Friday, April 12, 2013

Foster Friday: Amelia

Hi Y'all!  I'm Amelia!  Let me guess, you thought I was one of those shy, quiet girls based on everything Mr. Corbin here has been telling you, right?  Well, I am quite shy and quiet, but did you ever hear the saying that the shy and quiet ones are the ones you need to watch out for?

That's ME!  Amelia!  My foster family never saw me coming!  Let me tell you how my plan has worked out so far.  You see, previous foster kid here, Sophie, asked this wizarddog, the DoodleBug, how she could make her foster home turn into her forever home.  But, you see, by the time the busy DoodleBug got her question, she had already moved in with her forever family.  But, the nice DoodleBug wizarddog still answered her question with a whole bunch of smarts that were just WAITING for me to find!  So, I stumbled on that when I got here and I followed every bit of his advices.

First, I woo-ed the foster parents...
Look deep into my eyes foster mommy... love the Amelia baby dog!

Rub my belly foster daddy!

Love on my snuggles, foster mommy....

Now, with the foster parents well under my spell belt, it was time to get the Corbin on my side.  This wasn't as difficult of a task as I thought it may be.  Turns out, the Corbin is quite as smitten with me as I am with him.  So I had a bit of an advantage.  But, as you may know, the Corbin isn't a dog on dog snuggler.  Even with the Sofa Snuggler, it took the Corbin a few weeks to allow her snuggles. I wanted to work fast and get my nails in deep quickly... so I didn't have a few weeks.  I had to work on snuggling the Corbin right away.

As quickly as I wanted work, I started out slowly
and just snuggled near him.

Then I wiggled my way between him and the corner of the couch.
He may look suspicious, but he really has no idea.
Then, I got into his sofa bed with him at nighty times.
Then, my plan totally worked!  You see, before this picture was taken
I was the one snuggling in Corbin's sofa and he was on the foamy bed...
And do you know what that Corbin did?
He got out of his foamy bed and HE came and snuggled with ME!
Wouldnchaknow, the Corbin couldn't get enough of my snuggles!
Then, I used the Corbin to help me over come that scary hallway and the scary leash.... so we're totally bonded forever and ever.
So, what do you think?  Do you think maybe I can stay here forever?  The foster mommy says she's sticking to her guns and I have to find my perfect family, but I can stay here until then.  I said.... Lady, I'm not looking any further, simple as that!  Hehehe.
Making a foster home into a forever home is exhausting!
Foster mommy says there are many more doggies just like me, who are sweet and perfect that the Corbin needs to help save.  And, she says if they kept the Sofa Snuggler, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to be saved because foster mommy was my last hope.  And, the Sofa girls forever home would have missed out on all the joy she's bringing them.  So, foster mommy says that they can't steal all of my joys and I have to share them with my forever family when it comes.
Don't worry, I'm not giving up. 
I'm going to wiggle my way in
and keep working on wizard Doddlebug's advices!


  1. Well what if you foster home is your forever home? The great D.O.G works in mysterious ways. Foster mom is right that she can foster and help more pups if she just has one Corbin BUT you never is love and what is meant to be is meant to be.

  2. Amelia, you keep working on them! Listen for the term "Foster Failure," and just keep that charm turned all the way up!

  3. Amelia...however it works out, I know it is going to be awesome. Your snuggling with Corbin is so cute!

  4. Decisions...decisions! Just keep turning that charm up a notch every single day. Maybe Corbin can adopt you and your peeps can take in another foster for them....


  5. I betcha standing by those guns is pretty darn hard. Amelia is just adorable!

  6. Amelia, hang in there miracles do happen!! Tell Foster Mom not to assume she would never be able to help again. When you get settled in and you are a full-time member of the family Mom will realize that 3 pups is really not that much!!! She can still foster! That's coming from the lady though that now has 6 pups from past foster failures. And I still have a foster making 7! It's kind of like most anything, love grows to make ends meet. PS not recommending that many for you, probably should have stopped at 3 of my own and 1 foster but I wouldn't trade anything now.

  7. YOu knows Amelia, I is shy too...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okays I is kiddin, I really not.
    Anyways, girl I am so darn impressed what you has done to da Corbin cuz I knows he ain't no snuggler. I can't believes you actually gotted him to snuggle. YOU is GOOD.


  8. Amelia, momma may be fighting it, but I think Corbin would really miss you if you left. I think your momma should reconsider. It's not hard with three - I know, I have three!!

  9. We've got our paws crossed for you Amelia! You look like a pawfect fit. Besides, we think every house needs THREE big doggies in it!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  10. Keep working it Amelia! I think you would be the perfect full time partner for Corbin. I've got my paws crossed for you.


  11. Miss Amelia, I have to tell you that I have a super-sensitive snooter, and I have smelled something mighty powerful in the air ever since Corbin introduced you. It is the sweet scent of FOSTER FAILURE!! Bwahahaha! Just keep working your magic. I know it'll work!

  12. If anyone can do it, Amelia, you can.
    Corbin looks tough but he is a softy deep down.
    Love Noodles

  13. On my goodness you are precious. Foster mommy is right even though we would like to see you stay there. What a snuggle bug you are
    Benny & Lily

  14. I think you're doing great so far! Keep up the work, you just might wear your foster mama down!

  15. Amelia, Ernie and I think you should just Keep Workin It... and one way or the other... the PERFECT home WILL be YOURS... Paws Crossed that it will be Soon.

  16. Your off to a good start. Your forever family is there somewhere...

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. I think that with the Corbin and the Amelia's powers combined, you two could be a one-two punch for future fosters... and I know the Mama and the Daddy could totally handle 3 dogs if only two of them were permanent. So... keep working on 'em, Amelia.... I will whisper "foster fail" all the way from KC to the Mama's ears!

    Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

  18. WHOA! I am Most Impressed, Amelia! You have got a real good start in a super duper short time. I like Amber Daweenie's idea of having Corbin adopt you. Then WHAT could fostermommy and fosterdaddy say to THAT? I mean, once Corbin made it official and stuff, there would be nothing that they could do. Oh, I know maybe that sounds a little sneaky but sometimes you gotta reach out and grab happiness with all four paws! I did that with my mom and dad, you know. They weren't planning on another doggie but then I really didn't give 'em a choice in the matter and you see how THAT turned out!

    Good luck, Amelia!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. PeeS. I was thinking that maybe Sophie Snuggles got her furever home so that YOU could get YOURS with THEM!

  20. Woo need to hakhk into the website with your listing -

    AND post 'adopted' -

    That will do it!


  21. Oh haz been REELED IN LIKES A BIG FISH my pal.....just sayin

  22. Oh you are adorable. Maybe, just maybe they will fall under your spell

    Stop on by for a visit

  23. Well Amelia I think you've earned your permie spot there :) Corbin looks very very smitten with you! Sometimes ya gotta let your heart trump your head :)

    Waggin at yaz,

  24. I think that you have a shot. Look at how you totally won over Corbin.


  25. She is SO gorgeous! GAH! I am in love <3