Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Foster recap!

A post from the momma.
At the end of the year, we like to look back and remember all the beautiful dogs we've had the pleasure of fostering. This year, our fostering efforts were a little scattered due to Corbin's mystery pain/illness and a rough year for me and my family, but looking back, it's an amazing number. 
See how many you remember!
Here's our recap:
That's TEN foster dogs!  And puts us at 26 fosters total since we started. We also had some awesome foster overnight guests...
That's Magic Mike on the left
And little Miss Nicky on the right.
We also had a lot of times when we had two foster dogs at once!
Emmett came to visit for a week while we had Brutus AND Eva.
That's FOUR pitties in the house!
And, Brutus was pretty much part of the family, so we
couldn't say no to having second foster Carly!
Now, I can't say fostering is easy, non frustrating and stress free.  What I can say is, this year has been difficult for me to say the least... Corbin has cost well over $7,000 in vet bills on a condition no vet can diagnose and has needed to stay calm for the majority of the year, my mom had back surgery and my dad passed away after a 6 week hospital stay.  Free time hasn't exactly been on my side this year, yet we still saved 10 lives.
10 lives.
I'm not standing up on a soap box asking for praise.  Praise is the last thing on my mind.  The love from these dogs is more than enough to keep me going.  Nothing compares to the joy my heart felt when these dogs found their forever home.  I love each and every one as if they are my own and a piece of my heart left with each of them.
What I would like to say is... consider fostering a rescue dog.  Try it, take one in and see the difference it makes in your life.  Find a great rescue in your area (if you live near us, check out Homeward Bound!) and ask them about the opportunities to foster or even volunteer.  Give these dogs a chance, a temporary home, a warm blanket and a bowl of food. 
Afraid to foster because you'll get too attached?  I'm afraid not to foster, because that adorable face pleading for a chance on my computer screen won't get that chance unless someone says yes. 
I say yes.  Won't you?


  1. Right now we want nothing more than to give you a massive big hug for all you've been through and achieved! You have definitely changed our mind on fostering and our momma says that as soon as we own our own home, we'll be doing it too!
    Lots of love, from Indigo and Malach

  2. Look at those happy faces in the pictures! You did a great job; it is really amazing!

  3. Amazing! I hope that 2013 brings peace and I look forward to meeting the new fosters as they come along. You certainly walk the talk. Well done.

  4. 10 dogs in forever homes is just have done such a wonderful job and to do it while Corbin was so sick and everything else are a super mom!

  5. What an amazing year! You have done so much, you may not have asked for it, but you definitely deserve lots of praise and you should be really proud of all that you've done.

    p.s. how did Corbin manage to get MORE handsome during the year?! He's such a supermodel ;)

  6. Amazing how much you did this year in spite of everything you were going through. You should be very proud of yourself. Sometimes the fostering is what gets me through the bad stuff...knowing that even if you can't control other things in your life, you have the ability to actually save a living creature. How awesome is that?

  7. Wow - 10! And with all that other stuff going on? I'd say that's pretty great that you didn't wallow and instead, still stepped out and helped. All 10 of those dogs and their new families no doubt are thankful as well!

    I am so glad I am fostering. As exhausting and challenging as it can sometimes be - in the end I know it will be worth it when I see Linus off to his new home. :)

  8. Corbin, you're an excellent foster-bro, obviously. There's no way your mom could post those amazing stats without your help - AND - you've been there to comfort her during what has been, we're sure, one of the hardest years of her life. You're THE MAN! Plus, you remained a good boy even after your mom met Puddles!!! We love the Corbin!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  9. You and Corbin are totally PAWESOME!! Way to go saving all those dogs! Momma hopes we'll be able to foster again soon, but there are also other ways you can help rescues and shelters. You just have to look!

  10. What a wonderful post. It was so great to see all your fosters again.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  11. My problem is that I am not home all day. It seems unfair to bring another body in (I have three dogs) that needs special attention when I can barely give my own pups time. Am I thinking about it incorrectly?

  12. I would love to foster, but my husband is too afraid he wouldn't be able to let any of them go. I think it would be great for Millie to have playmates around occasionally and a lot of fun too. Maybe after we have had Millie for a while longer I can get my husband to change his mind. I know it would be very rewarding.


  13. Oh Corbin, you and your peeps are total heroes. You can be very proud of yourself, and proud of your peeps. I hope more peeps take the chance, and help to foster some pups!
    I don't like other pups on my property, so that's pretty much out for me, butts Ma is volunteering and giving towels and blakets and crates and foods to a local rescue. Not much, butts it's what she can do for now.
    Big {{{hugs}}} to your Moms.


  14. Corbin, you are the dude! And your momma and dad are most special and awesome!

    Sam and Pippen

  15. Not only do you give those pups a second chance at life, but a chance of a good life! Well done, Corbin and humans. Ten lives AND it was an 'off' year with so much going on.

    XXXOOODaisy, bella & roxy

  16. What a great post! We are so thrilled for these pups! Your family is very special, Corbin.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Wow, we are really moved by your post.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  18. I can't believe it has been this many! You do such a great job advocating for fostering, and you're right, it is the one thing that does directly save lives.

  19. Kudos to you for helping all those pups
    Benny & Lily

  20. What a fantastic post. Gives me the courage to go out and volunteer at a rescue, I'm just waiting for them to call me back. I'm pretty excited about it.

    The silvers and more

  21. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, what a wonderful way to remember your furiends! You do such a great job with these sweet pooches.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  22. Wow! 10 fosters?! You are amazing! I hope that next year I can get even close to that number! I know it's been a rough year for you, but to see what you have accomplished for those pups despite the challenges is inspiring! :)

  23. What an amazing post... 10 lives! You rock, and we all need to step up and join you.

  24. *hugs* for the whole family.
    We decided to foster at about this time last year, and in late January, our first foster was placed with us. He's still here. But we knew, when choosing to foster with a rescue that specializes in older (and often sick) dogs, that they take longer to get adopted. But it really has been so rewarding and I can't imagine that we will ever stop fostering now.

  25. You is a pawsome dood Corbin and your familee is one of da best. You is all doin great were. If i was not so pawly I fink we would like to do fosterin. Mebbe the familee can fink about it one day....woof

  26. Wow! You guys have saved so many pups! What a wonderful family you are :)

    My mom and dad fostered pups when she was at the shelter. Mom wants some more, but she says we have to wait until I'm more grown up and we have a little more space. I just cannot wait!

  27. You didn't save 10 lives Jenn, you saved 20. Because you took hot-buns Brutus, Carly and all of them in, the shelter had room for one more. Remember the ripple effect.

  28. Kudos to you, you do deserve praise for the lives you have saved. Keep up the good fight!

  29. THats a lot of fosters

    Stop on by for a visit