Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank you

I wanted to extend my heart felt thanks to every single one of our readers.  Your support and kind words during our last difficult post meant more than I can express.  I'm very glad I decided to write the post, I felt it was important to share the difficult side to rescue and the hard decisions we're sometimes faced with.  But, more importantly, the support I received back was so amazing and very comforting while I processed and grieved what had happened, it was very helpful.

I've had some time to relive, review and rethink every aspect of Bree's time with us.  I've tried to figure out what I could have done differently or what I could learn from this situation so I could hopefully prevent it in the future... what I've come away with is that I'm very confident in my decision, for the safety of other animals and other people, and the safety and sanity of Bree... and the lesson I've learned is that I can't save them all.  We have taken in many difficult dogs and successfully fostered them and adopted them out, but the risk to fostering and adopting out a dangerous dog is too great.  For the time she was with us, Bree had a better life than she had ever experienced.  She had moments of pure happiness and joy.  She had a full belly and she was surrounded with love.  We couldn't be successful in rehoming her, but we were successful in letting her know she had a home and she had love.  And, this time, that was all we could do.

So, thank you again.  Your words filled a void in my heart and helped me along in my healing process.  I'm forever grateful for your love and support.

It's taken me some time to regroup, but we'll be back to blogging soon.


  1. Glad the comments helped - one thing that goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) is that this blogging community is so supportive and encouraging - especially in the hardest times.

  2. It is the hardest lesson - that you can't save them all - but you can make every moment they have wonderful and you did that with Bree - you gave her the best in the time you and she had - but we agree - no matter what you can not risk other dogs or people around an aggressive dog.

  3. Blogville Always comes through when the going gets rough.

    Your decision was DIFFICULT... but you know that it was best for all involved . We are talking about a breed that is SO maligned in the press and on the news and between... general population face to face discussions. There was no way that you would have allowed THEM another chance to point fingers and add fuel to their fires.
    Dear Sweet Bree could NOT help what she was NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR... it was the folks who... did not know what they were doing...With and TO her that made her so..... uncomfortable with life. I Applaud YOU for recognizing that she Deserved PEACE. Sincerely, Lana

  4. Blogville is here for you. A lot if support here
    Lily & Edward

  5. You did what you knew to be the very best thing. We love you, Corbin's mama!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Your post about Bree brought me to tears. We are all here for you, and we understand.

  7. I cried reading your post about Bree and got teary reading this one today! Please know that you have a HUGE support group behind you and we understand how you feel. Your decision wasn't an easy one but ultimately, you showed Bree what love was and that's what she'll remember when she's running free with her buddies at the Rainbow Bridge! Stay strong, hug Corbin & Amelia, and please don't be hard on yourself - you are a HERO, really and truly. HUGS!!!