Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Story of a Corbin

I've told my story many times before, they way I see it, the way the momma sees it... you've heard it if you've been hanging around here long enough.  But, I'm going to tell my story again today for a very special reason, and for those who might not know it.
How I became the most handome Corbin that ever was.
I was bought at 6 weeks old and lived with my owners until I was 4 months.  I had my leg broken by the bigger dog in the house hold when I was 8 weeks and after 2 months of crate rest, it was finally decided that I was just too crazy and my owners couldn't deal with me.  So, they brought me to the shelter and left me there.
From my shelter days.
At the shelter, I went out of my mind.  I was stuck in a kennel and wasn't able to love on people the way I wanted to.  I jumped and barked and jumped some more.  I ended up hurting my ACL and the shelter didn't have the funds to care for me.  They reached out to a few rescues in the area, pleading my case so someone would save me from euthanasia.  Homeward Bound stepped up and agreed to take me in.  My angels, Heather and Jen, came and took me away from the shelter.  I lived with Heather for 10 days, which is where I met my best friend Emmett, who was my foster brother.  We were both available for adoption through Homeward Bound.  Emmett had his own sad story and Heather knew it would be difficult to keep two high energy, playful puppies while Emmett went through his necessary surgeries.  I went to see a specialist and was placed some crate rest, hoping my ACL would heal up on it's own.  I'll save you the worry, it healed up just fine and Emmett was adopted by Heather.
My brotha from anotha motha, Emmett
Heather brought me to two adoption events.  I was crazy.  At the second adoption event, Heather and I were getting ready to pack things in when Heather over heard one of the volunteers chatting with someone about fostering.  Heather butted into the conversation and said that I could really use a new foster home since I'd have to be boarded for the holidays and for two weeks when Emmett had his surgery.  Well, the nice lady couldn't bare to see my crazy brown self boarded for the holidays, so she agreed to take me home.  Heather followed her to the house to do a proper home visit before she could be approved to foster.
Hey Lady, this is my house now, forever. Get me out of this silly bandana.
When we arrived, the nice lady led us into the house.  I stepped my paw through that door and I was home.  I just knew it.  I ran around like a crazy dog, testing out my 4-paw drive on the hardwood floors and jumping on every piece of furniture there was.  I almost knocked over the Christmas tree!  I sure did give the nice lady a scare and she wasn't quite sure what she had gotten herself into by bringing me home.  But, Heather left to get some of my things and I settled right in for a nap on the nice lady's lap.
My name is Corbin, don't adopt me... I'm in my foster forever home.
That nice lady is my momma.  She took me to many adoption events and worked very hard on my behaviors and taught me many tricks.  I knew I was home already, but it took her and dad 2 whole months before they would admit I adopted them.  You see, my dad never had a pet his entire life.  And, the momma?  Well, she had many pets growing up -dogs, cats, hermit crabs, horses... you name it, she loved it.  But, she didn't know a lick about Pit Bulls.  The first day she brought me home she didn't know what to do with me.  Was it safe to take me for a walk? Or to the pet store?  The next day was a Sunday and, since dad had already fallen in love with me, he wanted the momma to take me to watch football.  The momma wasn't quite sure if I would try to eat everyone there, but decided to take me and keep a leash on me.  It didn't take me long to show the momma that I was just a dog.  Just like any other dog.  I loved everyone there and gave out lots of smoochies and she had nothing to worry about.  I was a lover.
This is my family.  I changed their lives.
Not only did I open the momma's eyes to the wonderful love a Pit Bull brings, but I let her view a world where so many animals didn't have homes and were euthanized because of it.   Once I was settled and had some training under my collar, the momma decided to pay it forward and I became a foster brother.  Since my adoption, I have been a foster brother to 29 wonderful dogs.  29 dogs that may not have had the chance to find their forever families if we weren't there for them. 
I share my home and my yogurt.
I hope you enjoy following along with me in my forever home and I hope you enjoy meeting all of my foster siblings and getting to know them along their journey.  I know you all fall in love with them just as much as we do.
On October 19th, the momma will be joining many other animal advocates in the Bow Wow Cupcake run.  This will be the momma's second year running in this event.  This year, she will be raising money specifically for Homeward Bound -the rescue that saved my life, the rescue that saved all of my foster siblings, and the rescue Amelia is currently available for adoption through.  Homeward Bound is an all volunteer, non profit rescue that relies solely on adoptions and donations.  The momma would like to double her goal from last year and is hoping to reach $500 green papers to hand over to Homeward Bound.   And, to put it in perspective, $500 is just about what it has cost the rescue to get Amelia the medical care she has needed for her heart.
If you donate green papers, foster momma will give us noms.
We understand times are tight for everyone, but if you have any extra funds to spare, please consider donating to the momma's fund raising efforts!  Help us help as many furry four legged pups we can!  If you're able to donate, you can do so online HERE.  There is also a form you can fill out and mail in with your donation if you're not a big fan of online payments.  Every amount counts!
I thank you from the bottom of my happy heart!
& the momma, too!


  1. Awwww Corbin, you have such a wonderful survival story, it fills my heart to know how happy you are in your forever home and that you and your Momma help other doggies that like you, had a bit of a rough start to life! I love following your Blogging adventures and seeing your smiling face even if its just out in the garden, relaxing on your bed or going to the lake, it makes me happy to see your wonderful life and hear your stories! Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank xxxxxx

  2. Oddly enough, I've been following your adventures for over a year and still hadn't read your story. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Oh Corbin I love hearing your story so of course I read every line with gusto. You can count on me, I'll send green papers before your Mom's run for sure. You are (one of) the most handsome dogs I know and your little Amelia is a looker too!

  4. Oh Corbin, what a wonderful story!! It's a good thing you were able to convince your momma and daddy you were home. I was a little anxious about that reading the story, BOL! Thank you for being such a pawesome foster brother and doggie ambassador. I'm proud to call you my furiend.

  5. We always love reading about your wonderful life.

  6. I'd never heard your story before Corbin, thank you for sharing it again and way to go on being such a great foster brother!

  7. Sometimes a dog just knows, right Corbin?


  8. We just donated. Hope it helps you reach your goal and help more dogs find their furever home.

  9. You know what... I don't know if I'd ever heard your whole story either, Corbee. But it sure was a beautiful story... and I can't believe how many foster siblings you've had! Your mama sure is lucky you found her!

    Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

  10. Oh. . . that is the bestest story I have ever read. I loved you already Corbin and I love you more now.
    And Amelia is so adorable that I simply cannot believe she has not yet been adopted.
    Good luck on your fundraising.
    Love Noodles

  11. What a wonderful story. We hadn't heard your story before. Glad your pawrents finally realised that they had been adopted!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. And you wound up in the best place ever
    Benny & Lily

  13. You have our mom smiling through tears, Corbin. You have the bestest momma ever and the bestest forever home!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. I love the Corbin story. You have the greatest mom ever, Corbin!

  15. I hadn't heard the Corbin story yet. What a happy new beginning for your and the mama!

  16. Oh Corbin I loved your story!!! I have been to your blog before!! I don't know what happened but didn't come back until today!!!
    You have an Amelia there???? My dearest friend was an Amelia!!!
    So there is two drews to your blog!! Come and meet me too OK???

  17. We luv yoo and da momma my pal...we is just gonna do a donayshun right now....