Friday, February 1, 2013

Foster Friday: Sophie Sofa Snuggles

Don't you go forgetting this is my blog.  The Corbin's blog...
I've just been dealing with Sophie a little busy as of late.
But, alas... it's Friday, and therefore... here's Sophie.
Sophie Sofa Snuggles here, reporting from the couch!
But, sometimes I DO get off the couches for some noms in the kitchen.
But, I'm not a good poser for the foster momma lady when she has the boxie thing in front of her faces.  She tries to make me sit pretties and smile for the boxie, but I just wiggle or lay down and wiggle or wiggle circles around the Corbin... so she doesn't really try anymore.  I AM getting better about my "SIT" and my "STAY" though... it's just super hard because I just loves to wiggle!
This is a good bookie, foster momma lady!
I super love to snuggles, and I snuggles with the foster dad dude while he watches the tvs.  And I snuggles with the foster momma lady while she reads her bookie.  And I snuggles with the Corbin when no one is looking, because if someones a lookin', guess what?  He doesn't let me snuggles sometimes!  He just gets up and walks away from the Sophie Snuggles.  Ugh.  So, sometimes I just snuggle with the couches!
I just loves the couchie snuggles.
Anyway, tomorrow I get to meets some new peoples and maybe find a new couch to snuggles with!  We'll see!
Sophie Sofa Snuggles.


  1. Corbin, I could never ever EVER forget that this is your blog =) I think about you and your cuteness all of the time!

    And, Sophie, I'm sure hoping that you find a new couch to snuggle with tomorrow! But if not, I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of you on here snuggling with your couchie!!

  2. Sophie your a cutie, i love the couch aswell.


  3. Corbin you are very nice to let Sophie take over your blog a little bit. I think it's funny that you only snuggle with Sophie in private. You don't want anyone to know how much you love her, do you? ;)

  4. Sophie, your little flower is just aDORable! My sissy Cinderella is very jealous of it.

  5. Oh, Sophie Sofa Snuggles...I am sending good wishes that your perfect family comes soon. I will sure miss seeing your sweet face. Soak up those snuggles.

  6. Oh Corbin, we know this your blog and you are such a generous foster brother to allow the sofa snuggler to use it sometimes.

    We love reading updates on both of you!

  7. Best of luck tomorrow looking for your new people with a couch... you deserve one of your very own sweet Sophie Sofa! And, by the way... I love your collar, it makes you look so cute!

  8. Oh Miss Sophie you looks beautiful in your flowery collar! You ought to wears dat tomorrow when you find you a new couch and peoples.
    I is wishin' you all da bestest luck tomorrow.

    Corbin dears we knows dis will always be your blog, I not thinks you would let us furget...hehehehe.


  9. I am sure there is a sofa out there somewhere just with your name on it. Better make sure foster mom lets people know you NEED a sofa to snuggle! No good getting one of those peeps types that won't allow you on the furniture - that wouldn't do at all

  10. We hope you find a real snuggly family!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. You sound an awful lot like my boys. They love to snuggle so much that they insist on it whenever I sit down for half a second. They don't snuggle with each other though.

  12. Oh Sophie with your Beautiful Face and that Pretty Posey on your collar... you will WOW them.

  13. Sophie, you are such a snuggler and I can't imagine anyone not wanting their own personal Sophie Snuggy!

  14. Sophie, you are SO sweet. That last photo is fabulous. You should use that one for finding a furever home. A snuggler like you should have no problem finding a home full of love!

  15. We wish you luck wiv you search Soffeea.....someone will be snappin you up soon my pal

  16. With all that snuggle action, I am sure you will find a new home soon. Just go easy on Corbin and give him his space.


  17. Sophie, I cannot understand why Corbin wouldn't want to snuggle a little cutie like you!

  18. That flower is adorable!

    Stop on by for a visit

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