Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh, 2012...

A post by the momma:

Well, it's now 10 days into the New Year.  I thought about doing a 2012 recap, then I decided not to do one... then I figured we should do it.  If for no other reason than to have it to look back on when we recap 2013.  Then I debated whether Corbin should write it or whether I should write it... then I wrote it, then I deleted it... then I started from scratch again. So, 10 days late, but whatever.  Maybe in 2013, I'll be more organized and more decisive.  Doubtful.

Hi, this is us.
Although, Adam has nothing to do with the blog :-)

So, what did 2012 bring?  Worry, love, heartache, grief and homes for 10 of our foster dogs.  Overall, it was a crappy year for me personally, but some good things did happen along the way.  This post won't be nearly as organized as I would like, since I'm sort of scatter brained lately and throwing this together at the last minute because my undecidable mind delayed me.  But, here goes.

The Good:
10 foster kids found forever homes: Brookie Lynn, Jamesy, Lexie, Susie, Eva, Brutus, Cleo, Carly, Snickers and Layla.

The Giants won the Superbowl!

Adam and I took 2 vacations: Jamaica where we drank lots of rum and the Carolina's where we saw the Giants play and got to meet Puddles and her wonderful family.

Corbee made it to the lake once on a mild temperature day because of his heart condition.  We brought Brutey along.

Corbs celebrated his 3rd birthday with the very first Pitty Post Day.  We had 73 amazing blog posts from great bloggers, all about the wonderfulness of Pit Bulls.  We're hoping to do it again this year!

Lots of new stuff was also brought into the house this year.  Corbin got a new couch, a new Orvis bed (making 2 total), a sweater from Tiennot Knits @ Our Waldo Bungie, 2 new sweatshirts, a snood, 3 new Sirius Republic collars (making 6 total) and lots of new toys and treats.

Corbin won the Cracker Dog title and Readers Choice during the 2012 Mango Minster!

We had Corbin's DNAs tested and found out he was a Boxastaffabullitahoundskybordaterrier.

And, wrote one of my favorite blog posts to date: You call me a Pit Bull like it's a bad thing.

A Corbee picture makes everything all good.

The bummers:
Corbin had crazy medical issues: Late night Emergency Vet visit, Pancreatitis (and I had to sprain my ankle this week to add to the madness), Dr. Mike induced drunkenness for pinched spinal nerve, an MRI, lots of steroids, diagnosed with an enlarged heart, infected tooth, broken tooth, and of course, tail amputation... TWICE.  The good side... We've weaned Corbin down to 5mg of Prednizone every other day and we have started decreasing his heart medications, which he's done very well with so far.  We'll continue to decrease the heart medications in hopes he'll be stable on a lower dose.  The other good: we have pet insurance.  Thank God.

Brutus and Snickers were returned, but they were both re-adopted into FANTASTIC homes, so this is actually kind of a "good" and not a real "bummer."

My mom had back surgery, which she's still recovering from, but doing excellent and in a lot less pain. 

My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away just 5 short weeks later.  By far, the worst time in my life.

Looking towards our future...

The Goals:
I'm not huge on resolutions.  So, I've set a few goals for this coming year.  It's always good to take a look at life and evaluate it, right?  Eh, something like that.

Obviously, from the sounds of it earlier in this post, getting a bit more organized is at the top of the list.  Isn't it always though?  Who couldn't be a little more organized?  Okay, perhaps a "little" organized is an understatement, but we'll start there.

Corbee would like to utilize his facebook account more, so he created an album "Project 365" there and will be adding a photo every day.  Don't like the Corbin on facebook, yet?  Well, you better get on that!  Click here!

I set a goal of 14 foster dogs this year.  Now, a lot will read that and think it's a crazy goal.  Yea, it might be a stretch to reach 14.  I didn't set the goal super high so we'd be set up to fail, but as something to work towards.  I don't know whether or not we'll reach 14, but it'll be my motivation on those days when I'm on the fence about taking someone home.  Another life saved.

In other rescuing goals, I hope to work with a local shelter more often.  More on this soon.

