Monday, December 20, 2010

365 Days of Corbin...

Well, actually 366 because one year ago yesterday was the first day that I stepped paws into MY house.  Most of you know my story, so I'm going to give a quick version for those who don't, then I'm going to celebrate by showing pictures of my 365 days of heaven new life.  You better grab a nice cup of hot cocco and some cheeto's for this one...

I'm going to tell my story a little different this time... this is the story my momma tells me about how I came into her life.  So, her and dad bought a house in June of last year... they spent a few months fixing it up before moving in in October.  Mom knew it was going to be very hard for her to not have a dog because she grew up always having an animal (or 2... or 3, even 4!).  Well, dad had never had an animal, of any kind!  So mom wasn't sure how he'd react to having a dog.  They planned on waiting a few months before trying it, but mom couldn't take it and started contacting rescue groups.  She decided on fostering at first, because that would mean they would be able to try things out and didn't have to keep the dog if it didnt work out.  So mom saw a really cute, cuddly border collie mix pup that was at Homeward Bound, she knew she didn't want a puppy, but he was just so cute, he drew her to that rescue.  And because that's what she wanted... a border collie mix (HAHAHA).  She talked to a few people and decided to stop by their clinic the following Saturday to check things out and get some more information.  The lady assured my mom that they wouldn't be needing foster homes until mid-January when they were expecting a transport. 

So, the night before the clinic, mom and dad had some friends over and they had lots of beer and cheeto's (true story).  Mom woke up late and made everyone breakfast then realized that it was 12:45 and the Homeward Bound clinic ended at 1pm.  So she hurried up and ran out of the house and made it to clinic 5 minutes before they were closing.  Mom talked to the nice lady who she spoke to on the phone and she went over everything a foster parent did... then this brown goofy dog (ME!) ran up to mom.  He was just so cute and good looking, mom just had to pet him.  His foster mom, Heather, introduced herself and the brown blobby, wiggly dog next to her.  She said that along with him, she had another pitty puppy at home who needed hip surgery (EMMETT!).  She said that brown goofy crazy dog was going to be boarded at the pet lodge for Christmas and for her other puppy's surgery.  So mom said, well okay... he's super cute and it's just a foster.  So she agreed and Heather put crazy brown nutcase dog in the car and followed mom home.  On the way, mom called dad and asked if he was still home, he said he was and asked why.  And mom said "Well.... Corbin is coming over and I want you to meet him."  Dad was NOT very happy with the news he just heard from mom and said "WHAT?!  You SAID you were NOT coming home with a DOG today!!!"  And mom said "I know, I know, BUT he'll be put in the pet lodge for Christmas AND the other foster that his foster mom has needs to have surgery on his hip, so he'll be in the pet lodge for his recovery!  We can't let him be alone for Christmas..."  So dad said "UGH!  Ok... what kind of dog is he, how big and how old?"  And mom said "uhhh... well... he's a pit mix... and he's 6 months... and he's about 45 lbs"  then dad said "pit... pit as in pit BULL?"  and mom said yes... so dad said "JENN!!!!!!!! YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T WANT A PIT BULL!!!  AND you said you DIDN'T want a PUPPY! AND you said you wanted a SMALLER dog!!!!"  So mom said "I know, I know, I know, but WAIT until you meet him!  He's very handsome, so we won't have him for long... he's JUST a foster dog!"  So dad got angry and said OK and hung up the phone... so mom arrived home and Heather was right behind her... So, brown crazy goofy wack dog comes in the house.  He was running round like a lunatic... down the hall way, on the bed, on the couch, onto the other couch... and he just kept going.  Heather was telling mom that he didn't go on the furniture... and as she said that, he was in mid leap onto the couch!  He didn't stop running through the house and mom started thinking "Oh. My. God.  What did I get myself into."  So Heather finally left to go get the rest of his stuff.... as soon as she left, he did a final leap onto the couch, curled into a ball and fell asleep.  Mom joined him on the couch and cuddled with him... that's when she knew that this wasn't such a bad thing and that he just needed some time to adjust.  Dad left to run some errends and mom spent a lot of time with her new foster.
If you haven't figured it out already... Mom's new foster
was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  Corbin!
Dad warmed up really quickly -how could he not?!  Mom says after she got to know me, she knew I knew I was HOME that day.  When I go to new places, I don't settle down, I'm so excited I run around everywhere and only settle and relax at home.  That day when I arrived home, I settled so quickly and I really know that this was my place. 

