Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Mr. President...

This is not such a wordless Wednesday (Plus, Dad hasn't fixed the camera cord yet, so no Christmas pictures!)... My momma brought it to my attention that Mr. Present called the Eagles owner and thanked him for hiring Michael Vick.  Click Here for the link.  Here's what I have to say... (it's really from momma and me... mostly the momma)

Dear Mr. President,

Please explain to me why you believe that Jeffrey Lurie deserves a "Congratulations" for hiring Michael Vick.  I would LOVE to know your whole thought process on this entire conversation.  Instead of giving thanks for allowing that piece of trash a second chance at fame, you should be showing your gratitude to those rescues who volunteered their time, their own money, those who spent countless hours rehabilitating those dogs that HE ruined.  You should be congratulating those people who fought to keep these dogs alive, who fought to give those DOGS a second chance.  Being in the NFL is a privilege... it should be reserved for people who are positive role models for the children watching them.  Michael Vick knew what he was doing to those dogs was wrong... he knew, and he continued to do it.  He's only sorry that he got caught.  How would you feel, Mr. President, if Michael Vick took YOUR dog, grabbed it by the ankles and slammed its body into the ground over and over until it gave up and died?  Then threw it into a cold hole in the ground and forgot about it.  Would you be calling someone and thanking them for giving him a second chance, then?  Doubtful.  Mr. President, take a few hours out of your busy schedule (you had enough free time to call the coach of the Eagles, you should have enough free time to read) and read the book "The Lost Dogs."  Read their story... read the real things that happened to them, the awful life they were forced to live and the difficult time they had realizing there was a better life out there for them.  Read about the people who helped these dogs.  Read about the awful person Michael Vick is.

The thankful part of this story is that those dogs were given a second chance.  Those innocent dogs were shown that life isn't as horrible as it once was for them.  They didn't choose to be abused by Michael Vick and his associates, they were there with no escape, without knowing that a better life existed.  Michael Vick made the choice, he chose over and over again to abuse those dogs. To force them to tear the flesh off of other dogs.  He chose to brutally kill them when they didn't fight. 

The real story here isn't about Michael Vick.  It's about the dogs.  It's about the uphill battle they had to fight.  It's about the volunteers who gave their time to help them.  It's about using these dogs to change the minds of many about the breed people are so scared of.  It's showing people that even when raised in the God awful circumstances, these dogs are still wonderful.  They're not vicious, they're not blood hungry... they're dogs.  Happy, loving, caring dogs.  And shame on you, Mr. President, for thanking Mr. Lurie.  Shame on you for giving Michael Vick any more positive attention than he deserves.  Shame on you for losing light of the dogs that had to suffer because of him. 

An animal lover, Jenn... and her pitbull, Corbin
I'm disappointed, Mr. President.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled Corbin Program tomorrow :o)


  1. Amen! I could say a whole lot more but I will leave it at that.

  2. it;s my third time hearing this name Michael Vick. I hope he will get his well deserved punishment. We believe there is someone that is watching over all our furriends and those who exploits the innocents of these creatures will eventually get their fair share..

  3. Right on Corbin's mama!! I escaped from a bad place that did BAAAAAD things to dogs. I was lucky to survive and find a family willing to help me learn that not all people are bad.

    I no longer have any respect for President Obama.


  4. Oh Corbin! Oh Jenn!
    We hadn't heard about this yet -
    Mr. Obama is NOT OKAY in our book any longer..
    I mean what the......????

  5. Shame on you Mr. President!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. That's a very good letter. We are so upset about him, we would not have been able to put it as nice as you did. SHAME on that President. Of all millions of people he could have thanked, he picked a dog killer's team for giving him a 2nd chance. That is just too strange for us. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. Bravo. (Fur the momma, NOT the president - and yes, I pawed that "p" that in lower case coz he not be deserving of upper case in these cirusstances.)

  8. We are with you Jenn and Corbin! And shame on the CEO of the ASPCA, Wayne Purcell, for publicly saying he thought that Michael Vick should be allowed to have another dog.
    It just kills me, that when you are a star athlete, how quickly you can be 'rehabilitated'.
    I used to believe in the ASPCA, but no longer....And for the President, well, he should go have another cigarette and take a time out!

    Wyatt's Mom

  9. Don't even get us started on the president!!

    Elyse and Riley

  10. BRAVO, my friend, BRAVO! That letter should be hand delivered to Mr. President by YOU! I could not believe it when I heard about it the other day! WHY would anyone want to give that man praise....I would NOT want anyone looking up to him for the terrible things he did! Maybe they should go the the prisons and take some really bad guys out of there and let them play football too. Some might be just as good! What in the world was he thinking? The only reason I could watch the game last night was to see him get sacked! I wanted him to get sacked everytime he got on the field! Oh dear....I must stop or this rant could go on all day....Great post!

