Monday, November 8, 2010

Good news & some not so good news... & Coffee with a Canine!

Good news?  Tessa arrived safely at my house at 6pm Saturday evening! 

Not-so-good news?  She didn't like me very much... so she went to stay with Heather and Emmett instead. She ended up being much smaller than we were expecting.  Mom was told she was about 50lbs and she ended up being about 25-30lbs.  So I think I scared her a little bit because I'm large and was very excited to meet her.  Plus, she had been bred a lot, so I don't think I was her favorite dog because I was a dude.  Emmett can be a little calmer than me, so after a few minutes, they got along well.  Mom went to spend some time with her last night because she's absolutely in love with her and said she's soooo timid and scared, but warmed up to my mom really quickly.  We're hoping to give her some time to adjust and maybe she can come stay at my house after all.  But we'll see.  Right now we're just concerned with her getting settled and adjusting and learning that life will be wonderful from now on. 

Then, I was going to have ANOTHER foster sister!  So I got really excited to meet her! They named her Evelyn after one of the teenage volunteers that helps out Homeward Bound every clinic.  She's really a wonderful kid and she loves me and gives me treats when she sees me, so I love her right back!  Mom and Heather went to pick her up from a vets office last night. 

Go figure.

She didn't like me either... she bit my cheek and I was really scared.  She also didn't like Emmett, which was a little weird, because EVERY dog loves Emmett.  But, it was what it was.  So she also stayed at Heathers house last night and she will be returning to the vets office this afternoon because mom doesn't have an open  foster home that doesn't have male dogs or doesn't have any dogs at all.  But she will still be listed as a guest dog on the Homeward Bound site and she will also be going to their clinics, so they will definitely help her find a wonderful furever home!  Mom said she really is a sweet sweet dog, but she just needs a LOT of help with interaction with male dogs.  Poor girl. 

Aside from all the rejection I got from the ladies this weekend, my friend, Miss. Jamie, came over to take my picture yesterday!!!  I won't show you them all today (well, there were over 800!).  But Emmett came over too, so there were some fun shots!  This is one of my favorites.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 
Later dudes!

OH!  And Mom & I are featured over at Coffee with a Canine!  Go check us out!!!!!


  1. Ohh I am so sorry you got bit Corbin, girls can be funny things I know being one myself and knowing how odd I can be. I am sure you were your usual adorable self but there is no accounting for the female mind sweetie. Try not to worry about it.
    Momma Tea
    xx xx xx

  2. What great news that your suppose to be foster sissy made it safely. Glad she is chilling at emmetts and I hope you get to meet her soon :)
    You need to tell these ladies "dont hate the player, hate the game" heheh :) Cant wait to read more about your foster sissy.
    LOVE the new photo and cant wait to see more :)

  3. Oh Corbin, don't take it personally. It sounds like both ladies have had a hard time in life and just need some time to adjust!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. u can check out more pics of Corbin and Emmett at my blog :)
    and I have to fix Emmett's name when I get home lol.

  5. Two girly rejects in a day is too much.. but probably these two girls just needed more time to adjust to a new home. Don't worry Corbin. I am sure they will love you when they get to know you. I do know Maggie Mae loves you... and a certain Puddles Duddles have the hots for you or is it the other way around? hehehe..

    love the shot of both you with Emmett.

  6. Corbin, You are so cute and lovable those girls just need some time to figure that out. Good luck.
    Love Noodles

  7. You look great over at Coffee with a canine. Love your jersey! I like the Colts and you the Giants......Guess that makes us like brothers too. Cool!!

  8. I am glad Sissy made it there safely. Too bad she cannot stay with you right now. She just needs to learn that there are nice guys out there. And don't worry there are plenty of ladies out there that like you.

  9. Awwh Corbin! Us rescue girls and boy dawgs often have a hard time adjusting to new places....I guess since many of thems have had such a rough go of life before.

    I am still a little....actually big....skeeredy cat about most things. I'm much better than before, butt it has taken me a long time! I hope it works out fur you and your foster sissie.

    I am going over to Coffee with a Canine right now to check you out. They contacted my momma about writing bout ME....butt her has been lazy and not written back. sigh.

  10. Corbin, I'm a girl and I think you are great. I really enjoyed reading about you at Coffee with a Canine. Your so handsome!!

    Love, Cupcake

  11. Corbin, I wouldn't worry too much about those girlies not liking you much. They come from a troubled past so it will just take them some time. We foster doggies too and sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't. I try not to take it personally!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  12. Corbins!!!!!

    Dose two girls don't know what dey is missin'!! So much has happened to dems I think dey just need time to adjust. I don't like every new dog I meet either but I am so happy dat you is my furiend. :)

    Mom and me went over to Coffee with a Canine, yay fur you and your mom!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Your furiend Miss Jamie takes amazing pictures! Is she local?

  13. Well I am glad to hear that your foster sister made it home safely. I hope she warms up to you soon Corbin, you'll be a great big brother:)

  14. Corbin, those girls must not be seeing very well! They don't know what they are missing! I'm a girl and I would pick you in a heartbeat!! Lots of love, Holly

  15. Too bad about those silly girls that don't like you! I know Maggie Mae LOVES you and she's a girl. I guess the two fosters weren't as socialized as Maggie is.

