Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Corbin Health Update!

A blog?  A Blog!  I think I see a blog!!!
I do! I do!

Totally sorry for the promise of a blog, then the absence of a Corbin, again.  But, here it is.  Here is a BLOG!  I have a few things to update you on in the coming days –hopefully! BOL!  But, today I’m going to update you on my health situation.
I tell the momma, see, I'm just fine.
As you all know, I’ve had the mystery back ouchies for a little over two years now.  For the most part, they’re under control, but recently we had to increase my prednisone from 5 mg once a day to 5 mg twice a day.  The momma says I’ve just slowed down a bit and she can tell that some movements make me uncomfortable.  So, twice a day has seemed to help. 
A not-so-recent picture of my missing toe.

My missing toe has healed up super nicely and it hasn’t had much effect on my daily livings.  I look a little bit like a pigeon foot, but oh, well.  Such is a Corbin I suppose.
Awkward feets.
My flat footed issue seems to depend on the day.  Some days I’m completely flat footed and the momma gets scared.  Other days, I’m not so bad.  She’s kind of figured out that the more tired I am, the more flat footed I am.  And, when my energy or adrenaline is up, my feet are better. 
My view on seizures.
Two weeks ago I had a bit of a seizure type episode.  Scary, I know.  It wasn’t one of those awful shaking ones, but more of a trance that I couldn’t get out of and my body was very ridged and my eyes were fixated straight ahead and my breathing was very rumbled and labored.  It happened just as we went to bed one night, the momma thought I was growling at something, but soon realized something wasn’t right.  She came and sat down in my dog bed with me and stroked my back until my breathing started to return to normal and I sort of snapped out of it.  And, once I snapped out of it, I was back to normal and my tail was wagging and I was excited that the momma was snuggling in my bed with me.  She talked to Dr. Mike about it and concluded it was most likely some sort of seizure.  So, we’re going to wait and see if anything else like that happens again.  Hopefully not.
See that nasty dot in the middle of my ghost patch?
Last week the momma was home sick for 3 whole days!  It was nice to have her home to snuggle with, but I think she started to forget that all the attentions in the house hold should be on me.  So, last Friday I made sure she noticed the big nasty red spots on my chest and legs.  Off to the vet we went!  Turns out, I had a skin infection!  Yep, so I’ve been on antibiotics, which have thankfully helped! 
Never a dull moment in the Corbin house!


  1. Oh.... Corbin what we say. We are sending lots of purrrrs that all those ailments will go away and leave you alone. Hope you feel lots better and peppier soon...

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  2. You've certainly had some health issues to deal with lately, I hope everything is ok now!

  3. How dare your mom pretend to have the sickies to take the spotlight off of you! Way to go on getting the skin infection to show her what real sickies look like!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. All joking aside... we think you have had your fill of the sickies and need to get rid of all of them! Be well, Corbin! We have our paws crossed that all sickies will soon be gone.

  4. Not the sort of Corbin excitement that one looks forward to. While I'm sure the mama is a bit stressy over your various conditions, sounds like you aren't troubled at all.

    That's part of what mama's are for. They worry so you don't have to.


  5. OH CORBIN.... We think that you are just the most Stoic Guy in all of Blogville. You just Roll with the Punches that Life keeps sending your way. You are quite a guy.

  6. Corbin Corbin - Dude - you are supposed the be the big strong dog and not get sickies

  7. Oh Corbin you poor baby. We always think about you. Hope everything gets under control. You sure look good though
    Lily & Edward

  8. Corbin - you are toooooo much! I know you have a lot of ouchies and assorted problems but I am pretty sure you give back that much and more in love.
    Love Noodles

  9. Oh, Corbin! You poor thing. If it's not one thing, it's another. I hope you and your mama are feelin' better now.

  10. We are crossing our paws that the seizure never happens again, Corbin! We love the picture of you and Amelia snuggling.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Howdy Studly. Hope everything goes smoothly for you mate. Sickies aren't fun at all. Hope your mum is feeling better now. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. Oh Corbin, not a dull moment fursure! Your toe looks FABulous and I am glads it hasn't interfered with your runnin' and stuffs. I hopes you are tip top soon and I am sendin' tons of POTP to you!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Hi Corbin! We do hope you feel better soon. We are sending you and your Mom lots of healing vibes from all of us.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  14. The toe (or lack thereof) looks good buddy! Melvin and Corbin have similar chest/stomachs - I call it the prednisone effect! It's adds to their handsomeness!

  15. You are a very handsome boy, Corbin! It is so nice to meet you, and we hope you are feeling well very soon! :)

  16. Sending you lots of hugs and healing vibes xx

  17. Ope dis find yoo well Corbin my pal…yoo haz a ruff time wiv da elffs but I kno yoo be big and tuff and kikkin da butts of the problums….

  18. OMD Corbin, you do be keeping your mom hopping. Me and my sis Sydney always have mom freaking out now that we be old seniors with always sumpin going wonky. In fact, rumor has it we BOTH be going to the V-E-T tomorrow. But you is not a senior so you best pace yourself and save some things fur when you be old geezers like us, k?