  11. We sure do agree Corbin. Let's sign a petition. It's sicking and makes momma say bad words
    Benny & Lily

  12. Preach it Mama!! Mom did laugh last night each time EMV got drilled into the ground and hurt...hee hee....

  13. Pmum here....
    I read it on the CNN blog and was pretty disturbed by this. I do not talk politics on the blogs however, being the president I find what he did very irresponsible.
    My husband lives and breathes talking politics so our conversation regarding this was very...colorful to say the least.
    I will never condone anyone giving praise to Michael Vick.
    Wonderfully written post.
    And Puddles says Cheers as she holds her beer up to toast to this.


  14. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  15. Sounds like Australia, if your are a sportsman, you are forgiven anything!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. I think that Daisy, Kendra, & Bella just hit this issue on the nailhead. If he were NOT a BALL PLAYER he would have been strung up (rightly so) fur what he did... and I can assure you the President of the United States would NOT have been in his corner.
    THERE ARE TWO PROBLEMS HERE. 1. The horrible dog fighting and 2. SPORTS... of all types... have taken over in this country. When a BALL PLAYER is paid WAY more than a TEACHER ... this is what you get for your money!!!!

  17. Ma and I saw the article yesterday about "Mr. President" calling Vick to congratulate him and we were appalled! Nevermind all those people who think he deserves another chance at being able to own another dog...or any pet for that matter!

    We cannot let everyone forget what he did to those poor dogs at Bad Newz Kennels! I just posted about Vick in my 'Year in Review' post...lest people start getting apathetic!

    Thanks for sharing your point of view!
    Your furiend, Oz

  18. I had no idea about this! Thank you for sharing this! Gosh it sends chills through me. Obama has the time to call that team owner to thank him for hiring a dog killer. Well to be honest I am not surprised coming from him. I really respect you for standing up for the Pibbles.

  19. Good for you - good for you for calling out the president, the coach, and Michael Vick. They all deserve the shame this letter induces and you're absolutely right on all points. Thanks for sharing with all of us so we can pass along to our friends who think the same. Kudos!

  20. When I read that the Prez thanked the coach for giving Michael Vick a second chance, it made me sick. Why should he deserve a second chance?

    I agree 110% with everything you've posted here.

  21. Amen, Corbin! Well said, buddy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. I couldn't agree more! At least they got beat last night. :)

  23. Way to go, CorbinMomma! As you prolly guessed, my momma is...what was the word she used?...INCENSED that the POTUS would take time to congratulate that guy on hiring MV. My mom is just sick in her heart about this and doesn't understand how people can just forget what happened now that he's famous again. My mom says that sometimes it's hard not to lose faith in the whole wide world.

    Mayzie (and her mom)

  24. This just isn't right, why would he ever think of making that call.


  25. We have to wonder what would happen if every dog lover in the country mailed a copy of The Lost Dogs to the White House. It's very disappointing that our president was so short-sighted in this case.

    Bunny and her mom

    Can we please sign a petition on this.
    This was not a clever move by the President.

  27. You know, I was so afraid of this happening, that Michael Vick would come back and be a great football star and everyone would love him again and forget about all of the horrible things he did.

    Not happy with the President for this one.

  28. You said what everyone else has been thinking. I can't believe Mr. Pres did such a thing.

  29. The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Just in case you needed it.

    woof - Tucker

  30. Well said my friend. What a disgusting thing to happen. Vick should have to endure the same things those poor puppies had to.

  31. We have not watched a game since the NFL permitted 'him' bakhk -

    AND being E***** fans of the past, we will NEVFUR watch them again -

    He doesn't get 'it'
    He still doesn't think he did 'wrong'

    Like the others, I hope one day he gets to experience all the same khrap he did to them

    Khyra The Snowless Siberian

  32. We're just back from our Christmas hiatus and we're trying to catch up. We sure agree POTUS put his foot in his mouth with this call. Decidedly not thought through, totally unnecessary screw up. The alleged purpose was to commend 2nd chances for ex-cons, but we cannot believe there weren't better examples out there he could have picked; like an ex-con doing some good in the community [without being under court order] instead of racking up more million dollar paydays for himself.

    Just read about Bethany: so glad she is improving. She is clearly feeling safer with a wonderful big brother like you, Corbin!

    So sorry about your uncle Harley. Abby has chronic pancreatitis and mama has to watch her diet very closely. Abby has occasional flare-ups, but she mostly does well on a lifetime VERY low fat diet, which also limits the kinds of treats and bones she can have. We sure hope uncle Harley feels better and stays better.

    Jed & Abby

  33. Very well said Jenn and Corbin!

  34. This is the first I have heard of this. I am pretty disappointed now as well. Even though he is not my president his words have impact across the world and affect the minds of people here in Canada. I expected better.

    Thanks for posting about this, Corbin.

  35. Today is tomorrow and there is not yet a post from you mr. corbin!!!

  36. Here here! Mom has been so p*****d over the whole thing. How about thanking a veterinarian for stitching together a dog hit by a car, or a shelter for taking time to pet their charges, or a scientist for creating a new vaccine? I realize we should forgive and forget, Mr. Vick has struck at something deep in Mom's soul - he needs to earn her respect.


  37. Hellos...hellos...wheres you at?
    Hmmmmmmm, hope everything is okays.