Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Corbin here and I'd like to bring some awareness to a program that I think is really wonderful.  It's called CANDi, and noooo, not the type you eat!  CANDi, Cats and Dogs International, is a non-profit organization that saves the lives of stray cats and dogs in the Caribbean and Mexico through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, which is supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers. (got that blurb directly from CANDi's website!)
Help the momma's and puppies that are already in this world,
and help prevent future litters.
Now, how did the momma find out about this great cause?  Well, through the rescue, she met a great photographer and animal lover named Tracey.  Tracey volunteered earlier in January to fly down to Mexico and photograph CANDi's spay and neuter clinic.  Can you believe that over 1,300 animals were sterilized during this week long clinic?!  So many lives saved from preventing reproduction.
Luna's previous home and her previous condition.
While Tracey was down there volunteering, she saw the above dog and begged her owner to surrender her.  She did and Tracey named her Luna.  Luna received all the vet care she needed, which included 4 weeks of chemotherapy for the treatment of TVC cancer.  TVC is a sexually transmitted disease that also causes cancer and is, unfortunately, very common in Mexico and is spread through over breeding.  Luna's great veterinarian, Arturo Di, donated his time to care for Luna and her treatment costs were covered by monetary donations (information from Luna's Facebook page).
Luna's before and after.
Once she was healthy, Luna flew with her foster dad, Hecto Navarro, to New York where Tracey and Luna's new mama were waiting for her. Luna's transformation was amazing.  So many wonderful dogs, just like Luna, die and suffer every day in places like Mexico where there often isn't funds to apply to animal care.  These animals live on the streets with minimal access to food, water and vet care.  Organizations like CANDi help minimize the suffering by providing these clinics where families can bring their animals to be spayed or neutered. 
Luna getting a taste of the good life!
Luna was given that second chance that so many dogs deserve.  She's living a fantastic life in upstate NY and her new mama even has a blog where you can find updates on Luna.  Luna also has a Facebook page where you can follow along with her new life.  She's trying to raise some money to help support another week long spay and neuter clinic to pay it forward and help these poor dogs in Mexico.  If you can, please consider donating to her quest.  $25 saves a dogs life!  A $25 donation also gets your picture in Luna's Facebook album of all her furry friends!  You can find me in there!
Also, if you live in my area and you're a golfer, you can sign up for Putt for the Pups!  This years golf tournament will benefits my rescue, Homeward Bound, as well as CANDi!
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  1. Donated before I even finished reading this post....what a great cause!

  2. We are also fans of CANDi. And Luna is a doll! Thanks for sharing the situation in the islands and Mexico - the conditions are truly staggering.

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  4. What a great cause and how lucky Luna is to have a new home and new lease on life.


  5. We had heard about poor LUNA. This is a very good cause.

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  7. There are some wonderful people in this world looking out for unfortunate animals.

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