Monday, May 7, 2012

I walked for MS!

So, let me start the blog off with a negative experience -I know, I know, no fun for a Monday, but TRUST ME!  This blog post will end on a very positive note.

So, I'm hanging at the vets office last Thursday waiting for Dr. Mike to finish up my paper work.  This couple rounds the corner and I barked at them, so they asked if I was friendly.  The momma said that I was but I just like to talk - which I do.  So I was talking and licking their faces and hands while they pet me and it was super fun, right?  Well, the dude guy says to my mom "He's such a good looking dog and so friendly! What kind of dog is he?"  So the momma says "He's a pit bull." And Mr. Dude Guy, who was kneeling down petting me and letting me lick his face, stood up and took 3 steps backwards and wouldn't come near me again.  The nice lady kept petting me though and the momma told her how wonderful I was and that I was a canine good citizen and foster brother and it wasn't fair the people treated me differently based on my breed.
Mom, I wasn't done with his kisses.  Wtf.
It was a hard hit and the momma was pretty upset about it.  It's one thing for people to not approach me at all, but another thing entirely for me to be lovin' on someone and for them to react like that after they've been kissed by me!  But, the momma hopes he will at least think about that friendly brown goofy dog at the vets office the next time he hears the breed pit bull.

So, as the days have passed since Thursday, I have found myself feeling better and better.  Now, the momma signed us up to do a walkie for MS (Multipe Sclerosis) to support research on the disease and also someone the momma knows who has been battling this disease.  After my severe sickies last week, the momma decided she was going to do the walkie without me.  So, I kept showing her every day that I was ready to do the walkie!  I ate all my foods and gobbled up my medicines and finally Saturday night she said "Well, we'll see how you're feeling in the morning and what the weather will be like..."
Mom, I'm ready... let's do this!
Sunday morning came and I gave the momma lots of extra snuggles to warm her up.  She finally decided that I could come along!  I was so super excited!  So, she packed up my water dish and some treats and OFF we went!  The walk was just down the road from our house at my favorite park to go to walkies in.  When we got there, we met up with the momma's friend Ashley and her family, which included two little kids!  Avery is 8 years old and he totally loved me, and Blake will be 2 years old at the end of this month -so just a few months older than my Christopher!  I was such a good boy with the little kiddies.  I walked next to Avery a lot and he would pet me while we walked!  Cool kid, I tell ya!  I did steal Blake's bagel when it was all over with, but he forgave me.

There were lots and lots of people and I was very well behaved.  There were canes, walkers and wheel chairs - which I'm not used to seeing! The momma said it was a good experience for my therapy dog training - if we ever decide to do it.  So many people pet me and came up to the momma to tell her what a wonderfully well behaved dog I was and that I was the best behaved dog out of all the doggies that showed up to the walk!  They told her how great I was with the kiddies and how nicely I walked my mom on my leash and how I didn't care much about the other doggies walking -even though a few of them got right up in my face without being invited!
I'm an MS activist!
I am now a proud MS Supporter!  If you'd like to donate to our team, we'd really appreciate it!  Mom and I didn't raise any money yet, we just did the walkie to show our support.  We only did the 1 mile walkie because the momma didn't want me getting too tired out and over doing myself.
AND!  Guess what?!  We were just getting started on the walkie and part of my fan club were there too!  They were all "CORBIN!  SCOOBY!"  It was my furiend Mike and my grandpaw Jack!  They were there to walk to support MS too! It was all very exciting.  I can't wait until the momma signs us up to do another supportive walk!
Good boy restin' time...
Yippie for a great weekend!  Hope you all had a great one too!


  1. You and your human are so nice to do the MS walk. Especially after you have been kinda sick. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better.
    I am so sorry there are humans out there that would judge you by your breed. don't they know that just as many golden retrievers have bitten humns as other breeds.
    I think it is because the pit bull breed is so incredibly handsome/beautiful, society just cant handle it. So some of them have to be nasty.

    Take care Corbin.

