Monday, June 17, 2013

Orijen Freeze-Dried treat review!

I was so excited when I received an email from asking me if I would do a review for them.  I explained that the Corbin's belly doesn't like chicken and tolerates beef, but isn't the biggest fan of that either.  So, if they had a cool product without chickens and cows, I'd  be all for it!
Send the yummies!
The momma was surprised with how quickly the package came.  I, however, was not surprised and reminded the momma that is know for it's quick, reliable deliveries!
We love because they carry all the brands we love, including my every day dog food, which is Natural Balance: Sweet Potato and Fish.  And, when the momma is in all sorts of hurries, she can just place the order and know my food will be waiting at the front door in a day or so!
This package here says CORBIN on it. And, it's way too
small to be the Corbin's food delivery.
No worries... I'll open it!
Inside the box was a bag of Orijen Brome Lake Duck Singles Freeze-Dried Dog treats.  I was very excited to see that listened to my food allergies and sent me treats without any chicken or beef in the ingredients!  In fact, these treats only have TWO ingredients, which made the momma very happy.  It's made completely out of 100% boneless duck and duck liver. 
Um, these smell really good.
These treats are preservative-free, another thing that made the momma happy.  And, they're only 7 calories per treat, so I can have some yummies and keep my manly figure.  Now, I bet you're all wondering how they tasted and if that passed the Corbin taste test...
They're a perfect size for training treats...
And, they smell FANTASTIC!
Here we go!
And, the result of my taste testing???
Drum roll, please......
These Orijen Broome Lake Duck Singles Freeze Dried treats
get Corbin's jowl lickin' stamp of approval!
Foster Sister Amelia was excited to try her paw in taste testing too!
You can see the excitement in her eyes, but she still took the treat
ever so gently from the momma's fingers!
Jowl lickin' good!
More, please, momma!
All in all, Orijen Brome Lake Duck Singles Freeze Dried treats get 8 paws up from me and Amelia and two thumbs up from the momma!  We didn't have upset bellies and I went through every command I knew to get more of those yummy treats! 
Visit to order yours now!
**We received 1 2-oz bag of Orijen Brome Lake Duck Singles Freeze-Dried Dog Treats in return for our honest review.  Corbin's views are based on taste buds, and taste buds only!  The momma's views are based on the Corbin's taste buds and nutritional value for the Corbin's health.


  1. We love Orijen kibbles but Mom doesn't think we can get those freeze-dried dog treats over here as not many shops sell Orijen and if they do, there are limited choices. :(

  2. Ohhhh, we might need to try those treats! I don't know if I've ever seen them before, but I'm sure Athena would find them delicious. Thanks for the review!

    P.S.- I was noticing that Amelia was referred to in this post as "Foster Sister"...but, I remember seeing on FB that little miss Amelia is getting a Sirius collar with no "Adopt Me" on it?! Is she really still a foster sister?!!!!

  3. Well they are definately lip smacking good - that is for sure!

  4. Love the step-by-step review process!

  5. Blueberry has tried these before. They smell!!! Good to her, nasty to me. :)

  6. OMD Corbin those are PERFECT treats fur you. OMD

    We SO agree about Chewy being FAST with the Foods deliveries... and they sell so many GOOD and SAFE foods.. just like this treat.

    You did an amazing job of SHOWING how Lip Smackin Good they are!!

  7. We did a review for Orijen today as well. Ours was lamb though it was yummy as well. :)

  8. Oh yum...we're droolin' here. We've never had duck jerky...our favourite is Fish jerky.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. We love those treats. You can clean your whole head with that tongue
    Benny & Lily

  10. Pawsome my pal...I wish we haz Mr Chewy over here in da UK

  11. We need to try this flavor too! yummmmmmmmmmmm You are making us drool already, Corbin!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. We've got a bag of Orijen freeze dried treats ready for our review too! They are pretty darn yummy, or so the dogs say.

  13. I remember reading a lot of positive blog reviews of a couple of years back. I also remember checking out their website and found a few things I wanted to order, but didn't have the money right then. I'd planned to go back and get a few things on payday, but totally forgot. Now I'm starting to see reviews of them again, so I think it would be a good time to go back and check them out again!