Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have a big heart!

So, I had to stay at the vets yesterday... I really hate it when mom leaves, but everyone was super nice and kept calling me Super Star Corbee!  --even though they had to drug me up because I went a little cracker crazy when the momma left, BOL!  Anyway, Dr. Gordon wanted me to go back so I could see Dr. Clemente -he's a great vet in our area and the only one who performs stem cell surgeries.  But he's also a good heart doctor guy.  So, he used some wand thing and we were able to see my insides on a screen.  The wand thing showed that I have a big heart.  I told Dr. Clemente this was old news, but he said this type of big heart meant something other than being a lovey Corbin.  He said it means my heart is having a difficult time pumping blood through it.  He also said I was pretty young to have this type of issue... ya know, I haven't even turned 3 yet!!! 
Corbin: 2 years, 10 months, 29 days
So, Dr. Mike stopped in to visit me on his day off and to chat with Dr. Gordon and Dr. Clemente about me.  They put me on two new medications -one that the momma let a growl out about because it's $170 a month.  But, anything for the Corbin.  Now, the big question is... what the heck happened to the Corbin's?  4 months ago, I was a happy, healthy, crackery, hyper, spaztic Corbin... now I'm a big hearted, bumpie havin', ouchie feelin' skinny Corbin.  Dr. Mike thinks that this heart issue might be caused by the prednisone I've been on to help control my ouchies.  He said it's not a normal side effect, as the prednisone doesn't typically effect the heart, but it can cause me to produce extra sodium, which would put more pressure on my heart to pump my blood.  So, he reduced my prednsone intake in hopes that will help.  The momma's gotta go out and buy me a bigger pill case!  But, he knows I'm a very strong, healthy Corbin normally... so he doesn't think this will be a life long heart issue, he thinks it's just another symptom of whatever it is that's wrong with me... enhanced by the prednisone.
I'm a big hearted lover, no doubt.
Anyway... so this morning I did find myself more alert.  I kept watch out the window for a bit, but then I got tired and took a nap.  The momma says my gums are looking better and Dr. Gordon gave her the "ok" to give me more food.  BUT the momma only increased my food by 1/4 of a cup -she always aires on the side of caution -slow and steady wins the race, or something like that.  But I'm also getting two scoops of canned food and when the momma leaves for work in the morning she gives me a bone or Kong that she's stuffed with canned food and treats and stuck in the freezer.  I'd rather have it Dad's way... where he just wants to give me the WHOLE can of food and like 87 cups of dry food.  Yep, that sounds like the way to go to me!!!  Oh well.
I may have gotten scrawny, but I can still protect my home!
I do go back to see Dr. Mike tonight.  He talked with the momma yesterday about stealing a piece of my bumpie... it would be a pretty simple procedure and a pretty easy recovery and it might give us an answer.  Dr. Mike is a bit concerned because my bumpie hasn't gone away - although it also hasn't gotten bigger.  But after 2 weeks, I still have some discomfort when he gets in there and pushes on it.  He says it feels like scar tissue, but we can't figure out what would cause me to have scar tissue there... Anyway, I'll let ya know what he says tonight and what we decide to do. 
He's going to do what to my bumpie?!
I'd like to thank everyone again for the support.  It surely means a lot to me, and I know it helps the momma.  She's been super worried.  I did over hear her talking with Dr. Mike about taking me to Cornell University.  They're still holding off on that - mainly because I don't show any signs of pain when I'm at the vet -even with my big heart, as soon as I got to the vets my pasty white gums turned bright pink!  The only physical sign I've really shown at the vets is my weight loss and I flinch in pain when they play with my bumpie.  Otherwise, the momma is glad my vets trust her!  So, instead of going to Cornell -a teaching hospital where about 30 students would be poking and proding and feeling me up... we might go to another specialist a bit down state.  But we're going to explore my bumpie first, I think.  We should have a plan tonight!
Typing this was a lot of work... Time for a snooze.
Thanks again, everybody.  I love you all and hope to get better so everyone can stop worrying about me! :-)


  1. A positive outlook does help, Corbin! We aren't too sure what is this bumpie you keep talking about so we're going to read your previous posts to find out!
    In the meantime, stay positive...err, we mean your Momma. :)

  2. Hang in there Corbin. I read some encouraging words in all that too. You are strong!

  3. Sending lots of love to you and your momma. I hope they can figure this out soon!
    p.s. weight loss or not, I still think you are super handsome (swoooon!)

  4. Hey Corbin, you certainly are loved by lots of people who care for you. Especially your Momma!! She is doing everything she can to help you get better and to find out what causes your ouchies. You are a strong and sweet dude! We wish you well and hope they finally find out the problem so they can fix you up so you can get back to your old self. :-)
    Ernie and the rest of the pack

  5. OK... I think this is sounding MUCH better. I will have my paws crossed fur a good plan. REST up today buddy.

    PeeS... I think your dad's idea about the foods is grrrreat too, butt I suppose you will have to make do with what your mom gives you. SIGH... WIMMEN!! They just don't understand us Guys, do they!!!!

