Friday, July 15, 2011


Oreo's Back.
So, my Oreo was adopted to a nice mom and her daughter.  They loved her lots and thought she would be Oreo's most perfect forever home... Then, someone came to their yard with another dog, Oreo got super excited and dragged her new mom across their yard... well, her new mom got all freaked out that she wouldn't be able to control Oreo and that she was too strong for her... So she called momma and said that Oreo needed to come back.

So, here she is.  Back with me.  I just know there is a perfect forever home for Oreo out there... She is such a good girl and just needs the right home.  Hopefully she finds it soon.  Although we love Oreo lots and lots... we know that our home isn't the best place for Oreo forever.  She has car anxiety, so it wouldn't be fair to lug her up to the lake every weekend which is an hour away... plus, if she's afraid of cars, I don't think she'd be fond of the boat!  Plus, she HATES riding in my firebird... weirdo. 

Plus, I'm pretty much an only dog kind of guy... now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the foster ladies.  But, that's because I know they just hang around for a little while and before I know it, I'm king of the house again!  No sharing noms or bones or my yard or my parents... until the next foster lady comes along.   I know Oreo keeps coming back and I know that she thinks our house is her perfect home... but once she finds that perfect home, she'll realize how wonderful life is without me trying to put her head in my mouth every couple of minutes!  Hey, her head could shrink or my mouth could get bigger by the second!  So I have to keep trying to fit it.

Anyway... I'm enjoying my time with her while she's here again.  Mom and dad took us to Grandpaw Jack's house on Sunday -that's when we figured out Oreo doesn't like the firebird.  But we had tons of fun!
Hey... what're you doing in my car?!
She liked it at first...
And stuck her head out where the windows are supposed to be
Then, about half way there, she got scared
and attached her self to the floor of the car
But, we made it!  And I introduced her to Avery
NOMMMM I fit your head in my mouth
We played a lot with Avery... Bethany wasn't a big fan of Oreo.
Bethany thinks that she's my forever foster siste and no other
lady doggie can take her place... BOL!
That's Bethany saying "I don't like you LADY!"
But we all had fun!
Then, Oreo followed Dad outside... with out a leash on!!!!  And, bam... she was off like a race horse!!!!  So Dad went running after her, then mom found out and mom went running after her... and Dad was able to finally tackle her.  So she came back.  Silly girl... didn't she know Grandpaw Jack was cooking STEAKS?!

Then we went home and slept... Oreo slept a lot.  Must have been
super tired after her marathon run!!! BOL!

Last night, Maggie Mae's momma came over!!! I kept looking for Maggie Mae, but she was nowhere to be found... I looked behind her momma, and in her momma's bag to see if she was hiding, but she wasn't there.  Hopefully I get to see Maggie soon!  But I sure did enjoy seeing her momma!  Especially beause her momma brought me some super yummy noms and pressies for my birthday!  Totally rocked.  And she got to meet Ms. Oreo.  I was hoping that maybe Maggie Mae would have a new sister when her momma left my house BOL! 
Hope everyone has a SUPER fun weekend!


  1. Corbin, you are the host with the most!! Oreo is lucky to have you and your family, she will find her furever home soon...just need to find her a really strong momma who runs fast...heehee


  2. Hopefully Oreo will find a home soon. You are such a good dude letting these ladies come to visit you but totally understandable that you need your own space to yourself sometimes.

  3. Oreo probably wanted to come back to you. Poor baby
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a dumb reason to return a dog! If you're that unwilling to train a pup..don't get one!!!

  5. Poor Oreo! I hope she finds her furever home soon. But at least she has you to hang out with in the mean time.

  6. Corbin!!

    I am so happy dat you likes your pressies! Mom said her had a great time wif all of you last night and meeting Oreo was a treat! I can't waits until next Tuesday so we can all go fur a walk together! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Sweet Oreo keeps coming back because your the best Corbin!

