Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's... CAPTAIN CORBIN!!

Captain Rambo Corbo reporting for duty!
Can you believe that I, the Corbin, am a SuperDog?!  Well, folks... it turns out that I am, in fact, a SuperDog.  I received this amazing Captain Corbin collar from my awesome friend Jen at Sirius Republic, so it's officially stitched in fabric that I, Corbin, am a SUPERDOG!  
Who is this Captain Corbin, you might ask, and what does he do?
He watches.  He waits. He rocks the sit/stay.

He charges into action when the needs arise!
He saves fetching balls from their untimely ground bounces.
He's the Dog. The Myth. The Legend.
The watcher and protector of foster dogs.
He is... Captain Corbin.
But, Captain Corbin does not act alone.  In cahoots with Captain Moby, the world shall not fear!  The world shall not fright!  We will protect!  Will will act!  We will advocate!  And, we will fight!
*We will only fight for equality of dog breeds and protection and adoption of shelter and rescue dogs! Otherwise, we're not really the fighting kind.
Captain Moby
You, too, can be your very own SuperDog and join our Captain Hero team!  Check out the Captain collars and the Super collars offered by Sirius Republic
What would your Super Hero alter-ego be and what would you do to make the world a better place?


  1. Yeahhhh for super dogs like us, Corbin! But if I were you, I'd wanna do all my protecting of that hot dish Amelia... hubba hubba! XO, Moby


  2. I am so in love with post I just bookmarked it!!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

  3. Geesh...I love you guys. I think we might need some protecting, Corbin. Can you come keep us company?

  4. you guys are certainly super heros

  5. I always thought you were super, Corbin.
    Love Noodles


  7. I feel much safer knowing that you and the Moby are watching our backs!

  8. I LOVE that, but I am really needing one in pink! Darn it!

  9. You are a hero Corbin in more ways than one, you make me smile with every post and brighten up my day, you help your foster buddies and you can really jump into immediate action, your "fight" for equality and love is spread around the world with this blog! You are better than any old captain America you are captain CORBIN!
    I love all the photos today, they are fab, you are so handsome!
    I think my super alter-ego would be The Tank (like the Hulk) I would turn big and green and stamp out dog bullies, puppy mills, cruelty and derogatory thoughts about breeds, I would make sure that everyone knew not to mess with me, the big mean green Tank! Then we could join forces and become the Dogvengers! Love and Licks from your puggy buddy Frank XxxxX

  10. Love him, and especially when he wears it as a headband. Go Captain Corbin!

  11. Looks like Cap'n Corbin can FLY, too!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Uh, Corbin.....(whispering)....the collar goes around your neck not your head!

  13. You can run faster and jump higher!
    Benny & Lily

  14. Great new collar. I feel much safer already.