  2. You are such a trooper to walk a mile for MS! Hope a lot of good money was raised for research. Job well done, Corbin!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. It's da media to blames fur hows dat man reacted to you. It is so unfairs to you but he sure has no idea what he be missin' out on withs da Corbin.

    Dude, I be so proud of you fur bein' ables to do dat walk afters all you has been through. You should be so very proud of yourself...I knows I am.


  4. Sounds like a fun walk, and for a great cause.

    And the man who backed away. It is so sad to see people act that way, especially after you showed him how great pit bulls can be. But it sounds like you may have changed the mind of the woman. And that is one person who may now understand how great pit bulls can be.

  5. So sad to hear that the person so rudely backed away. I am glad that you were feeling well enough to go on the walk. Sounds like you had fun and had a good treat too

  6. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, I hope that dude stepped in a pile of doggie poopie when he left the building! BWAR HAR HAR to that thought.
    Now, more important things...a huge congrats to you for your big MS walkie! I'm so glad you are feeling better. Good walkie, good bagel, good pets and furiends. What more could you ask for?!? :)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. I am so happy you were feeling wellmenough for that Corbin, that makes me smile!

  8. First, that man was just plain stupid. Did he think that after your kisses you'd go all Puddles on him? Fool. You ignore those folk and just be YOU.

    I am so glad to hear that you're feeling somewhat better. What a great thing you did to walk for a cause. That was awesome!

  9. You certainly don't need people like that in your life....just forget about it! Sounds like an AWESOME weekend!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS CORBIN... YOU GOT TO DO THE MS WALKIE!!! THAT is just superior news fur sure.

    Now about that "Man???"... I think it is grrrrreat that he backed away.
    "HE" doesn't DESERVE your kisses and the chance to pet YOU!

  11. Good job, Corbin!! I'm so glad that you felt like doing the walk.....and glad that you walked fur such a good cause!

  12. Very cool! I didn't know dogs could do the walk, but I think this is so great and it's great to be an activist.

  13. People can be so rude and ignorant....shame on him.

    That was so pawsome of you to walk for such a great cause. :)

  14. Too bad some humans have to be so stupid. We love you, Corbin.

    Great of you and Mom to do that walk. And we are so happy that you were able to keep up.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. So glad you showed the mom that you were all ready to walk!

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. How great that you were feeling so good to walk for a good cause. We are so happy for you Corbin.

    And as far as the guy at the vet, you just messed up his world and he's got to live with that!! YOU ROCK CORBIN!!

  17. Corbin, the guy at the vet was a jerk and not worth thinking about. I guess we doggies suffer prejudice just like the humans do. It stinks, you are the coolest dog, no matter what anyone says.

    I am so happy you felt good enough to go on the walky with your Mommy. I have a cousin with MS so it is impawtent to Mommy. Thanks Corbin and Mommy

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Good for you, Corbin! We are so very happy that you are feeling better!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Corbin, you are a star. Thanks for walking for MS. We have a family member with this so appreciate your efforts. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. What a silly dumb man. What a shame some people are so ignorant!

    I'm glad you had fun on your walk! It's great that you're feeling better.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. Hurray! I'm so glad you're feelin good enough to go on a walkie Corbin! :D Keep it up pal :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Some peeps are really daft eh? Shakin my head at the dufus dude.

  22. Fantastic to see you up and enjoyin yourself Corbin. Well done for suppawtin such a good cause. We sure would like some of them PB kisses one day. Woof.

  23. Wow, way to go!!! And pfft...some peoples are so stupid. When people see my cousin Amos they're like "Oh no, a pit bull" and we're like, it's his sister Lola the wonder corgi you need to watch out for!! BOL! Glad you're feeling better!!

  24. ugh, people make me sad. and angry. but enough about that--i'm so glad corbin was feeling well enough to go out for the MS walk!!

  25. Corbin! I am so happy to see you getting out and about and having adventures. That means you are feeling better, right?

    Sorry about that weird-o human. Ish. Duh. Like if she had said you were a labradoink then he would have liked you better?