Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet Sophie!

So, yesterday I spied with my little eye... A Sophie!
Hi Sophie!
Sophie is my new foster sister.  You see, the momma said NO FOSTERING until the Corbin was 100% A-OK.  Well, the Corbin is 10 days ouchie free, but I'm most definitely not in the clear just yet.  And I still have to be hush hush with the activities.
She's quite cute.
But, little miss Sophie came up from Tenessee on Saturday and she didn't work out in the foster home planned for her.  The resident dog didn't care for her much.  So, Sophie went to another foster home, where she was also unwelcomed by the resident dogs.  Well, the momma couldn't stand that miss Sophie wasn't happy, so she decided to try her at our house -I get along with just about everyone.  What was the worst that could happen?  If we didn't offer to take her, she'd probably have to go into boarding anyway, so the least we could do was give it a shot. 
I think she's happy.
Turns out, Sophie and I hit it off.  She can be an active, playful girl but when I told her that I couldn't play just yet, she was completely respectful of that.  Sometimes she bunny hops around me in the house and I nudge her with my nose and she runs crazy.  It's our way of playing without me doing any of the activities.  But, honestly, most of the time she's a total couch sweet potato.  She loves to get snuggles and toasty warm on the couch. 
Watching the Cold.
She doesn't like the cold though, so I gave her one of the sweatshirts Santa brought me for Christmas that was too small.  She likes to run outside for her business and FLY back into the house and FLY onto the couch and snuggle up in a blanket.  She's quite a character!
She gives the Corbin smoochies.
Anyway, Sophie gal is looking for her perfect forever home.  I don't think it will take her long at all to find it!  She's as close to perfect as they come!  Check in tomorrow when I let Sophie introduce herself!


  1. Ah we Beaglebratz wuz thinkin'she mite b a new foster sis. Miss Sophie iza purty cutie-patootie. Not only iz she a couch sweet potato-
    she kinda lookz like she got mixed up with a bit of sweet taterz. You r a regular gentleman type - lettin'her wear that sweatshirt - even if it wuz tue small. An'then u r gonna let her talk on your bloggy tue - whata guy!
    The Shiloh-meister'n The Diva Shasta.

  2. Hi There Corbin and Sophie!
    Well firstly I'm so glad to her that you, Corbin have been 10 days ouchie free, thats wonderful news!
    I love Sophie, she is really cute, the photo of her laying on the sofa smiling is just great! I am so pleased that Sophie is happy with you and she really does seem to be quite the character, I love that she is respectful of you and will play with you in a way that you can! Cant wait to hear more about her tomorrow! You are such an amazing person Corbin to have Foster Brothers and sisters, you make everyone feel welcome! I'm proud of you and your Momma too!
    Keep up the good work!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Awwww! She's adorable! Are you sure you don't want to keep this one as a sister?


  4. She is just as cute as can be and I can just picture her flying out to do her business and flying back in.

  5. I am doing the "Happy Dance" my friend! I am SO happy you are feeling better! You just made my day! Oh and hi Sophie, nice to meet you. You will have a lot of fun with Corbin!

  6. Aww, she's adorable!! I know it won't take her long at ALL to find her furever home.

  7. What a cutie pootie - with that face someone is going to fall in love with her in no time.

  8. What a cutie pie she is and how nice that you two get along so she doesn't have to be in a kennel. The best news is that you have been ouchie free for so long. Keep it up.


  9. Aw... she's so cute, she'll have a forever home in no time! And, we're glad you're ouchie free too!

  10. Hi Sophie!! You are one adorable pup! And you've got a really great foster family now too, but you probably figured that out already :)

    I hope you will find your perfect furrever family!

  11. Oh Sophie, you are one cute pups!! Your right, I don't thinks it'll be long befores she finds her furever homes, butts I sure am glads she's gonna be happy til then.
    Your the bestest Corbee!

  12. She is cute and it's no surprise you welcomed her with open paws!

  13. She's adorable! Thanks for being the pawsome foster bro you are and welcoming her with open arms. You da best!

  14. Hi Sophie..... It is very much Wonderful to meet you. WE hope that Corbin will bring you to the VALENTINE's Day BLOG and to the CIRCUS... and SLEDDING with Sarge... We have a BALL in Blogville.
    Corbin really is a PAWty Animal.

  15. What a cutie she is, Corbin! We just love her ear tips!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. She's gorgeous! You are so good with the girls. No wonder you had her at ease quickly. We hope she finds a nice, warm home VERY soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. Oh my goodness Sophie is adorable
    Benny & Lily

  18. Sophie is beautiful and I am so glad you are getting along. I will cross paws that she finds her furever home soon.

    Loveys Sasha

  19. Aww glad you guys are able to accommodate her!

    Stop on the by for a visit