  8. I feel bad for Oreo, it must be confusing to her to keep coming back.

  9. We're SOOOOOO glad Oreo has you to come back to! Maybe she just likes the variety of different homes :) We sure hope she finds her forever home soon so she can get settled in and start relaxing and having fun.

    The Road Dogs

  10. Hmm, it doesn't seem that like that family you had worked our for Oreo was very interested in her or they would know there are lots of ways to train a dog not to do that. Bummer.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. Poor Oreo! We sure hope she finds the perfect home. Gosh, maybe a Gentle Leader would slow her down on the leash! It was worth a try.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. I am sorry about Oreo! She will find her forever home soon.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Love your new header!

  13. At least Oreo has a nice, safe place to come back to in an emergency. We hope she learns soon to calm down so she can find a family.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  14. Awwww Darn it Corbin... I was sooooo sure that Oreo had found the Magic Place this time. At least the lady had the Good Sense to bring her back to YOU and not just Dump her somewhere.

  15. Corbin I think the ladies just luv you too much. Why would they want to leave? ;)
    Too funny Oreo thought your pawrents needed some exercise ;P

    Waggin at ya,

  16. Hey Corbin!
    Wow, I sure hope some peep gets smart and realizes how great Oreo really is. Until then, at least you are getting along. Looks like a fun time with your furiends. Very cute pix of you all crashed out on the couch!! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  17. corbin!

    awww, i'm really very sorry it didn't work out with miss oreo's new pack. i so wish that the lady had tried some trainin' with miss oreo first.
    anywho, i know there is an even better forevarrr home out there for miss oreo, and in the meantime she has a grrreat foster pack to keep her safe and full of the lovins!

    the booker man

    pee s -- mega two paws up on your new swimmies header!! :)

    pee pee s -- mama was lookin' around at sirius republic for that pac man collar cuz she loooooves pac is totally awesome! heehee.

  18. That is so sad, I can't believe someone would give up at the first hurdle like that. Women cope with strong dogs all the time (including me)! A friend of mine ended up with an unplanned mastiff when a stray wandered in off the street and adopted them. She weighs barely 100lbs herself so the dog has easy 20-30lbs on her - dragged her through a flowerbed once - but a bit of persistence and now they have no problems. If people can persist with a dog that they didn't really want to begin with, why do others give up at the first hurdle after actively seeking to bring a dog home?!

  19. We are so sorry for not visiting regularly. But I promised we have caught up with all the blogs we have missed.

    I have to say you have some crazy fun stuff happening over at your end of the world? Mom is really impressed with the fact that you are such a lap dog.

    Perhaps mommy could teach the mother and the daughter how to walk Oreo so she wouldn't pull when she is walking. I hope the pretty Oreo will find her forever home soon, but like u say, otherwise she will always have a place next to you!

    You are the sweetest angel Corbin!


  20. I don't get it. That is why they have obedience classes, to train silly people how to work with their dogs. My mom had a saying (prob. cuz she worked Peds for so many years..."Stupid people shouldn't breed". Maybe a bit harsh but you get the point.

  21. Oh darn... I hate that story about Oreo but I guess that those peeps weren't the perfect ones for Oreo. You'll find the perfect ones, I'm sure of it. In the meantime, you are wonderful to take such great care of Oreo (even if you do try to eat her head :)

    You are an inspiration with your fostering. What a wonderful thing to do.

  22. Woof! Woof! This is the 2nd time Oreo's so called forever home did not work ... might be a clue that Oreo wants to stay. And the lady did not even gave Oreo a chance ... she should not allowed to own a dog. Well, we are happy to see Oreo with you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. Oreo needs to get an easywalk harness (the kind that clips in the front). We use one on all of our "uncontrollable" fosters, and it's amazing the difference it makes. 85 pounds of pure, stubborn muscle becomes easy to walk with just one hand. Try it!

  24. Im sorry Oreo was returned but it sounds like it was for the best if her new owner didnt want to work with her on that. your mom is an angel Mr Corbin.

  25. Aw, sorry to hear Oreo's new home didn't work out. :( Hope she finds a new one soon!