol

  9. Dear Ms. Amelia,
    I found your photo on Stubby Dog's Facebook page and have to say, you are bee-u-tee-ful! I would love to adopt you- I think you would get along super well with my ol'man beagle and 3 kiddos. Sadly, I live a few states over and my landlady has very strict rules about the types of dogs we are allowed to have (which I don't agree with, but not everyone is on the same page we are). I hope you find your furever home!