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way... here are some pictures from my first year in my furever home!
This was one of my first nights home.  I used to be able to curl
up on mom's stomach and that's how we'd watch TV
(Mom says to please excuse the awful picture of her)
These were my Christmas presents!  Mom said Santa didn't
go all out because I was just a foster at the time and he wasn't
sure how long I'd be staying. Silly Santa.
We lost heat a few times, so mom kept me warm with
one of her sweatshirts.
I could always make her laugh!
I gave mom lots of kisses to show how much I love her.
I really enjoyed taking over their bed.
And I learned how much I didn't like mom when she
gave me a bath!
I protected my new family as best as I could and always
kept a watch out!
Didn't take long to learn how comfy dads legs were!
I took lots of naps.
I helped mom with 5 fosters, this is Belle.
This is LeeLou -now known as Layla
This is Abby... she was so beautiful! She liked to give me kisses
I learned how to be a boatin' dog
And I loved to give everyone kisses!
This is my Aunt Miss. Katie!
I even gave kisses to people I didn't know!
I celebrated my first birthday!
And totally showed that duck who was boss!
I learned how to swim!
And really enjoyed swimming myself, hehe!
I took more naps...
Enjoyed ice cream!
Gave mom major guilt trips when she did homework
I really enjoyed rides in the firebird
 Made lots of friends
I popped lots of balls
Played a lot with Emmett
Helped Dad play Super Mario Bros for the Wii
Tried to get my laundry basket to fly...
This was me enjoying my couch before I ate it.
Some people don't think animals can show gratitude or feel greatful.  Apparently, they've never met me.  I'm grateful everyday for the second chance I got at life. 
Thank you, Mom & Dad for giving me the best 365 days
I could have ever asked for!

I also got a new foster sister last night, and I won a contest that I have to tell you about! And I have to tell you about the transport Khyra did for me! And a whole bunch of other stuff that I did to celebrate my 365 days of love.  I'll tell ya about it tomorrow!

Later Dudes!


  1. Oh Corbin your story is awesome! Here is to many more years to come!

    woof - Tucker

  2. CORBIN! What a great story, and one that I hope so many read and learn from! you are truly a wonderful dog who was absolutely given a second chance at life! One of the lucky ones!!

  3. Corbin that was a great story! I loved reading it from your mom's side. And thanks for including the pic of us- pretty cool dude!! I am sick so hopefully we can get together after xmas so I can give you a pressie that I picked out for you!!

  4. Oh Corbin, I'm so glad your mom decided to "foster" you - that was the "in" you needed to show her you were her boy!! What a great story!

  5. What a great Christmas story! I bet you were their best gift ever!

    We can't wait to hear what else has been going on.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. What a great story...You knew you'd be a forever dog as soon and you walked in the door didn't silly pup.

  7. Corbin what a super story. How could some buddy not fall in love with your adorable face. Looks like your forever home is the best. Happee 365
    Benny & Lily

  8. what a super fun year you had Corbin!!

  9. Thanks Corbin, I enjoyed reading your story and the photo's
    Happy Gotcha Day
    See Yea George xxx

  10. Dude, we so did ALL know we woz not "just fosters" way afore our hoomans knowed. We just let them think they be smarter. So, how long did it take you to wrap your dad around your little paw? Dads getting mad and saying no do be a guy thing and they get ofur it. Happy Gotcha Day!

  11. Yay! Happy Gotcha Day! You make all of us laugh too. The blogging world wouldn't be the same without you.

  12. Corbin,

    Lincoln laughs about mom thinking he could just be a foster too. haha.

    Glad you found your forever home.


    Minnie Moo

  13. It's great when peoples fail at fostering so they become permanant homes!! Foster failing is awesome!!

  14. Hi Corbin, what a fabulous story. It made me laugh when your Dad said 'you weren't going to bring a dog home today'. Ha ha. As if. One look at you and that wasn't an option. Good on your Mum. No worries, love Carol.

