Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The contents of a Corbin

Yesterday I told you all that the momma got my DNA's looked at and now knows exactly what makes up a Corbin.  The momma had been curious for a long time and had read a few blogs who had their pooches DNA's looked at.  So, when she saw a super sale on the computers for the Mixed Breed Identification Test Wisdom Panel Insights, she hurried up and got me a DNA kit for real cheap.  What the heck, right?  I think it was a good idea, ya know, to make sure I'm not made up of monsters or anything.

I enjoyed reading all of your guess as to what makes up a Corbin!  The momma was thinking it would be some mix of Boxer, Lab, Dane, Staffy, American Bulldog and Chihuaua. 
A Boxadoranestaffabullhuahua?

I was thinking it would be some mix of Handsome, Studly, Loving, Smoochable, and a little more of Handsome.
A Handstudloversmoochiesome?

Are you ready to find out what my DNA's think a Corbin is???
Come on, let me have it.

They say that I'm 50% Boxer, 10% American Staffordshire and the other 40% is made up of American Bulldog, Italian Greyhound (must be where my speed comes from), Border Terrier, and a Skye Terrier.  Both of my parents were half boxer and half total mutts.
A Boxastaffabullitahoundskybordaterrier!

So, that's what makes a Corbin a Corbin.  If you'd like your very own Corbin, you're pretty much out of luck.  Because I'm pretty sure it's near impossible to dublicate a Corbin!

The most totally awesome thing about being a Corbin is....
I'm the only one!  Heyyyyy I'm the only one.


  1. I'm pretty sure as cute and smoochable as you are there is some dachshund in there tooo!!!! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  2. The world could not stand another such handsome Boxerastaffabullxxxxxxxxx what ever mix, your just one big glob of a great fun loving mushy dog!!!!

    Susie & Bites

  3. Aw, Corbin, we always knew you were unique! If you were a dinosaur, I would call you a Handsomesaurus Rex!

  4. Well dat just sucks cuz I was gonna order me a Corbin today! What evers you is...I likes you da way you is...perfect.


  5. Wowzer Corbin, that is aweswome! I keep wanting to do a DNA test on Ziggy but I'm waiting for the cost to go down. :-) Now your mom doesn't have to wonder about you anymore (at least about what breeds you are - she probably still wonders about YOU all the time.) :-) And if you ever end up somewhere with BSL, you can prove you're a Boxer mix (extra bonus!)

  6. Momma Tea here Corbin, there is no way on heaven or earth you could ever be duplicated because even if some got the DNA mix right ther is no way they could copy your perfect personality now is there ? That is why you are so unique and it is what makes you a Corbin. It is also what makes all of us love you so much you gorgeous boy you.
    Momma Tea
    xxx xxx

  7. Well that was very interesting. I would have bet on a little dogue de bordeaux in there too because of your beutifuls reddish coloring. Don't forget about your twinsie Emmitt though! We think you should coin the term Corbin.


  8. Once a Corbin always a Corbin. I'm glad i never had money on the results. Iagree with Kitty & Coco i would of bet on some Dogue de Bordeaux due to the colouring & bit of white on the chest.

    I've thought about getting Sheba DNA tested just to see how acurate they are.

  9. Corbin!!!!

    You is part boxer so we IS cuzins! Dis news is so very excitin' fur sure! Mom wants to know which DNA company you used cuz her and dad thinks dat Max may has a little sumptin' extra special in him too. Can't wait to see you in da furs again!

    Woofs and Licks from your boxer cuzins,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  10. Oh they really must gaf missed the handsum part sumwhere'z - BUTT u haz sum HOUND so that makez u a relative of us Beaglebratz - how cool iz that?
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  11. Sorry to say it, but what about Emmett?

    As we said, you're perfect.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. You are unique and I love that about you. You definitely are one handsome boy.

  13. OH Corbin, you are one handsome mix, that's for sure!!! Mommy did DNA on Ebby last year and she came back as 50% pug, and then a whole hodge podge of stuff from Dogue de Bordeaux to Chow Chow to Daschund and Dalmatian!!

  14. I KNEW we were related! Cousin Corbin!!!

  15. So fun! Just saw you over in the snack sack race - I like your snacking style!

  16. The italian greyhound part makes me giggle

    Stop on by for a visit

  17. I knew you were one of a kind Corbin! I was right on the Boxer and Pitty, but I'm shocked that you don't have any Airedale in ya! hehehe



  18. Cool, Corbin! But whatever you are, you are handsome and very nice!!!

    Woos - The OP Pack

  19. I think you are an ALL AMERICAN NIBROC....... Which is a VERY Much SPECIAL Breed. I'm just sayin.

    WhatEVER... YOU are PERFECT in MY BOOK Buddy.

  20. We knew there had to be Terrier in you somewhere, Corbin, and now we know for sure!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  21. Corbin, You are Unique AND Awesome. Very Interesting! Wonder what we are??? Maybe we can get M to find out what makes us us....
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, and Rosie

  22. Yeah... thanks for getting that song stuck in our heads!

    COrbin is of course the only CORBIN!

    woof - Tucker

  23. Fun! DNA results always interest me so much.
    The other day we were asked what one of our pups would cost "with papers," and my boyfriend just said, "A couple thousand dollars," I looked at him like, what the heck kind of answer was that and he just laughed because the truth is, you can't put a "price" on our mutts!

  24. Oh boy...I had most of them right. :) Yes, you are one of a kind for sure. Wonder what I am?

  25. What no yorkie in you??? I want one of these tests. I am pretty sure I am part Great Dane.

    Your pal, Pip

  26. I LOVE Boxastaffabullitahoundskybordaterriers!!!

    Where was the test on sale? I want to get one for Minnie and Trixie!!

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  28. Definitely, your the only Corbin

    The silvers and more

  29. How interesting! I would never have guessed Italian Greyhound.

  30. I hope its ok to keep calling you Corbin, cauz I can't pronounce that other name for you. Whatever stuff you have in you, you are the best Corbin ever and ever that could be.

    Loveys Sasha

  31. Awwww I love all the photos here! I still think you are a lovable, handsome, playful and Cutie kind of Corbin, it dosent matter to me what your made of but it is very interesting to find out, I like your mix, especially that Italian Greyhound! Very European and wordly! They say Italians are romantioc and Sexy (My Daddy is Italian!) so that means your a real ladies man Crobin! Hee,Hee! Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  32. Fascinating Corbin! We could have told you, you were loving and cute without spending the Treat Money on a test!

    Pawsome job by the way on the Snack Sac Race today!

    Lily Belle

  33. is part border terrier!! You is my brofur.....

  34. Terrier? BOL!! Sweet and handsome for sure!


    Mom wants to get my DNAs checked cuz she thinks I got something in me besides rottie. I'm way more scent driven than any of the rotties she's had and my face is sorta labradorable!

  35. No doubt, Corbin, you are one of a kind. I think that with that greyhound in you, you should challenge Bunny to a race!

    Those tests are so fun. I got one for my firiend with a Lab mix, but he looks totally Lab to me. According to the test, he's part Lab and a smaller part Sharpei!

  36. Even if U were made up of all monsters they would all have been cute, handsome,smart, monster studs!
    I know what U mean about being the only one!I, Shadow am a mixed breed and Mummy says I'm one of a kind in the whole wide world too:O)
    Wags, Shadow (n Ginger n Buddy too)