Thursday, October 24, 2013

Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food

My dear friends at asked if we'd like to do a review of Orijen's new freeze dried dog food.  We love Orijen products and their limited ingredients, so we agreed!  We received a bag of the Regional Red Freeze Dried food.  The momma decided we would use this as a supplement to our regular foods.  Grab a drool rag, you'll need it!

This here is our Orijen foods.
Directions say to break each medallion into 4 pieces.
We each got 2 medallions.
Then the momma poured 1/4 of warm water, per medallion, onto our foods.
This here was the worst part... we had to wait 3-5 minutes!
It actually ended up being longer than that and the momma ended up adding more water.  We get water added to our foods anyway, so we weren't going to mind a bit extra.
And, our dinners are ready!!!
We have to sit for our foods.
Oh man! I can't wait!
Those are my night time pills.
And, it sure was good!
Amelia's big eyes came out!
Amelia and I really enjoyed this addition to our foods!  It tasted fantastic and would be great for a picky eater, because I can't think of any pooch that would turn this up!  The momma didn't like the long process it took to prepare and she thought that it was very smelly -which I happened to think was a positive!  She does like the limited ingredients and thought it would be a nice complete diet for smaller dogs, but it's best as an additional food supplement for us larger kids.  Our bellies tolerated it well, also, which is always a concern of the momma's when it comes to me trying a new food.
That was the best dinners ever!
All and all, we were happy with this product!  But, the momma said it probably won't be something we'll continue to use, unless either of us boycott our breakfast and dinners at some point!
We were given one bag of Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food, Regional formula for our honest review of the product.  We don't review or support products that we would not use or feed our pets.


  1. We can SEE you enjoyed it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We found the same thing...the smell was awful (for the peeps at least) and we didn't find it absorbed the water very well at all. It did taste good though

  3. So.... dinner boycott it is, right? I'd be doing whatever I had to for more of that yummy stuff!

  4. WE had some of those and LOVED them... except fur the 87 HOURS we had to wait. Mom put some REALLY HOT water on OURS... and really didn't take that long to work... we just THOUGHT it did.
    NICE Review....

  5. You know I love love love Orijen food. It is so yummy. But although it is a little pricey, has it for a very good price. I heard a rumor that some might find it's way under the Christmas tree. Thanks for the awesome review!
    Love Noodles

  6. 3-5 MINUTES!? That's like almost two DAYS, isn't it? I'm SO super glad you didn't expire from the starvations. It DID look delish, though. And I like stinky foodables. Mom gives us green tripe with our food and she's always, "Mayzie, this STINKS" and I'm like, "Oh, yeah! That's GOOD smellin' stuff!"

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. You were right about the drool rag, Corbin! Yours and Amelia's dindins sure looks yummy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Good werk my pal.....I haz gib it a sniff and it smell good....

  9. We've tried these too, and we agree - it takes some time for the water to soak in. We've crushed them, then added water, which seems to work well. Of course, the time for the water to soak VS the time it takes us to gulp them down is a bit disproportionate, but what's a dog to do?

    Thanks for a great review!

  10. I use their freeze dried treatsies for my good dog training sessions. You are right, they are super stinky and that's part of the fun! Of course waiting 3 minutes to eat is completely out of the question for yours truly, so I'm going to pass on the din din goodness.


  11. Jake does freeze dried Stella & Chewy and I always use super hot water in a solo cup and start the soaking at the beginning of the meal prep so by the time everything else is ready the patties are soft (and the bowl and pumpkin is cold so ti brings the patties back to a good temp). One the meals I forget to do that part first, I curse, a lot. So do the boys! Thanks for the review, need to check that out!

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