    Elyse and Riley

  16. Corbin-
    Those girl dogs are crazy. Can't they see what a stand up dog you are?
    Hope they get settled in and find a nice furever home...they must be really scared.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  17. What up with them girl dogs? Oh well...who cares! They just don't knows a good thing when they sees it.
    I do hopes with all my heart dat they finds a place where they is all comfies and can relax. My sissy was a breeding doggie so I know how dat is...her is sooooo anxios alllll da times.
    Hehehehe...coffe With A Canine, they asked us to do dat too. I just loved reading all bouts you. Uh, but I kinda sorta had to laugh bouts da water "incident".


  18. So no new girls stealing our smoochies?? They don't know what they're missing! But at least you tried and that's so important!!

  19. Just saw you on Coffee with a Canine- good for you! I would love for you to join the R.O.A.R. Squad if you are interested (Rescue Owners Are Rockin)!

    All the current R.O.A.R. Squad members:

    I hope you'll join- & once again, congrats!

  20. Corbin, I'm sorry things didn't exactly get off on the right paw with Tessa. But she's prolly all wackadoo right now with everything that's going on in her life. Maybe the next time you meet, you could just take a nice long walk together. I remember when I first gots adopted, I was really really skeered, too. And taking a looooong relaxing walk with Brudder Ranger really helped soothe my nerves. My paws are crossed that she'll be chilling out with you soon!

    I just got finished reading your "Coffee with a Canine"! Did you know I did that, too? I really liked your article but I just almost fell over to see why your first humans gave you up! That's just about the ker-aziest thing I ever heard. I think the real reason is cuz you are just SOOOO handsome that looking at you made 'em feel bad abouts themselves. Humans can be an awfully jealous lot, for sure.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. Glad to hear that she arrived safely but sorry to hear that she didn't like you. How could she not like you? You're adorable!

  22. hi corbin! seems like your foster family is growing! so nice of you to be welcoming even though you got bit. i am sure being new is hard! best of luck to the new additions in their transition.

  23. Maybe if your Mom walks the two of you together a few times? It really helped Sam and Monty.


  24. Sorry it didn't work straight away but in time maybe woo khan wear her down with your Corbin charm!


  25. I can't imagine anybody not liking you, Corbin, but I'm guessing that those girls have been through a lot. I'll bet they'll come around!


  26. Wowzers. Things are certainly busy around your place. It's too bad the new gals can't see what we see inside you. They'll come around. I promise.

  27. I'm sure those sweet girls will find their furever homes. It's really wonderful of your mommy and you to be helping out :)
    Maddy and Owen

  28. Oh poor baby. Lily gives me love bites like all the time
    Benny & Lily

  29. It's always a mystery about why some dogs don't like other dogs, or even get along so well.

  30. Corbin dude! How could she not like you! Did you forget your bath?:) She probably just needs a little time to adjust and was taken back by all your handsomeness. She's fallen for ya dude. I know it!
    I have given you the Doggie Bloggie Award! Come check it out if you want.

  31. I'm sorry things didn't go so well with Evelyn and Tessa. I don't get how anyone could not like you, Corbin.

  32. I guess you need to understand them, right?
    They have had a hard life and need to adjust to a pawesome new time!
    Just give them some time and I hope everything will be ok!
    Take care

  33. Can't believe they didn't like you......boy, do they need some work. Don't take it to heart. Hopefully, they'll get the right care and learn what a terrific guy you are.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  34. Hey! I think it is good that mom remembered that you come first. I had a foster sister once who terrified me and so she had to go. After all, it is YOUR house, right?


  35. Corbin,

    I'm so sorry you got rejected so much this weekend. I would never reject you and I'm a girl dog. Hopefully Tessa calms down and realizes that you're a safe dude.

    Good luck.


    Minnie Moo

  36. Oh, Corbin, we're sorry about the ladies, dude. Hopefully Tessa will relax soon and Emmett will tell her what a nice guy you are and she'll want to spend more time with you :)

    Going over to read about you on Coffee . . .

    The Road Dogs

  37. Loved your interview over at Coffee with a Canine - you are one handsome and happy dude!

    The Road Dogs

  38. Hi Corbin,

    Which one are you in da picture? Heehee!


  39. Oh, Corbin, I can't imagine anyone not liking you! But I guess a very shy girl might be intimidated by your pawsome masculine pawlchritude. It is their loss and I'm sure things will work out eventually if you really want a sister.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  40. Hi Corbin - thanks for coming over to visit me and leaving me a lovely comment! I love making new friends! And my human has a soft spot for Pit Bulls - she thinks that that you are such lovely doggies and it's so unfair that people say such nasty things about you. Pit Bulls are completely banned in Aus & NZ where we live.

    Hey - am sorry those girl doggies didn't like you - if I met you, I'm sure I would like you lots! I know what it's like being a big doggie and having other doggies scared of you, even when you are being friendly! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  41. I wonders why your new foster sister didn't likes you? I'm sure dat I woulds love you! Maybe she justs needs a little bit of times to warm up to you. Sometimes it's scary to go to new places.

    Lucy Lou

  42. Poor Corbin... Those girls must be crazy. I wouldn't reject you!


  43. Them girl doggies must be crazy not to like you Corbin. But they might have been hurt by boy doggies so please don't be mad at them.

    Mommy loved your interview.

    Blessing to you & you family on this very special day.