  6. Good Grief! The meds are suppose to help not harm! Arg! >:( I'm glad you are feeling better Corbin! :) Hopefully your bump will clear things up some! Keepin you close in my thoughts pal.


  7. Saying prayers for you, Corbie! You are in great hands, though so I know Burnt Hills will help make you better...

  8. OoH dis is such WUNDERFUL news! We is doin' da boxer wiggle butt dance cuz we is so happy, well mom isn't dancin' but her is smiling!
    Hurry up and get stronger so we can all get together fur a play date!

    Oodles and oodles of luv from all of us!

    Maggie Mae, Max and mom

  9. I always nose dat you had a big heart but not this kind of big. Corbin, you need to get all better and please do it soon! I still has my paws crossed and Mom is sending more prayers.

  10. i've just posted this story of yours on G+ on the doggie circles. Hope someone will shed some light for you. Maybe just maybe someone has a dog somewhere who has these same symptoms.

    Its hard not to have answers. Many hugs to Corbin and you.


  11. Feel better Corbin! We know you're tough!

  12. Feel better Corbin! I think all daddys are alike and like to give their dogs as much food as the want!

  13. We are keeping our paws crossed for Big Dude.....we know you can overcome this - you have work to do remember - you are an ambassador for your breed and you can't let the side down.

  14. We are sure sending you our best healing purrs Corbin. I hope that ouchy mystery gets solve soon for you. Love ya pal!

  15. Corbin take it easy and do what your momma says. We all want you back to your normal happy excitable self really really really soon. Love Noodles

  16. im so gald you have such a great medical team working on you, take it easy and we are keeping yall in our prayers and our paws crossed, you are one brave dog mr corbin. xo

  17. Well, duh...of course you have a big heart. That's why you're such a great foster brother. Take care and rest. Our mom wanted your mom to know that she spent $250.00 on a giant bottle of rymadil for Ruby cuz "it's cheaper that way". Sheesh! What they won't do for us!!

    Love you, Corbin,

    -Bart and Ruby

  18. Everyone knows Corbin has a big heart, but this big heart is a different one, right? We are so glad you have so many people working so hard to make you better. Mom is wise to add more food more slowly so you don't get a sick tummy too. We keep crossing those paws and thinking good thoughts for you, Corbin.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Glad to hear some progress has been made. Go ahead and eat those 87 cups of food, Corbin!

  20. Corbin you're acting just like HER car. As soon as SHE takes it in with a problem, the problem disappears until it's away from the mechanic!

    Corbin, we still have our paws crossed. One of these days someone HAS to find out what is causing all of this.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. Oh Corbin, We have been so busy lately that we have not been able to visit everyone and I feel awful that we havn't been back to see you till now.

    My Vickie is very worried about you and we both want you to know that we love you and your blog and we are going to be keeping a special eye on you from now on.

    And we only want to hear Good News. So, if you'll work on that, you would make us very happy.

    Much Love
    Bert and My Vickie

  22. hey Corbin,

    Oskar sent me. I am furry happy to meet you! You are a very handsome pup! I am very sad to read of your health issues and wanted to stop by and let you know my paws are crossed for you. I will be sending you lots of healing thoughts and prayers that you are cured 100%!


  23. We continue to send you tons of AireZen, Corbin. We hope they figure all of this out for you soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. We're thinking of you, Corbin and sending lots of puggie juju your way. Let's home the bumpy thingy procedure will shed some lite on your health problems.

    Love ya big boy!
    Minnie and Mack

  25. Corbin, we love you too mate. We hope all this silly business gets sorted out real soon. Silly old Vet. We all could have told him you have a big heart. That was obvious, duh! Hugs to your mum and dad cause we know they must be worried. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  26. Well, I could have told your mommy you had a big heart and I wouldn't have charged a thing either. ha ha.... I hope you get better are in our thoughts and prayers, my friend....

  27. Corbin, I know your mommy must be so worried about you. We are too, but we know you will be fine, back to your happy non-skinny self soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. Poor baby, I hope you feel better soon! XOXO

  29. We agree you should see another specialist. Sounds. Weird
    Paws crossed fr you big boy
    Benny & Lily

  30. I hope that you start getting some answers soon! The not knowing can be the worst part -- especially for humans. We're thinking of you and pulling for you!


  31. Corbin, it just isn't fair, that they can't find out what's wrong with you my pal. I am sending a daily supply of magic healing bubbles and love. Mommy is praying and thank you for the updates, I worry about you.

    Loveys Sasha

  32. Of course you've a big heart, Corbin! Paws crossed for you!

  33. well at least you have some news and are feeling more alert!

    Stop on by for a visit

  34. I am the heart expert my pal. You ask me wot you need.....i ave lost quite a bit of weight on my meds and i am avin an extra porshun of food every day to make up for it. I used to weigh about 10kg and now i am about 8kg. Also i do say the meds make me lose my apytite for some foods too so a change is always good.