Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adventures of C&E, Episode 1

Emmett and I have LOTS of adventures.  Recently we went to a Holiday Open house and we went to see SANTA!!!  The pictures pretty much explain themselves, so this is kind of a wordless Wednesday... I'm going to say a few things here and there to guide you along!
Waaaa!!! DUDE!!! Let's play in the back seat!
Hey Heather... where are we going?  Can I eat that thing
in your ear?
Emmett... sit there and look pretty so I can chew something up...
WTF is that????  Huh?  THAT'S what Sandy Paws
uses to help him deliver MY  presents?
Ma, how's that going to fit on our house?
Ohhh, Heather stuck a toy in my bag!!!
HEY! Why'd you throw it?!
Bwaaaaaaaa it's alive!!!!!!!
Hm, mom didn't take a picture of my destroyed Penguin
Fast forward a week -TIME TRAVEL!!!!!
Where to now, mom?
Looks like we're heading to Heathers!
Emmett and I are back in Heather's car!!!  Em, where do you
think we're going THIS time?
Shhh, I have a secret for you....
Hey Dude, who are you?
Elroy, Eh?  Nice to meet you.  You can stop licking my face now...
You're cool and all, but I don't swing that way
Want to play???  Why are we creating a crowd???
Do you believe people stood around in shock that a pitty mix
and a rotty mix could meet and not eat each other?
What do those people serisouly think?????
Okay, Dude... my crew is leaving... Gotta go!
This dude was dressed up as Sandy Paws...
I tried to eat his beard.
We got our picture taken bc the money went to
the Rotty Rescue!
But they chopped off half of my face...
So we went to see the REAL SANDY PAWS!!!!!!!!  Or Santa Clause as the little kiddies called him.
We were SUPER good so he's sure to bring
us really great things!!!!
The real Sandy Paws was at a mall, and it wasn't even dog day, but Santa said that he loved dogs and it was okay with him!  We loved him too!  And we were super well behaved, even in a mall with a band playing and people and kiddies everywhere!
That was fun!!!!!!
Now... LET'S PLAY!!!!!!!!
Throw the ball, MOM!
I almost ran right out of the frame!
Hehe, see Bethany trying to keep up????  She blends in
with the snow!
Thanks, Mom!!! This sure was a fun day!

On a side note of the C&E Adventures.... Bethany started playing with me INSIDE the house this morning!  The momma was all teary and took some pictures, but Bethany ate momma's cord that puts the pictures on the computer.  Whoops... guess I wasn't watching her for a second!  But Mom wasn't mad... after all, it was HER fault for leaving it on the couch.  She also started wagging her tail inside last night.  Mom and Dad are so happy with her improvements.  Although, she was NOT happy with me this morning when I wouldn't get out of her crate.  I wanted to stay in there with her ALL day, but mom said no... and I had to go into my crate.  But, I didn't give up without a fight.  I made the momma crawl into the crate and drag me out - hehehehe.  She'll forget about it by the time she gets home.

Later dudes!


  1. Hey Corbin!
    Super cool trip you got to go on. That's great fun! I love the second Santa pix...very cute shot of you and Em. I also really like that penguin toy and the pix of your snow zoomies.
    Grr and a Festive Woof,

  2. your pictures with Santa are stunning..what a handsome boy you are.

  3. You and Emmett really know how to have a fun time! That was a super good pic of you two and the real Santa.


  4. Oh my dog...I loves da foto of you two withs da REAL SANTA CLAUSE...not da one wheres they cut your head off...hehehe...dude, dat WAS funny though! I swears ya'll looks like twins (but I can ALWAYS tell ya'll apart)

    Fabulous news bouts Bethany. I wish my sissy would make progress dat quick.


  5. What a fantastic time! I think that first Sandy Paws was a bit reluctant to have you handsome guys close to him--maybe he didn't want the competition.

    We would have missed Bethany if you hadn't pointed her out. We are so glad that she is adjusting so well, so she can find a forever family....even if it's yours. Hehehe

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. You guys had such an awesome adventure! Thank goodness you went to see the real Sandy Paws. We were worried since that fake one didn't have glasses to see.
    Not naughty, but nice,
    Benny & Lily

  7. That Elroy really seemed to like you, Corbin. But then, what's not to like?

  8. They did the same thing with my photo. They chopped 1/2 of me off. :( But you're still cute. :)

  9. Just wait until it is woo Tres Amigos and Amigoette!

    PeeEssWoo: GREAT pikhs!

  10. After taking pictures with this Santa, will another Santa come again!!! I guess he sure will!!!

  11. What an action packed adventure! I'm still reeling over the fact that you actually saw one of Santa's reindeer!!


  12. Bethany lucked out when she came to your estate. You are the right guy to bring her out of her shell and prepare her for her furever home.

    Love the road trip. Especially the back seat bitey face.