  15. Corbin... Doooooooode. You just had your Furst Gotcha Day!!! CONGRATULATIONS on pickin out some good peeps fur yourself.
    I used to have a pontoon boat...
    I know how much fun those thingys are... is yours on a lake like mine was??Swimmin... in the furs is grrrrrreat isn't it.
    Whooooooie what a grrrreat 366 days you have had. I am sooooo glad that you chose peeps with a computer so you could get to know all of us... and we could get to know YOU.
    Hip Hip HoooooooRay fur your Gotcha DAY!!!

  16. Awesome story, my friend! Happy Gotcha Day! Party on!

  17. Thanks are a great friend! Happy to have you as the 2nd biggest Vikings fan. Tonight will be very interesting. My shipment of snow is in Minneapolis right now and causing a HUGE mess! Don't think this is going to be very good! Can't believe the shipment went out a day early....

  18. Oh, Corbin! That was prolly one of the bestest stories I ever heard! Aren't dads cute when they think they can gets their way when our moms have made up their minds about something? You did a real good job of letting your mom and dad know that you were there to stay.

    Happy, happy One Whole Year in Your Furever Home Day! You sure have done lots of wonderful and exciting stuff. I can't wait to see what happens in the year that's coming up!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. What a great post!

    Of khourse, the paws were the perfekht touch!

    It was just so freakin' khool the transport done on YOUR day with GEORGE The Khutie!

    Of khourse, he roached himself out of the shirt he had one! It made Mom laugh SO much!

    Here's to many many more Corbin Days!


  20. What an awesome story, Corbin! We are so happy that you have the best forever home!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Wishing you many more great years ahead! :)

  22. Corbin...I am a moron! I read bouts your Gotcha Day over at Kyhra's but was thinking it was dis coming Monday!
    Anyways, HAPPY FURST GOTCHA DAY!!!!! Dis is so excitin! You hves come along way and I just loves to read stories like yours...makes you believe in humanity mores.
    Your poor dad should haves none dat was gonna be a loosin' battle withs your mom...hehehe!


  23. Happy Gotcha Day! What a fabulous year for all of you. I am fond of that ice cream photo.


  24. We have never read your story before but thanks for telling us because it was so touching! I'm so glad your dad warmed up to you soon!!! You are a lucky boy, Corbin!
    We can't wait to hear all about your new foster sis and presents!!!

  25. Great story! And we loved all your pictures. Peeps are funny when they 'have to think about it' when we KNOW straight away!

    Can't wait for the next chapter.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  26. Love your story and love your pictures!!!
    I'm so glad you found your home with Jenn and Adam :)

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Corbin! It was fun to see all those pictures of you from the past year. I'm so glad you found your furever home.

  28. You look so scrawny in those earlier photos; you have filled-in quite nicely. It's funny that I never wanted a pitbull either, but I guess you never know until you meet the right dog.

  29. Happy Happy Gotcha Day, Corbin! You have an amazing story and we are all so happy you found your forever home and joined us in blogland! These pictures are great. Of course, my favorites are the ones of you on the couch because the couch is my all time favorite place to be.

    Your pal, Pip

  30. Oh Corbin, what a beautiful story! We loved hearing it through your eyes the best - you are one very lucky pup who is loved lots, but we can also say the same about your mom and dad too - very lucky and very loved. It has been our pleasure to become your blogging furiends.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  31. What a great story and a very, very Happy Gotcha Day to you. It's so lucky for your Mom and Dad that you found them. I think you must make them very, very happy.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  32. sounds like an awesome year for one very lucky puppy! i love all the photos!

  33. Happy Gotcha Day, Corbin!! Humans...they're so easy to trick! BOL Loved, loved, loved your story!

  34. What an awesome story Corbin! Isn't it cool how things work out. So when Mom thought she was bringing home a dog instead she came home with a Corbin. I think that is cool!! How could anyone not love that cute face and that wiggly butt?? Happy Gotcha Day Corbin!!

    Foster Dog??? BOL

  35. What can I say. You are irresistible Corbin!

  36. Awesome story and a pawsome year !! We have to say it was a super fruitful year for you and your family!!

    We wish you tonnes more to come !!

    lots of love
    Zelle and family