And, the last thing, I plan on taking over the blog a bit more.  No, don't worry... it still is, and always will be, Corbin's blog.  But, after blogging for 2.5 years (Seriously, can't believe we've been around that long), Corbin and I finally have a better perspective on this bloggin' thing.  There will be some posts geared towards rescue, fostering, training and other things that will be from my point of view.  Other than that, there will be a lot more of the same... crazy Corbin antics, Foster Friday, foster stories and facts of life as we continue on through 2013.

Oh, and I'd also like to give the blog a face lift, but we'll see about that... I'm not all that techie.

Anyway... So long 2012.
 Hopefully 2013 will be a healthy, happy year for all.


  1. Hi there Corbin and Momma!
    I'm really sorry to hear that 2012 wasnt exactly a good year for you but I have high hopes that 2013 will be wonderful, keep looking forward, keep smiling and corbin .. keep wagging your amputated tail!
    My favorite thing was seeing Corbin at the lake, he looked so very happy there, hope he gets to go again this year!
    Love to you all, lick, hugs and tummy rubs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mom always says we need some bad in our lives to make us real use how good the good is when it happens. Overall I think your year kind of balanced out and here's hoping this year will be awesome for you

  3. You definitely had a challenging year, but anyone who can write a lovely post like this is going to be okay. Wishing you the best in 2013, and I love following along with your adventures.

  4. Corbin, I made Momma go Like your Facebook page! I'm not big on FBing, but I'll read it for you!

  5. Love your goals/resolutions and year recap. I think it is always nice to see the person behind the dog!

  6. That was quite the year, my friend....

  7. I love seeing Corbin on Facebook! The Project 365 is awesome! 2012 was definitely a big one for you guys, hears to hoping 2013 is even better! Love your goals!

  8. Thanks for the recap! What an eventful year you had - suffered some hardships, but that is what life is all about. Those bad times do tend to make us appreciate the good times when they come!

    Glad Corbin is doing so well and here's to a great 2013!

  9. I love seeing the year in review, and realizing, I read right along with all you were experiencing. I can't believe you had 10 fosters!

  10. It was a year of UPs and DOWNs and Fun and Scary and HAPPY.
    Congratulations on the adoptions!!! THAT is AMAZING and WONDERFUL.
    WE know that 2013 will be a Bigger and Better year!!!

    Sorry Corb.. WE are not allowed to do the FB thingy. I tried it and MOM caught me and closed it down. BUTT WE WILL be here fur your Blog posts.

  11. From the look of things, I'd say 2013 is gonna be a banner year for you and Corbin. Good luck and I am privileged to follow you as you make your way. Reading about Corbin is a pure delight.
    Love Noodles and her Mommys

  12. Wow, what a great recap! Yup, 2012 was full of lots of good and bad, but we really are so lucky to live in Blogville where we all have each other and lots of love. Great pix of the whole pack! I really enjoyed your blog all year and I look forward to lots more.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Were really glad to have found your blog this year. You've had a heck of a year, we hope 2013 brings lots of greta thing for you Corbin and your family.

    The silvers and more

  14. Great recap...and who won the Superbowl! Whhoooaaaa
    Benny & Lily

  15. You have had a lot of stress this past year. Here's hoping that 2013 will be much better for you!
    We let our mom know about your fb page, Corbin!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. We're glad that we found your blog in 2012 (we're new to all this!) and are looking forward to hearing more from and about Corbin in 2013.

  17. Howdy Corbin's mum. What a year you had. I too lost my dear Dad in 2012. It's been a year of change for us all. You must be (and we are) so proud of you for fostering so many dogs. We have fingers and paws crossed you have a year with no serious medical issues for Corbin and all your family. We've loved all your photos and when I get off my lazy arxx I might try and start a facebook page hehe. Happy New Year. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  18. We hope 2013 will be a super year for you!


  19. I'm so sorry you had such an emotional year, but despite all the sadness you brought a lot of joy to both humans and animals. :-)

    Here's hoping you hit all your goals in 2013.