Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let me show you my LOOT!

Santa called, he said I was a good boy.
Fork over the presents.
Yep, that's the stuff.
I KNEW I was a good boy.  All of this is for ME!
Ok, and some for Brookie too.
Mom & dad got me a new holiday collar from our friends at Sirius Republic!
I think it makes me look extra handsome for Christmas.
What the heck is up with my ear?
Oops... I guess the candy canes on the collar aren't for eatin'.
And LOOK at my new tag!  It says my name and momma's phone number.
Incase I ever get lost.  This is also from the great Sirius Republic.
What did you say mom?
That's not all???
If you turn my tag around, look what the back says!
Foster Brother Extraordinaire!
This was a gift for my Gotcha day :-)  Thanks M&D!
This is the rest of my stuff that I get to share with Brookie
while she's still with us.
Brookie??? Are you still with us???
She runs to her crate when the camera comes out, but she's still here!
I'll take one of these, thank you!
I also got a bungie lizzard!
3 new squeekie tennis balls!
A 16 squeeker alligator!
Most of the squeekers are gone already...
I also gots a Jolly Ball, but after I opened it, momma quickly said "that's an OUTSIDE toy!"  I got 6 days of doggie daycare! Lots of treats!  A rope ball that seemed to have disappeared.... More treats!  A frisbee toy that I have't had a chance to destroy play with yet! A rope toy for the lake next summer! And more treats!
I got to see my girls on the big day!
We played with the ribbons
We're pretty festive!
Then I got to spend the day at Grandma Lynda and Grandpaw Dave's!
With Uncle Harley and my Greta!
Grandma Lynda snuck us some Christmas cookies!
Shhh, don't tell my mom.
I'm sleepy just thinking about my busy day with all my toys and goodies!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!


  1. Yay Corbin!! love the collar! and your goodies! and the festiveness! and yay for Christmas cookies!!!
    <3 JBenz

  2. Corbin, you look even MORE handsome in your new collar and tag!!



  3. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, what a huge pile of pressies! It took up a whole peep-table. Golly. Love that 16 squeeker toy...never had one with that many to unsqueek! BOL Love the new collar and your tag is pawesome fur sure. Woohooo. You scored big!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. U are sooo lucky! Def foster brother extraordinaire!

  5. WOW FANCY!! What a haul, Corbin! You are such a good foster bro that Santa just dumped his bag at your house! Lucky, lucky you!

  6. What special loot!! Have fun!


  7. What great loot

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. What a haul, Corbin. We know you're really a good'd have to be to be so good to all the fosters.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. CORBIN... you DAWG you!! I am stunned with all that Santa Paws and your mom and dad gave to you. JUST STUNNED. NOT that you Don't deserve all of that.. butt it is just that.. well, WOW so much and so Special.. I have mad LOVE fur your new COLLAR.. and that TAG!!!!!!!!!!! Well that sort of explains WHY.. you TRULY DESERVE every single thingy that you received.

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! Corbin, you musta been extra, EXTRA good this year to gets all those Most Wonderful pressies! And it's very nice of you to share your treatsies with Brookie. (Which I bets means you'll get even MORE pressies next year for being so nice.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Such a well-behaved guy deserves such awesome gifts! Great pictures!

  12. Wow, Corbin! I'm pretty sure you got more pressies than I did for Christmas! Guess that means you were better behaved? bol

  13. OMD, Corbin, Santa Paws must has brought a whole sleigh full just fur you! Hey, your snazzy new howliday collah has the same candy canes on it wot my snazzy howliday bandananana had on it. We be all matchy!

  14. Your candy cane collar is awesome! I'm glad Santa was so good to you. I hope you can make some of that loot last!

    I love that picture of you and the girls in your holiday finery!


  15. What a haul! You are one lucky boy, Corbin! You will never be bored now!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. What a lovely loot! I'm a bit jealous now. Santa was good to me but wasn't that good like yours.

    You look so handsome with your candy cane collar!!!


  17. You sure did get a lot of cool pressies. I have two of those squeaky alligators and love them.

  18. That is QUITE the haul you've got there Corbin! Pretty nice of you to share with Brooke, too! Looks like you had a super fun day! Are there any stuffings or squeakers left in any of those toys??? BOL!

    The Road Dogs