Friday, August 31, 2012

Foster Sister Friday: Carly

Woah, hi there!  I'm Carly and I've been hanging out with Corbin and Brutus ALLLLL week!  Yep, I'm a lucky gal, huh ladies?  You're jealous, I know it. 

Let me tell you a little something about living here.  Corbin is even cooler in person, can you imagine?  Brutus drools even more in person, can you imagine THAT?  The foster lady is real nice but foster dude lets me cuddle with him on the COUCH! 

Now, let me tell you a little about my perfect little self.  I am, afterall, perfect!  I haven't pottied in the house ALL week!  And, I hang out in my crate next to the boys all day long while the foster rents are at work.  Foster lady comes home at lunch time and lets us stretch out legs and lounge in the sun.  I perfer the shade where it's a little cooler.

Foster lady says most foster dogs sleep in their crate, especially puppies because it helps them hold their potties until the morning.  But, ya know what?  I'm SO perfect, that foster lady lets ME sleep OUT of the crate and in a DOG BED!  I really like Corbin's dog bed, so I make him snuggle with me, then he moves to another bed and I follow him for more snuggles.  He loves to snuggle with me, I just KNOW it!  Who wouldn't want to snuggle with me?

I'm 11 weeks old.  I'm told I'm a lab mix.  I definitely have a lab personality!  But, we can't put a paw on whatever else is in me.  I think I'm just mixed with super cute, doncha think?!  Anyway, I met a really nice lady last Saturday at clinic and do you want to know something super awesome about her?  She lives RIGHT up the road from Corbin! Yep.  So she's coming to see me tomorrow and I might be able to go home with her.  Then I could see Corbin ALL the time and go for walkies with  him when I learn how to do them!
I like to give the boys smooches!  I'm always licking their faces.  I just love Brutus and Corbin.  They've been so kind and welcoming to me!  Corbin keeps saying Brutus has a bit to learn about being a foster brother, but I think he's doing JUST fine!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Wish me and Brutus luck!


  1. Aww, maybe you and Brutus will find a forever home together! We'll purr that it happens.

  2. You are just too cute! Good luck and have a great weekend!

  3. Carly, I'm sending you my best wishes that you find your forever home. I love how you stand close to Corbin. You look like a sweet little sis. Good job on the potty habits! That's impressive.

  4. Aww, Carly, I can tell you totally love your big brother Corbin! I'm so glad that you ended up in such an amazing foster home, and I know you'll find a perfect furever home soon!

  5. Oh Carly, you're such a cutie and a sweetie! We hope you and Brutus can find your home soon.
    Our paws are crossed for you all.

  6. You are so cute Carly! I think Corbin is just playing hard to get with the snuggling ;)

  7. Awww, I hope you can go home with that very nice lady too! You seem like such a sweet dog, and everyone loves a cuddler like you! good luck! :)

  8. Oh Carly, you are soooo lucky!! YES I'M JEALOUS!! You get to hang with some handsome fellas all day long, you get cuddles at night, and you get kisses any time you wants! Yup, jealous.
    I hope the nice lady down the street can take you in, so you can see Corbin ALL THE TIME for play dates and stuffs!! I'll be keepin' my paws crossed for ya!



  9. You're a cutie! I hope the neighbor lady down the street will be able to adopt you so that you and The Corbin will be able to see one another a lot and play together.

  10. Sounds like you're letting those boys know who's really in charge!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Howdy Carly, paws crossed you will find your forever home very soon. You sure are cute. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. We hope you find your forever home with this nice lady, Carly. Our paws are crossed for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Carly, your so cute, we just know your forever home will find you soon, we will keep praying for you and Brutus. Enjoy those boys while you have them.

    The silvers and more

  14. Labradoinks are well known for their ability to just the right thing to endear them to their humans. Better watch out, Corbin, she was born to be a suck up.


  15. You are so cute!

    Stop on by for a visit