Friday, February 22, 2013

Foster Friday: Sophie Sofa Snuggles

Guess what!
It's me, Sophie!  I'm back for ANOTHER fosters Friday!  Can you believes it?  None of the adoptions yet.  Not a single one.

Who wouldn't wants their very own snuggler?!
So, I'm hanging out with the foster fams again... which is really great, because I loves it here!  I get to snuggles right ON TOP of the foster dad dude while he watches the tvs.  Right. On. Top. Of. Him.  Except, he won't let the foster momma lady take our photos, so I doesn't have any pictorial proofs.
See, the foster dad dude snuggles are kind of like this...
except, foster dad dude is right under me.
And my head is snuggled RIGHT into his neck.
I'm just the super best snuggler evers.  And, I'm not trying to toots my own horn... I doesn't have a horn and I'm a lady, so I doesn't toots.  Hehe, ok, maybe I toots sometimes.  BUT!  Toots or no toots, I'm a good snuggler!
Don't bother reading the collar... I doesn't want the adoptions.
Did you know that the foster peeps just totally loves me?  They do, they loves me.  And the Corbin loves me a lot too! But, sometimes he tries to SHOW me how much he loves me... and I doesn't mean by bringing me milkybones and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  Ok, well he does whisper sweet nothings in my ears, hehe.  Anyway, what I was tryings to say is that I'm super loved here and I just don't knows that I wants to get the adoptions just yet.
Just us snugglings.
So, anyway... the foster momma lady says that I doesn't have to go to the adoptions clinic tomorrow!  Wahoo!  BUT, I do has to go to meets some new people next weeks and I gets to meet their cats to see if I likes them.  So, I asked the foster momma lady if I doesn't like the cats, can I comes back home to the foster house?  And, ya know what she said?  She saids... "Sophie Sofa Snuggles... don't you go getting ANY ideas, lady!"  Ugh, as if, foster momma lady.
What if I eats their blankeys????
At least I have the weekends to get some extra snuggles in with the foster peeps and the Corbin.  I loves to snuggles... did you knows that?!?!?!
Can we snuggles now?
Ok, I'm off to get snuggling... so, laters Blogyvilles!
Sophie Sofa Snuggles


  1. Oh. my. gosh! We're a snuggle family too, and would love to share the snuggles. I'm sure there's a snuggle family looking for Sophie right now.

  2. Sophie you are so cute I'm sure you will find your forever home soon. Even if you don't you sure have a great place to hang out and get all the snuggles you can.


  3. Oh Sophie!! You went to the same snuggling classes as my Blueberry! That's how she loves to snuggle too!!! How can anyone resist?? I am glad you have such a good foster family to take care of you and a Corbin to love you!! :)

  4. You are just the cutest little snuggle bug ever.....I don't know how the foster peeps can give you up - everyone wants a snuggly bubby in their lives.

  5. Oh Sophie, your adorable........... Good luck with your meet next week. We just love that picture of you and Corbin snuggling.

    The silvers and more

  6. Melting...that Sophie Sofa Snuggles face just makes me melt. I won't be naughty and say what Reilly & Denny said, but...

  7. Sophie Sofa're so adorable! Some family is going to be super lucky to adopt you.

  8. You can definitely snuggle with me, pretty lady!

  9. Sophie, you have the most beautiful face, I just know you will find your furever home very soon. I am glad you are in such a loving snuggly place right now. I will cross paws for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. We just love that picture of you and Corbin snuggling together, Sophie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Sophie is soooo cute!! Great photos :-)

  12. You haven't found the adoptions yet?! That's craziness! Well keep looking, you'll fing it soon! :) In the meantime, enjoy snuggling with the Corbin!

  13. Looks like Sophie's exactly where she needs to be for right now....