Friday, February 8, 2013

The more, the merrier!

Wednesday I explained how much I like stuff.  No... not the stuffs inside stuffies!  Ok, well, I really do like the stuff inside the stuffies... BUT, this time I'm talking about other stuffs.  So, I showed you my Orvis beds.  Now, I'm going to show you some stuffs that have been given to me by some great bloggin' friends that I've neglected to blog about!  So, here goes!
This box says CORBIN.  That means, it's for me.
My friend Tucker had a "Bad to the Bone" contest.  Wouldn't you know that I won?!  Yep, his dad was a judge and he sure was impressed with my couch digging skills.  So, I got some cool prizes for being Bone Bad.
Ok, although paper is a fantastic prize in my mind, that's not all I got!  Can you believe it?
I got all this stuff!!!  The blue toy is so fantastic to play with, and aside from taking his feet off so he can't run away from me, he's still tolerant of my tiger like jaws!  And the non stuffie bone is still tinkering around, too!  The magnet says "I love my dog" and, just in case people don't know that, the momma put it on our fridge so she can look at it every day!  Do you notice anything else super cool in this picture???
A new collar!  It says the word "NO" all around it.
Funny... I hear that word a lot sometimes...
There was also a YUMMY candy bar!  Of course, it's not a human candy bar, it's made JUST for doggies.
Lady, this is MY prize to do with as I see fit.
This is not how I see fit...
THIS is how I see fit! YUMMY!
More noms please, momma.
Get in my belly!
It was so yummy, I made sure to clean up all the crumbs.
The Corbin gives those Bark Bars FOUR paws up. YUM!
I also got a prize from Noodles because I won her super fun Gotcha Day Mad Libs game!
This smells like a pretty fawn puggie!
Let me open this up...
That Noodles knows me all too well!
She got me Monkey things! If ya didn't know... that's what the momma calls me ALL THE TIME!
Oh my dog, I had so much fun playing with them all!
The monkey is still around... but the barrel of monkey's didn't last long!
And Sophie Sofa had some fun with the rope toy while she was here!
The tennis ball is hanging out outside until I get the OK to play fetch!
Oh, me, oh, my!  So many fun things!
Thanks so much to my great friends!


  1. Hey Corbin, those are some pawtastic presents you won! We is happy for you. You are also lookin very handsome.
    Ernie and all the furkids

  2. Oh Boy Corbin what a load of wonderful pressies! I like the look of that ball too, I would have to take off its feet aswell to stop it from running away! BOL! I love getties prizes and pressies from my Furiends, its the best! You look so proud and happy to have all that cool stuff!!
    Ohhhhhh that nom bar looks doggy delicious, I love that you have it on your paw and wait to eat it, My Mum wouldnt have a chance to take it out of the packet, it would be straight in my belly, packet and ALL! BOL!
    I love monkey from Noodles that looks cute and chewable! I like to attack the sqeeekers!
    I'm glad you shared your toys with Miss Sophie Sofa whaile she was staying with you! You are VERY SWEET!
    Enjoy having fun playing with everything!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  3. well those were some pretty darn good gifties and I bet you had fun with them (while they lasted).

  4. Good gracious alive you hit da mudder load of good stuffs!
    Dat collar cracks me up and it suits you quite well.


  5. Corbin you got some SUPER prize pressie stuffs.

    Ernie always takes the feets off those blue guys,too.

  6. What great prizes! I love the collar too.

  7. You got a box of treasures there Corbin! Nice pressies
    Benny & Lily

  8. BOL! Corbin, we has the same collar! Tucker was SO smart when he was putting together those prize packages, wasn't he?

  9. what great stuff! love the collar! ;)

  10. You are a lucky dog to win all those prizes!


  11. I'd say you got some pretty cool prezzies in the mail!

  12. You got HEAPS of great stuff. Congratulations! And just for the record we are TOTALLY impressed by your sofa digging skills, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. Oh my dog Corbin you have been super super lucky to get all this stuffs!!! You deserve it buddie after all the ouchies you've been through- glad to see you're doing better!!
    Love Milo :)

  14. Wow, great stuff Congratulations

    The silvers and more

  15. You've got some great gifts there, sometimes it pays to be bad.


  16. Whoa, those pressies look so beautiful and interesting! What a lucky boy you are, Corbin!

  17. Howdy Studly, great haul mate. Looks like you will be having fun all weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  18. You got a Cuz, Corbin! Aren't they so much fun! We love the loud noise they make! What a great prize package from Tucker!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Wow, Corbin, you sure cleaned up. My favorite photo is seeing that nom going down your cavernous gullet.


  20. My furiend Ruby Blue in IOWA is all about those khuz'es!

    I even sent her one of mine -

    What a pawesome post!


  21. You sure seemed to enjoy that paper!

    Stop on by for a visit

  22. You sure did get some pawsome loot, Corbin. You take special care of that monkey. I like monkeys. And frogs. Out of my whole box of stuffies, efurry day I pull out the monkey and the frog. Why mom bothers putting them back in, I has not figgered out yet.

  23. Excellent loot my must haz da big brane to go wiv all dem big mussels.....