Friday, February 15, 2013

Former Foster Friday!

We were supposed to get a huge snow storm last Friday... but we ended up only getting about 9 inches.  Most of that is gone by now... mainly because me and my girls have been tearing around the yard and the snow gets all over us and we try to track it in the house along with the mud just disappears.
Now, I know a lot of people who read my blog are somewhat new, and maybe don't know Bethany and Avery's story.  Bethany is actually a former foster sister! 
I'll do a quick recap!  Two years ago, the momma took over intake at the rescue I came from.  In her second month of organizing transports and foster homes, she was asked to take in two adorable 5 month old lab mix puppies.  Labs are super popular up here and these two girls were beautiful, so the momma agreed to take them in.  They're names were Bethany and Avery.
Avery                                     Bethany
They were born in the shelter and had lived there for those first 5 months of their life.  Avery was a little more out going, but Bethany was scared of everything when she came in.  Avery was quickly adopted and Bethany came home with the momma.  She was a pancake to the floor, scared of doorways, hallways and stairs.  Loud noises put her under the kitchen table in a fit of fear.  Her favorite place was outside... she'd find any and every toy that I've ever destroyed had and run in the yard for hours.  But, inside was a different story.  I knew Bethany was very scared and super shy, so I toned down my typical playful self and just hung out with her and helped her relax.
Couch potato pancake
When Bethany wasn't running crazy outside or attached to the floor, she was attached the the couch.  She loved the couch -I'm an excellent teacher.  The momma and the dad used Bethany's outside excitement as an opportunity to bond with her and gain her trust.  It worked.  Slowly but surely Bethany started walking more up right and was less cautious through doorways.  Hallways and stairs were still super scary, but they made progress, with my watchful eye.
Floor pancake
The momma really fell hard for Bethany.  We only had her for 3 weeks, but I knew the momma didn't want to give her up.  Then, one day, I went with the dad to the mancave for some football and Bethany went to an adoption clinic.  After the clinic, the momma was coming over to pick me up and we were off to a playdate with Maggie Mae and Levi.  The momma knew it wouldn't be a quick run in and grab me, so she brought Bethany in.  Well, it was love at first site when Grandma Nancy laid eyes on her.  The momma just knew it would be the perfect situation where we could see Bethany all the time AND she'd have a great forever home. 
See, kid?  I told you it would all be okay.
So, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nancy made it official and adopted my little blond pancake.  They loved her so and every day she made more and more progress.  Then, a few weeks later, the family who adopted Avery decided to return her.  The momma let Nancy know and, of course, they came to the clinic to say hello to her.  Instead of making progress in her new home, Avery went backwards and was just as scared as Bethany once was.  Bethany agreed to be a foster sister to her real life sister and Avery went home with Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nancy.  Well, obviously, you know the end to that story... she never left their house!
Hanging in their new forever yard
These two were destined to be together.  They help each other so much.  Bethany is now a master of stairs, thanks to Avery's willingness to go up and down like a champ!  Avery used to be very afraid of Grandpa Jack, and even with the help of a trainer, wouldn't go near him or pass him in the hallway.  So, when Grandma Nancy was going out of town, we took the girls.  Well, Grandpa Jack came over to visit them, and Avery was so very excited to see him every time -Bethany was running crazy in the yard and could have cared less if a life-sized Cheese Stick came to visit.  When Grandma Nancy came home and the girls went back to their house, Avery's fears of Grandpa Jack were gone!  Just like that!  The fears disappeared.  Now everyone lives happily ever after and I get to see my girls just about every weekend and I get to play with them up at the Lake.
Hangin' on Grandpa Jack's boat.
So, here we are, two years later and I have my girls while Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nancy are on a vacation.  Bethany still loves to romp in the yard and hoard all of my destroyed toys -some things never change!  So, I'll finish up this week with some pictures of Bethany, Avery and me enjoying the great outdoors my yard.  The previous pictures (except the first one) were all 2011.
Running crazy
Checking for intruders.
Regal Avery
And, of course... snoozies. 
That's me, hiding behind the pillow.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. OKAY.... you stopped me in my tracks... like being STUCK in the SNOW... WHAT?????? you don't call NINE (9) inches of snow a LOT???

  2. You guys are doing lots of zoomies in that snow. Nine inches sure sounds deep
    Benny & Lily

  3. Some things are just meant to be....and they were meant to be together and be part of your family.

  4. Aw... that's such a sweet story... thanks for sharing it. And, by the way 9 inches of snow is quite a bit!

  5. I see who gets to sit on the seat in Grandpa Jack's boat while the sisters sit on the floor! :-)

  6. Rescue stories always make me SO happy!

  7. We loved hearing the story of Avery and Bethany again, Corbin! It's a wonderful story!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Wonderful story. We're so glad that they are together, have a wonderful home and you get to see them. Makes us all warm and smiley.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Oh Corbin, what a great story, your girls a beautiful.

    The silvers and more

  10. I'm so happy for the girls that they are together and you get to see them often.


  11. I never new their story. Great job, Corbin!

  12. We love stories with happy endings!


  13. What a wonderful story, Corbin! The girls are beautiful, and thanks to you, your momma, and your grandparents, they have a fabulous life now.

    Susan and Wrigs

  14. Congrats to them!!!

    Stop on by for a visit